Family of Fort Hood Soldier Suspects Foul Play in His Death


FORT HOOD, TX – The family of an Army tank crewman from New Mexico who recently died at the post in Fort Hood, Texas, says he messaged his fiance that he was concerned about three men who didn’t like him on base, and that 'something was wrong' shortly before his death in late August. 

The Army announced that Pvt. Corlton L. Chee collapsed during a training exercise with his platoon on Aug. 28.

The Private was immediately transported to the Carl R. Darnall Medical Center in Fort Hood before being transferred to the Baylor Scott & White hospital in Temple on Sunday.

Chee died just two days later on Tuesday, with several members of his family by his side, according to a statement by Army Officials at Fort Hood.

Carma Johnson, Chee’s cousin and the family’s spokesperson, told the Gallup Independent on Monday that Chee previously mentioned that he felt he was being targeted and did not want to go to the training that morning because he felt that something was going to happen to him. 

The family is suspecting foul play, which Fort Hood officials have ultimately denied.

However, at this time the U.S Army hasn’t ruled out any possibilities up to this point including the novel coronavirus, and is currently awaiting the official results of an autopsy conducted by the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas, Tx.

 Lt. Col. Chris Brautigam, a division spokesman for the U.S Army did not know how far Chee’s platoon had traveled during its run, noting that more information would be released at a later time following an official investigation.



An indigenous male, a Latino, a Latina, and who knows the others? Virulent white supremacy on that base.

The primary suspect in the murder of Vanessa Guillen, Aaron David Robinson, was black. His girlfriend and accomplice was Hispanic. Sacrificed for the cause, perhaps?

There are also issues revolving around rumors of trafficking at that base.

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