WATCH: City of San Angelo Makes Decision on Booze at Sports Complex

SAN ANGELO, TX – Since the shooting at the softball tournament in May at the Texas Bank Sports Complex resulting in injuries to three adults and one child along with the arrest of the gunman Eliseo Rivera Jr. the City of San Angelo has been pondering whether or not to restrict alcohol usage at the complex.

On Thursday in a 6-0 unanimous decision, the San Angelo City Council voted to amend the alcohol beverage regulations at the Texas Bank Sports Complex.

Watch how the city council arrived at its decision and what it means for events at the complex moving forward.

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Smart decision for now.  But hopefully they can come up with limiting what people bring into seating and team areas..  Once again stupidity and extremely poor judgement on the people that were involved in the screaming, fighting and actions like an idiot that started the blow up confrontation or anyone attempting to add fuel to the fire and especially the the decision to bring a weapon of any type but especially a firearm into the facility period! No coolers inside with alcohol period inside the entrance to the facility, permanently! Make Teams designate at least one person to monitor, there own fans they bring or they invited to hang out in gen public areas. Any person cussing or shouting at other team players or fans get one warning, assigned monitors are responsible for having trouble makers that can’t act like an adult out of the facility and gone for the remainder of any Tournament they are playing in or city leagues game nights monitors from. It’s teams have to despise if they are gone for the night or longer depending on actions trouble makers did, repeat offenders gone for the yr! No exceptions! Any coaches, team players that are playing in a game that leave the field for ANY REASON TO CONFRONT ANY PERSON at the facility in any way just forfeited the current game they are playing and must leave facility immediately, not allowed back to facility for remainder or any Tournaments they signed up for!!  I played Softball Tourney’s from 1982 until 1998 up in the panhandle up into Oklahoma and Kansas and most host either banned any ice chest with alcohol inside gate entrances to once you leave parking areas! Can’t fix stupid but once a team gets a punishment weather it was a player or a family member or individuals they invited it stopped the cry baby’s, trouble makers and anyone attempting to provoke a confrontation! If any person is participating in anyway of any physical altercation tournament directors and or local law enforcement will be called and hopefully held accountable for there actions!!  Any person showing a firearm should immediately get the banned from life from all future events at the facility!!  We went from 5-6 fist fights a weekend to 1 on average the last 10 years I played!! Iwe didn’t allow any family members we brought to even attempt to make any type of disrespectful comments to players, coaches, Refs or other fans! No exceptions!  99% of all the confrontations I seen thru all the yrs I played or attended was instigated BY SOMEONE IN THE STANDS, family member or close friend of them!! Fans today are a joke with the language they’re  using! There are KIDS of all ages all around and people have no respect or boundaries more and more these days it seems!  

j j, Sat, 07/10/2021 - 10:02

Very good report Manny, very professional, need more like this.

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