Brock Eagles Fall Short in 3AD1 Tx High School Championships to the Lorena Leopards


ARLINGTON, TX -- The Brock Eagles are taking on the Lorena Leopards in the 2021 3AD1 Football State Championships. 13,337 were in attendance of this game.

1st Quarter

12:00 Lorena received the football to start the game. On their second play, Qb Ryne Abel found Khi Ritchie for 35 yards. This pass put them in the red zone. The drive ended with a two-yard touchdown run by Rhett Hanson. The XP was good. 7-0. Lorena.

9:10 Brock started with the football at their own 31 yard line. The first two plays from the line of scrimmage were first downs. The first through the air and the second on the ground. These two plays got them past midfield. The next three plays yielded little to no yards. This led the Eagles to pooch punt with their QB from Lorena's 42. The punt landed at the 2-yard line.

7:00 First play of the drive for Lorena brought the Leopards out of their own endzone. The next play Brock received a facemask penalty. In two plays the ball went from the 2-yard line to the 32-yard line. Just a few plays later, Hanson ran in a 54-yard touchdown. XP was good. 14-0. Lorena.

5:12 After taking the kickoff Brock started their drive at the 20 yard line. Despite taking a sack on the first play, Tyler Moody found Zachary Brewster for a 16-yard catch. Constant pressure on the next set of chains forced a third down. Moody continued to play with confidence and on third threw a bomb while getting hit. Elijah Potts caught the 47-yard pass and brought it to Lorena's 17 yard line. Four plays later a Leopard defender got called for passing interference in the endzone. This set up Brock for 1 & Goal at the two and a half yard line to end the first quarter.

2nd Quarter

12:00 First play of the quarter, Kutter Wilson scored the touchdown. XP was no good. 14-6. Lorena.

11:55 After the kickoff Lorena started at their own 19 yard line. The Eagle defense forced a third and long on the first set of chains but Abel was able to find Ritchie for a 20-yard catch. Next play Hanson ran up the middle but fumbled. Brock recovered the ball and took over on the Leopards 42 yard line.

10:33 Following the turnover, Brock's QB Moody was sacked twice in a row making it 3rd & 25. The Eagles called a time out before the third down play.

8:53 After the timeout, Moody attempted a long pass down the middle of the field but was unsuccessful. This forced Brock to punt. The punt was downed at Lorena's 26 yard line.

8:35 Early in the drive Brocks defensive line made a sack on second down bringing up 3rd and 12. The third down try was not good and the punt team came onto the field. The punt was downed at the 17 yard line.

6:10 The Eagles stayed ahead of schedule for a large portion of the drive. Wilson continuously moved the ball racking up multiple first downs. But as the Eagles neared midfield, Wilson was put into wildcat and dropped the snap. This made it 2nd and 14. Next play incompletion followed by a delay of game made it 3rd and 19. The Eagles failed to convert and punted. Lorena took over at Brocks 43 yard line after a 19-yard return. 14-6. Lorena

2:51 The Eagles defense continued to put pressure on Abel. At one point, the Eagles got a sack that may have caused a fumble. Although the referees did not give the Eagles the football, it did put the Leopards in a tough position. It forced them to try and pick up a first down on 3rd and 16. They did not get it and had to punt. The punt was downed at the 9 yard line. 14-6. Lorena.

1:29 Brock attempted to end the half with two straight runs. They did not pick up the first on the two plays and Lorena called a timeout. 14-6 Lorena.

:50 Timeout Lorena (1) 3rd & 2. Ball on the Eagle's 17 yard line. 14-6. Lorena.

:50 After the timeout, Wilson broke out for a 40-yard run. This brought the ball to the 43 yard line with :34 seconds left. After the big play, the Leopard defense forced a fourth and 4. 

:1 Brock Timeout (1) 4th &4. Ball on the Lorena's 37 yard line. 14-6. Lorena.

:1 Hail mary attempt no good. 14-6 Lorena.

HALFTIME 14-6. Lorena.

3rd Quarter

12:00 Second Half began with a touchback. Brock started at the 25 yard line. This drive went no where and was a three and out. Brock's punt did not make it past midfield. Lorena took over at the Eagle's 44 yard line.

10:55 On the second play of the drive, Hanson ran for a 34-yard run to the outside. He was taken down at the Eagles' 2 yard line. Two plays later, thanks to a Hanson run up the middle, the Leopards scored. XP was good. 21-6. Lorena. 

9:25 Brock's returner muffed the kickoff but recovered it at the 8 yard line. Wilson was able to break out a run for 38 yards. Wilson fumbled on the play but recovered it himself. He was then taken out of the game due to an injury. The injury did not look serious. After the injury timeout, back up running back Brett Tutter, ran for 32 yards getting the ball within in the 10. Wilson was then put back in the game. On 3rd and Goal, Moody found Nathan Jones for a four yard touchdown. The 2-point conversion failed. 21-12. Lorena.

5:38 Following the kickoff, Lorena took the ball over at the 37 yard line. On the second set of chains, the Eagles got a hug sack that made it 3rd and 11. An offisides was then called but a false start on the following play evened things out at 3rd and 11. On the conversion attempt, Abel threw an interception to Dillon Mueller. 21-12 Lorena

3:08 A 3rd & 5 came quick for the Eagles but they decided to go for it. Wilson took the pitch out to the right and was no where near the first down marker. Turnover on downs. Leopards take over at their own 48 yard line. 21-12 Lorena.

1:32 First play of the next drive Abel took a shot down the field to Jadon Porter. Despite being double covered, Porter came down with the ball on Brock's seven yard line for a 45 yard completion. Two plays later, Abel found Camden Brock in the endzone for a four yard touchdown. XP is good. 28-12. Lorena.

:26 Brock received the kick near the endzone and ran it to the 22 yard line.A five-yard run by Wilson ended the quarter.

4th Quarter

12:00 Just four plays later and the Eagles are forced to punt once again. This is thanks to a mass amount of defensive pressure, including a sack, from the Leopard defenders. The punt was downed at their own 46 yard line. 28-12. Lorena.

9:38 Brock forces Lorena to got three and out. The punt was downed at Brock's 18 yard line. 28-12 Lorena.

7:56 With time running out the Eagles tried everything. On this drive they went 4 and out after going for it on fourth down from their own 25 yard line. 28-12 Lorena. 

6:21 The Leopards kept the ball on the ground for the entirety of the drive, killing the clock. Lorena eventually scored on a speed option from the 6 yard line. Hanson was the ball carrier. XP is good. 35-12. Lorena.

3:19 Wilson continued to run hard through the stretch as he picked up a 27 yard gain on 3rd and 10. Later in the drive, Moody found Diego Hernandez for his first reception. This picked up a first down. The next play Moody found Potts for 34 yard touchdown. 2-point was no good. 35-20.

1:22 Brock attempted an onside kick but was unsuccessful. Lorena took over at the 45 yard line. They then ran the ball out and the game ended. Final score 35-20. Lorena is the Texas High School Football Class 3A Division 1 State Champions.

Offensive MVP: Rhett Hanson 28 Rush, 200 Rush Yrds, 3 TD.

Defensive MVP: Baxter Bankston 2 Sacks, 4 Solo Tkls, 3 TFL, 6 Tot Tkls.

Notable Brock players: Kutter Wilson 24 Rush, 178 Rush Yds, 1 TD. Tyler Moody 14-25, 170 Yrds, 2 TD. Elijah Potts 3 Rec, 88 Rec Yrds, 1 Rush, 3 Rush Yrs, 3 Tkls. Dillon Mueller 8 Tot Tkls, 3 Solo Tkls, 1 INT.

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