Accused Cattle Rustler Lectures County Commissioners on Proposed Tax Hike


SAN ANGELO, TX — Tom Green County Commissioners Tuesday got an earful from a packed courtroom of taxpayers who are opposed to a proposed property tax increase and raises for elected officials.  Among the eight citizens there to lecture commissioners was Dusty Thompson. A trial over Thompson's cattle rustling indictment has been pending in the Tom Green County judicial system since his arrest in late 2016.

The court held the first of two mandatory tax rate hearings following their regular meeting.  In all, eight people addressed the court in the two hour meeting. 

County Judge Steve Floyd opened the meeting showing the crowd a proposed budget analysis which shows they expect to raise $33,481,562 in property tax at a proposed tax rate of .55182 cents per $100 in property value.  The County's total proposed budget is $50,784,794 including sales tax revenue and fines and fees. 

The proposed budget includes a five percent total raise for employees starting in October; that's a two percent cost of living raise, two percent for merit raises and one percent for jobs which have a high turnover rate like jailers, maintenance personnel and road and bridge employees. 

Judge Floyd said they have commissioned a salary study and he has budgeted another five percent raise for January based upon the results of the salary study. 

The proposed budget also includes a 3.5 percent raise for the county's 28 elected officials.

Accused cattle rustler, local business owner and Pecan Creek Volunteer Department Chief Dusty Thompson said every elected official knew what the salary was when they were elected and they shouldn't be asking for a raise.  Thompson also said county roads are in terrible shape and all he hears is how great law enforcement officers are.  He said individuals who donate their time as volunteer fire fighters don't get a raise and neither do tow truck drivers and they're both as important as law enforcement officers. Thompson owns a local towing company.  

Thompson also complained about what he called silly arrests costing taxpayers money.  Thompson was arrested at the end of 2016, accused of stealing his neighbor's cows, and his trial date has been canceled at least 11 times over more than 1.5 years in political maneuvering. His case was last supposed to go to trial this week, but Thompson made a request from the court reporter for the full transcripts of every hearing in his case since 2016, delaying his trial date once again. His twelfth scheduled trial date is set for Sept. 19.

Judge Floyd explained that the criminal justice system, the jail and the court system, drive the county budget.  

Floyd said at the end of 2018, there were 15 pending murder cases in Tom Green County and one capital murder case.  Floyd said five more murder suspects have been arrested this year. Murder cases are very expensive and taxpayers normally pay for the prosecution and the courts and now pay for the defense attorneys for defendants as well.   

Other individuals who addressed the court spoke out about state taxes and what happened to property tax relief the Governor and the legislature passed during the recent legislative session.  

The final mandatory public hearing on the proposed tax rate for Tom Green County will be held next Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Commissioners Court meeting room on the second floor of the Keyes building at 113 W. Beauregard.  The Court is expected to adopt a budget and tax rate on September 3.  


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Only in San Angelo can an accused cattle stealing, tow truck driving, redneck lecture local leadership. Good grief son, shut up.

No one managed to make anyone the wiser? I don't know about you, RR/ZZ, but since I first engaged in this discussion I've managed to learn a new skill, obtain upgraded items, level up, and start a new quest. If you haven't gained anything, I'd say you're doing it wrong!

Your lap harp idea stirred up some funky, fun ideas to see ol' Dusty off, as he eventually exhausts all of his legal strategy and imminently performs his perp-waddle away in cuffs: a choir of 10 or so, situated in front of the court house, decked out in black cow costumes, singing Doja Cat's "Mooo!".

Yantis (respectively dawning black bovine garb) may be seen trailing behind the convoy of officers leading Dusty away, as he taunts him along with the choir's rendition, "Got milk BEEF??".

I'm not a all sure what kind of a merit badge a hamburger thief gets in prison, but I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the "whatchu in for" conversation goes down with his celly.

*Must* you harp on Thor Stone the Valiant? Was his behavior *really* so atrocious? Isn't this just a manifestation of ennui in local politics? Have you not considered that the space people might intervene if this draws international attention? A cow borrowed is better than a cow mutilated.

In any case, I suppose Mr. Thompson will have to bear in mind the old Southern admonishment to "Die like a man" at his impending hanging execution. Keep it stoic, Dusty!

doodle, Tue, 08/13/2019 - 15:45

I think that Thompson guy needs to shut up and lay low. He’s costing the taxpayers money and time with his pending criminal issues.

I’ve been following this case. I don’t believe it’s Mr. Thompson. If you consult the judicial records you'll find that the defense (Mr.Thompson) has been ready for trial from the beginning. The prosecution keeps asking for continuances because evidence is not being produced even when ORDERED by the judge. Don’t believe me? Go look at all the “FINAL” pre-trials that have been scheduled almost 3 years worth. What Mr. Thompson made was an “Open records request” Not a “Motion” like you were lead to believe. And, I can’t say that I blame him. And you know what? He’s entitled to that information it’s his right! So! He’s not costing you (the taxpayer) anything it’s your DA that’s costing you money.

