Governor Announces $15.3 Million in Grants for Texas Military Communities


AUSTIN, TX – Governor Greg Abbott announced Tuesday a new round of $15.3 million in grants from the Texas Military Preparedness Commission’s (TMPC) Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant (DEAAG) program.

These grants assist military communities across the state that may be impacted by any future Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round. The funds will be invested in infrastructure projects and other initiatives to increase the military value of these installations in Texas and protect jobs in those communities.

Tom Green County received $5 million in 2020 for project resiliency funds to power infrastructure, human resiliency and communications infrastructure, benefiting San Angelo and Goodfellow. The total amount of money being awarded to different bases in Texas is $14.1 million in 2020, granted from the DEAAG program. This assists communities across Texas that could be impacted by a future Base Realignment and Closure round. 

Tom Green County and Goodfellow AFB continue to work on projects funded by the DEEAG grant in 2020.  

“As our mighty Texas economy is resurging, support for our military communities and the jobs they create is vital to continue expanding opportunity for hardworking Texans across the state,” said Governor Abbott. “Not only are the 15 major military installations and Army Futures Command in Texas critical to our nation’s defense, they also add over $123 billion to the state’s economy and support, directly and indirectly, more than 633,000 jobs in communities across this great state. That is why I will continue to work with the Texas Legislature and TMPC to ensure that our military installations continue to add unmatched value.”

Since 2015, Governor Abbott has awarded $98,000,000 in grants to military communities through the DEAAG program. As of this round of FY2022-2023 grants, every Texas active-duty installation has benefitted from a DEAAG award.

The following entities will receive FY2022-2023 DEAAG reimbursements:

  • City of Abilene: $375,000 for 5G and Fiber Expansion at Dyess Air Force Base
  • City of Corpus Christi: $800,000 for Clear Zone Easement supporting Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
  • City of Fort Worth: $1,900,000 for Military Family Advocacy Resource Center Renovation at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth
  • City of San Antonio: $5,000,000 for Infrastructure and Force Protection Measures at Joint Base San Antonio
  • City of Temple: $5,000,000 for Microgrid at Robert Gray Army Air Field supporting Fort Hood
  • Val Verde County: $864,874 for Aerospace Physiology Building Renovation at Laughlin Air Force Base
  • Val Verde County: $1,407,111 for T-1A Flight Line Building Renovation at Laughlin Air Force Base

The Texas Military Preparedness Commission in the Office of the Governor advises the Governor and the Legislature on defense and military issues. TMPC’s goal is to preserve, protect, expand, and attract new military missions, assets, and installations in Texas. Additionally, the TMPC encourages defense-related businesses to expand or relocate in Texas. The commission is composed of 13 members serving six-year staggered terms, typically representing an installation in their community.

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ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 18:57

Wonder why Abbott is pandering to the military vote, he must be up for reelection soon.

What is wrong with you? Apparently you missed the part where Abbott has awarded 98 million dollars in grants since 2015 ;)

ME Someone, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 18:35

If you put it that way, you should be really happy about the American rescue plan that gave millions of citizens and businesses "grants" so they wouldn't starve or go under.

98 million dollars is NOTHING when compared to even the GDP of Texas, let alone the US. I am actually surprised it is that low, I will have to use that later on, thank you.

ME Someone, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 18:32

Says the person who is on here just as much as me and has to respond to every comment I make. Hilarious.

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 07:44

That may be, but at least I provide evidence for my positions, which you never do, which means you lose by default. But I am sure you are used to losing by now.

ME Someone, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 19:00

Yeah, that is all you have is petty insults and that is all you ever have, your desperation is showing through bad. Keep it up, I love it, it proves I am winning against you, not much of a fight though when you only post lies and can't prove anything you say.

Please I prove you wrong constantly you’re just too stupid to realize it.

Just like here where you claimed Abbott was awarding grants just because he’s running for re-election…although he’s been handing them out for 6 years that’s some political campaign lol.

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 07:35

I have never seen you prove your position or even provide evidence ever. All you are is words, and coming from you those are worthless it seems.

Also, you may want to reread that, I never said he didn't award grants in the past or even inply it, reading comprehension is like what, 2nd grade?

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 07:44

Yeah, I didn't think you had anything. Just all talk and petty attempt at insults.

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 07:41

Oh I most certainly will "carry on" with proving you wrong, in fact it's is one of the main reasons I come here, to prove all of you wrong on a daily basis. Judging by the way you people lash out at me all the time I am very much winning. But it is typical for republicans to lose, and lose badly.

The RNC even refuses to debate anymore because they are scared they will get demolished again,

Although I am almost sure they will attempt to hold their own debates and when nobody shows up cry about those those people not wanting to debate to try to turn the narrative around, as republicans usually do when they know they are losing, yet again.

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