San Angelo Man Arrested for Kidnapping a Child and Abusing Her


SAN ANGELO, TX – A 20-year-old San Angelo man was arrested in Tuesday morning after officers with the San Angelo Police Department claim he picked up a child who was walking home and sexually assaulted her. 

According to the affidavit, on May 19, officers with the San Angelo Police Department were dispatched to a sexual assault involving a child. When officers arrived they spoke with an adult on scene. 

The adult said that the 14-year-old child had been missing for two days and when she returned she told her that she had been sexually assaulted. 

The child was then interviewed where they learned more details of that day. The child claimed that she was walking on May 17 when she was picked up by Cody Parker, 20, and a passenger Leslie Woods. The child was then taken to a home on th 1700 block of W. Harris Ave. 

Officers then went to the home and spoke with Bonham Bennett. Bennett told them that Parker had taken the girl to the house and that she had slept there. Bennett told police that Parker had told her that he had sex with the girl as well as taken a shower with her. Bennett claims that after the child said she was fourteen that she was taken home. 

Another person involved that night, Kalob Reyes-Martin, was interviewed by SAPD officers. He claimed that he only knew the girl because they had met at the house on W. Harris. He told the officers that he didn't know if Parker had sex with the girl but knew they had showered together. He later admitted to having sex with the girl. Reyes-Martin claims that after the child said she was fourteen that she was taken home. 

SAPD officers then met with Parker. He admitted that he picked up the girl while the she was walking and took her to the house on W. Harris. He admitted to having sex with the girl once on the couch and once in the shower. He claimed to have no idea if Reyes-Martin had sex with the child. Parker claims that after the child said she was fourteen that she was taken home. 

Cody Parker was arrested on July 14 for Sexual Assault of a Child at 5:22 a.m. His bond was set at $35,000 and he was released the same day at 9:58 a.m.

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Slap em both with the max... Close the book and watch the discomfort spread among the predators Judge... We can make children who offend sexually serve time, let's show these adult's who dare a similar justice... dig into his past and see if their's any other complainant in his circles of life to really seal the deal when it goes to court. Justice needs to sting enough that we dont see this crap or similar, too much of it is happening.

Why do PERVS feel comfortable enough with the consequences of these felonies that they still follow the compulsion to damage our youth... Remember, this is our next generation... perpetually it is, we will always have a need to protect these kids.

Great. Another story of another "child" getting "sexually assaulted". Kidnapped too? Sheeeeiiitttt... again she cried wolf to her parents and this guy gets the book thrown at him. This is madness. No personal responsibility whatsoever.

All over again. More fodder for the verbose trio to debate age of consent, and assignment of guilt to the parties of pedophilia, ad infinitum. Kidnapping alone used to carry a life sentence, so why do these vermin get released into society? Personally, I'd prefer to see kid diddlers swing from a rope, clergy included. This is the second post on this subject, not sure if I was censored, but I'd like an explanation if this post is not acceptable....

You're right about one thing, "Those who ''get it'', get it -- those who don't will conflate the facts with their slant and create their own narrative which suits their needs...whatever these needs may be."-Lares.

Wow lares your words "This topic is such a dead horse. Those who ''get it'', get it -- those who don't will conflate the facts with their slant and create their own narrative which suits their needs...whatever these needs may be."
Although we are on the oposing sides of the arguement seeming how I much so agree with the law and believe that adults should not diddle kids and you well.... believe other wise I'm sure we all can settle on this knowing there really is only two sides of this . I'm glad you finally have come to that realization and made your decision. Lolita is a sad example to keep using since an adult engaged in sex with a child which is never ok even when that child wants it oh so badly the adult by law and by moral standards should say no. Sorry bro twisted stories, traditional exscuses and visual confusion arguements to back up pervo ideas wont work on me or anyone else who knows it's wrong to have sex with children even if the child wants it. Even if the child wanted it the law says the adult can not participate which makes sense to any law abiding citizen but I know that there seems to be a lot of confusion for those living on the wrong side of the law maybe for those being caught and serving a punishment for their crime it can teach them a good lesson of how sex with children really isnt tolerated.

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