LIVE: Eldorado Eagles Take on the D'Hanis Cowboys


SAN ANGELO, TX -- The Eldorado Eagles are taking on the D'Hanis Cowboys at Del Rio ISD's Stadium on Friday, Nov. 19.

1st Quarter

12:00 The game started with the Eldorado Eagles receiving the opening kickoff. The Eagles drove the football and scored after a 14 play drive. During the drive they converted on a fourth down thanks to a run by James Kimble. He ended up scoring on this drive on a 6 yard run. 7-0 Eagles.

7:59 Following a long drive the Eagle defense came into the game. On first down the Eagles got a stop in the back field. Because of that the Cowboys went three and out. 7-0 Eagles.

6;15 On the second drive for the Eagles the team really opened up the passing game. Korbin Covarrubiaz and Cooper Meadow hooked up on a number of catches but it ended up being Damian Romo who saved the drive. On the final two plays, Romo caught a five yard pass on fourth down and a 13 yard touchdown pass. D'Hanis blocked the extra point making the score 13-0 Eagles. 

2:54 The second drive for the Cowboys went better than the first. They took the remainder of the quarter off the clock and drove all the way to the Eagle's five yard line. The Eagles defense was able to step up and get a sack on second and goal. This led to two straight incompletions and a turnover on downs. 13-0 Eagles.


2nd Quarter

7:27 The Eagles were able to put up another touchdown on this drive thanks to big plays. Cooper Meador and Santiago Hernandez had back to back huge runs. Then Korbin busted open a 36 yard run. The Cowboys did not let up easy though as it took all four downs on the goal line to get it in. Korbin finished the drive on a two yard run. Two point was no good. 19-0 Eldorado.

3:53 The first play for the Cowboys, Luke Langfeld had a 13 yard run. Langfeld had a great first half and was the Cowboy's main ball carrier. Following that big run the Eldorado held steady and forced a fourth down punt. On third down the Cowboys attempted a reverse but was unsuccessful. 19-0 Eldorado.

:54 Following a lackluster four yard punt by the Cowboys, the Eagles took over at the Cowboy's 38 yard line. This looked like a layup for the Eagles but due to a bad snap, it was not. After fumbling the snap, Korbin picked it up and attempted to run. During that attempt a Cowboy's defender knocked the ball free and scooped it up. The Cowboys took over at the 17 yard line. 19-0 Eagles. 

:26 With little time on the clock, the Cowboys attempted a trick play. First the quarterback threw it to the running back who then attempted to throw it down field. The running back, Langfeld's pass was intercepted by Eldorado's Nino Tambunga. 19-0 Eagles. 

:11 The Eagles took over at their own 33 yard line. They ran two plays before the clock expired. Both of the passes were incomplete.


First Half Stats

Eldorado Eagles

  • Korbin Covarubiaz 14/22 148 yards and 1 TD. 3 rushes for 38 yards and 1 TD.
  • James Kimble 13 rushes for 45 yards and 1 TD.
  • Nino Tambunga 1 INT

D'Hanis Cowboys

  • Ethan Reyes 1/4 9 yards.
  • Luke Landfeld 9 rushes for 45 yards. 0/1 1 INT.

3rd Quarter

12:00 D'Hanis got the ball to start the second half. Just as the majority of their drives, the Cowboys went three and out. On third down QB for the Cowboy's Eric Reyes nearly threw an interception to James Kimble. 19-0 Eagles.

10:09 The first possession for the Eagles looked as if they were going to go up by another touchdown. They drove the ball thanks to two big catches by Hernandez. Unfortunately to end the drive, Korbin broke off a 15 yard run and then fumbled on the 27 yard line. 19-0 Eagles.

7:36 Following the interception the Cowboys offense continued to struggle. The committed another three and out. 19-0 Eagles.

6:00 After the fumble in their opponents side of the field, the Eagles offense attempted to get their first points of the second half. The drive was solid thanks to a number of carries and catches by Hernandez. The Eagles got close but ended up only getting to the 22-yard line before losing the ball on fourth down. 19-0 Eagles.

4:03 The Cowboys are not ready to give up yet. They started with the ball on their own 20 yard line and went no where for two straight plays. Then on third down, the Cowboys ran a screen to Landfeld. On this play Landfeld took the ball across the field for a 46-yard catch. This led to the first score of a game for the Cowboys. Landfeld scored on a two yard run. 19-7 Eagles.

1:56 The Eagles did something on this drive that they have done all night, punt. The Eagles were forced to after barely moving the ball. This was the last drive of the quarter and the punt was the first play of the fourth. 19-7 Eagles.

4th Quarter

11:49 And now we have a ball game. The Cowboys were able to put together a 84 yard drive in which they converted three third downs and a fourth down. Landfeld got on the board again but this time it was thanks to his hands. The 28 yard touchdown makes this game 19-14 Eagles.

6:18 Leader of the Eagles, Korbin Covarubias, was not going to let the Cowboys come back easily. After struggling to score on offense for a quarter the Eagles turned it on. They scored in just over a minute and only ran six plays. Hernandez finished off the drive with a 30 yard touchdown on second down. Covarubias got the 2 point conversion. 27-14 Eagles.

5:08 After the touchdown the momentum went back to the Eagles. The Defense was able to step up and make four straight plays causing another turnover on downs. 27-14 Eagles.

3:29 The Eagles attempted to run the clock out. The ran the ball on four straight plays but was unable to get a first down. 27-14 Eagles.

2:22 The last chance for D'Hanis ends with an interception. QB for the Eagles intercepted the QB for the Cowboys. 27-14 Eagles.

2:09 Game ends with Eldorado in Victory formation. 27-14 Eagles.

0:00 Eagles win 27-14.

Game Stats

Eldorado Eagles

Korbin Covarubias - 20/32 234 yrds 1 TD 95.05 QBR, 8 car 76 yrds 1 rush TD, 1 Def INT

Santiago Hernandez - 9 car 70 yrds 1 TD, 6 cat 98 yrds

James Kimble - 17 car 68 yrds 1 TD

D'Hanis Cowboys

Ethan Reyes - 10/19 136 yrds 1 TD 1 INT, 6 car 18 yrds

Luke Landfeld - 24 car 96 yrds 1 TD, 2 cat 74 yrds 1 TD

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