Dusty sounds a bit bitter! He showed up at a County tax hearing to whine! He took cattle that did not belong to him and that is illegal. He needs to quit acting like a little girl and get on down the road!

One of the three is correct.......

The answer is no.... but in Texas, rustling cattle used to be a hanging offense. The proof will be in the verdict, should there ever be one.

Most employees don't get merit raises because of the County's rule that they have to be there right at a year to be eligible so the leftover will probably end up in elected officials pockets

My opinion only. The tax hike should be voted on by the taxpayers not the commissioners. They are going to tax some of us out of our homes and out of San Angelo but I do realize they do not care. Next, I do not know Dusty Thompson. He has the right to voice his opinion just like the rest of us. He apparently owns a business, volunteers for the fire dept. and has only been charged for a crime. Innocent until proven Yes he is wasting taxpayers dime by his court date being put off but the other thing that waste more than he does is all the ones going in and out the revolving door at the jail. I get emails daily( anyone can get them) and you'd be amazed at how many people are arrested more than once a week or at least once a week. One has got enough DWI's to put him away for life but they keep getting out and coming back. Dusty is right the roads in both the city and county are horrible and I don't see the city or county doing anything. But Dusty pays taxes too and has a right to speak. So do the rest of us.

This is that shit-kicker oaf who showed up at the San Angelo LIVE! office, with some old fart in a knee brace.

Two questions: Why is he still free, and who in the hell listens to a grown man named ''Dusty''?

I don't say this in a mean, condescending way but you really need to get a better understanding of what constitutes stalking and harassment. It is no surprise to me why this guy is still free.

Was he supposed to remain a boy named Dusty or what really were you attempting to make funny about his name?

Wait, don't answer either of those.

He detained animals which weren't his and attempted to conspire with another individual to help relocate them to cover up the theft.

The oaf then takes issue with his deeds being made public, and so he shows up at SAL! to intentionally establish a menacing're very familiar with the drill: milling about in the background, surveilling people, or their property, so as to send the message "I know who you are, and I'm watching you".

While the thin line between being an ass and committing a crime may not be crossed, the intent is clear, and people who walk that line almost always end up getting hurt, and deservedly so.

First off, that has yet to be proven, you only make yourself sound worse when you over exaggerate, which I noticed you do a lot of.

What is not exaggerated is your ignorance. I've never met someone who sounded so smart, but has absolutely no common sense.

I lived a life where combat was a regular occurrence that rarely even excited bored criminals. As much as you talk about what you would "do", you remind me of the guys who's mouth usually got smashed in the middle of his testosterone laden statement of false bravado, meant to intimidate, but whose threat ends at that level.

While we are not in an environment where that happens regularly, just know that I feel about your talk sometimes, the way you feel about our criminal system, it has flaws and you wish you could do something about it.

Intent has to do with what a common citizen would consider a reasonable threat, not at all like your over exaggerations, but hey, what else could be expected of someone with such little experience in the arena.

Now while I would have smashed you in a prior time in life, the fact that I sat in the same room as you and did nothing untoward should be evidence enough of the change that Christ has brought about in my life... rest easy bro, I don't like your angle, but you're right, I'm not a threat to you, or anyone for that matter, just wanted to help you to clearly identify that, you know, in case you dont get it and feel like you need to assert yourself un-neccessarily.

I don't blame you for being scared when I told you about sitting there in the same room as you, you have nothing to compare it to.

People who strut about, peacocking and puffing out their chests don't do so well in the long run. You might pull that jailhouse BS on 9 people before the 10th calls your bluff.

Tread lightly, Jesus boy.

How true your words, while I wish to seek peace in life, not everyone feels the way I do, you keep running your mouth on public forum's, leaving identifying info,and the next guy who comes across your path might not treat you the way I did... I don't mean to be rude but it's funny how mad all this has got you.

Wow someone is really upset! (WACKER) I don't see what the big deal is you yourself have amidited openly that you are a law abiding citizen and wont even confront someone verbally in person( referring back to a fireworks situation) let alone get into a physical altercation or whatever you invision yourself to think you would or could do. It's funny to see someone who calls the cops over a coincidence run in one time for 10 whole minutes and cry about stalking ... hold on let me stop laughing... your trying to inflate yourslf to be some macho manly man lol because that's really not the case. you try to sound big and bad to try to scare away someone you obviously are afraid of ....laughing again... since good ole Nate wouldn't hurt a fly any more but he sure has you running to authorities for protection. Is this a normal thing you do when someone calls you out and you find out they know who you are since of course it does change the whole situation if you are no longer able to hide behind your computer screen and someone knows who you are in real life. That must be pretty scary all the crap you talk to people then someone knows who you are ... ! The way you throw convict around almost seems like you have run out ideas of how to try to make Nate sound bad but if anything that makes most people hot knowing a man has changed his bad ways to be a provider procter father and husband so making him look good? I think so ;) dont be so upset non jesus boy :)

This is between you and Lares, but I would like to say this:

Your comments here have intruded onto a discussion regarding local events that reverberate with a mythopoetic (...dare I type... "epic?"...) undertone. Is this really the time or digital "place" for a back-alley theological knife fight?

