Massive Rebar Facility to be Built Amid Announcement of Texas' New Border Wall


AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today announced that Optimus Steel, LLC (“Optimus Steel”) will establish a new rebar line and coil handling facility in Orange County, Texas.

Optimus Steel, a subsidiary of Aceros Turia, Inc., produces a wide range of high-quality wire rods, coiled rebar, and billets. The project will create 55 new jobs and $40 million in capital investment.

"I am excited that Optimus Steel has chosen Orange County as the home of their new rebar line and coil handling facility," said Governor Abbott. "Optimus Steel joins the ranks of thousands of other companies that have chosen to invest in Texas because of our low taxes, reasonable regulatory environment, and strong workforce. Texas continues to thrive thanks to companies like Optimus Steel who are helping us write our economic success story, and I'm proud to welcome this new facility to Orange County."

A Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) grant of $485,000 has been extended to Optimus Steel, LLC. 

“I am very excited about the possible expansion of Optimus Steel. Optimus Steel has been a long standing contributor to our community in many ways. From funding of our schools to employment of many of our local residents. The possibility of Orange County being chosen for this expansion could help in improving quality of life for many of our citizens not just in this community, but Orange County as a whole,” stated Robert Viator, Orange County Commissioner Pct. 4.

Former President Trump explained Wednesday in McAllen the details of the border wall. In which he said that there is massive amount of rebar used during construction.

With completion of this facility Texas will add another large steel manufacture to its economy which is currently the ninth largest in the world.

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ME Someone, Fri, 07/02/2021 - 13:21

"Optimus Steel, a subsidiary of Aceros Turia, Inc."

This is actually hilarious. Aceros Turia is a Mexican company, based in Mexico itself. Trump promised all of his blind followers that Mexico would pay for the wall, instead we are actually paying Mexico to build it for us. I am wondering just how much Abbott is going to profit off of this "wall", both for allowing Mexican companies to take American business away, and for the kickbacks to other businesses for the contracts. You want to know why Abbott is pushing for this so much, follow the money, it's always a grift with republicans.

I’m wondering whether or not you have a functional brain.

Joe “ten percent for the Big Guy” Biden is the biggest grifter of them all ;)

ME Someone, Fri, 07/02/2021 - 21:40

Trumps businesses have been charged with tax evasion schemes for the last 15 years. The first thing he did when elected president was to lower taxes for the rich which includes himself. He funneled millions of dollars of tax payer money into his businesses while president by making the secret service and his advisers stay at his hotels and resorts while he golfed more than any other president in history. 

So ignorant! Trump’s primary residence is at Mar-a-Lago why wouldn’t he have secret service with him while he’s there?

Still the case I’m sure since secret service personnel remain with ex-presidents their entire lives ;)


ME Someone, Sat, 07/03/2021 - 10:50

Mexico still isn't going to pay for the wall like trump said, we are going to pay Mexico in fact. Abbott is also cheering on giving contracts to Mexican businesses instead of American, and you are happy about that?

Would have been nice if Mexico would pay for the wall, but I’m ok with my tax dollars paying for it.

As far as “giving contracts to Mexican companies” they’re not the only ones benefitting since it provides much needed jobs for American workers ;)


Unemployment rate in Orange County where the plant is going to be located is 10.5 percent ;)

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