Rita ! It almost seems your comment has nothing to to do with the local event being discussed... and you were saying ! Lol

No, Brit, I swear. These events warrant some verses composed in iambic pentameter so as to immortalize them for future generations. I can set them to music on a lap harp and play to my heart's content outside city hall until I get hauled off to the adjacent jailhouse for making a public disturbance.

"Valiant Warrior" Thompson. Is he good or evil? Is he thief or hero? Is he righteous rebel or ignoble outlaw? Find out!

A public forum is a great place for all that we do here... the beautiful thing is, if you don't want to hang around, you don't have to. I could only be more committed to what I do here if I was stuck on a deserted island with wifi and a good computer.

How dare someone show up somewhere public unhappy about something. Or in some cases how dare anyone take notice they were there who dares to take into account anything about anything or dare I say they may be a stalker lol

All respected names for a W. Tex good ol boy. Worked with a Coonass in LA who's given name was Dorfus, so Dusty really aint that bad.

I thought it was maybe a derivative of "Dustin", or some other name. I've heard my share of interesting ''coonass" names, down in LA. There are plenty of "Bubba's", but "Dorfus" is a new one to me though.

According to Wikipedia, the name Dustin came into English by way of the Normans and is apparently derived from the Old Norse "Þorsteinn." The Old Norse name is composed of elements meaning "Thor" and "Stone" and its derivations came to mean something like "brave/valiant fighter."

Who will win this battle of the Titans is anyone's guess, but I'd hate to see the ruckus this has caused get picked up by the national or international news services. The last thing we need is for something like this to get San Angelo featured on the BBC's World Service.

The glorious history of the term "redneck" is typically overlooked:
* * *

The origins of this term are Scottish and refer to supporters of the National Covenant and The Solemn League and Covenant, or Covenanters, largely Lowland Presbyterians, many of whom would flee Scotland for Ulster (Northern Ireland) during persecutions by the British Crown. The Covenanters of 1638 and 1641 signed the documents that stated that Scotland desired the Presbyterian form of church government and would not accept the Church of England as its official state church.

Many Covenanters signed in their own blood and wore red pieces of cloth around their necks as distinctive insignia; hence the term Red neck, which became slang for a Scottish dissenter. One Scottish immigrant, interviewed by the author, remembered a Presbyterian minister, one Dr. Coulter, in Glasgow in the 1940's wearing a red clerical collar - is this symbolic of the rednecks? Since many Ulster-Scottish settlers in America (especially in the South) were Presbyterian, the term was applied to them, and then, later, their Southern descendants. One of the earliest examples of its use comes from 1830, when an author noted that red-neck was a name bestowed upon the Presbyterians. It makes one wonder if the originators of the ever-present redneck jokes are aware of the term's origins?
* * *

Educate yourselves, folks!

Well being that I have a full time job and run a side business,i could not attend so I'm grateful to this ole' boy for taking the time to show up there and hopefully stir up a little "news"to bring light on the subject of raising taxes. I own a home and some property and do not want a tax increase along with the yearly appraisal increases that never end.The way I see it is that those in my circle who own homes/property would thank this man and those who don't would seek to trash him....

and convicted of his crimes, his freedom proves a point which he made perfectly clear. Our elected officials don't deserve a raise because they haven't done the job they were hired to do. The end

I don't believe our elected officials deserve a raise. Judge Penny Roberts already makes almost a much as a Supreme Court Justice. The expenses of that court and the County Jail are bankrupting our county. Now we're gonna have that humongous monster of a County Jail to pay for. Utilities alone will be more than double the old jail as well as having to hire at least 6 more jailers. Which means the DA is going to be putting a lot more people in jail in order to keep it full of prisoners. Which the tax payers have to pay for. We need to decrease the inmate population, not increase it. Maybe that's why there are so many 'silly arrests' as Dusty pointed out.

My question is this: In order to get tags for a trailer I built we were required to have it weighed at Palmer Feed and pay a 10$ fee. Is this the only place in San Angelo that has a weigh scale? Seems to me like a conflict of interest being that business belongs to our DA. It ended up costing almost 100$ to get this little trailer 'legal'. Outrageous.

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