WATCH: Light Polution Drama Continues In College Hills

SAN ANGELO, TX – The drama over the light pollution from overhead lights at the Sports Next Level golf driving range continued into this week's city council meeting.

As previously reported, on Dec. 23, a citizen in the College Hills neighborhood got in front of City Council and represented a number of her neighbors who have been dealing with problems with light pollution from the newly built Sports Next Level. See: Bright LED Lights at New, Successful San Angelo Business Angers Nearby Residents

After multiple complaints to various departments within the city, the Planning and Development department led by John James came up with a solution to fix the lights. City Manager Daniel Valenzuela told the council during Tuesday's meeting that the owner of Sports Next Level, Shawn Box, did comply and has not only angled the lights down but has placed a film over the light to reduce the glare.

The citizen says that is not enough and that she doesn't believe that they are being held accountable for breaking the light pollution ordinances set by the city municipal code.

Valenzuela went on to say that there still is additional glare that may break the ordinance but that Box and Sports Next Level did everything that they were asked to do.

"I know he's made some changes," said the citizen. "but these things have not help the problem at all."

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Too bad so sad, most people purchase their real estate based on location, location, location.

With that location, location, location thang comes with businesses that are so conveniently located for location, location, location.

Don't like those city lights move out to the country or to north Angelo where they intentionally keep streets dark for the lurking slugs.



Houses were there first. The lights are unnecessary and they’re not city lights. You should probably learn these things before commenting, especially with your fake name so people don’t know the a-hole behind your stupid remarks.

Jeff L, Wed, 04/14/2021 - 06:14

Owner did everything to comply, resident says it helped NOTHING. Sure looks like it helped but that resident doesn't like progress. Hey crybabies if you close your eyes at night when you go to bed it won't bother you so much!


Buy you a big box of tissue paper for all the tears Karen and then wear sunshades at night...... It'll make it all better and you'll be Ok then.......


You must be a “Superman” to talk crap like that about people dealing with issues and hide behind a fake name. You also probably never vote but whine like a baby on city issues as well and on every social media you can find, while a big wuss in person or get super butt hurt in person over nothing.


The owner of Sports next level already had approval from the city to install the LEDs.  He shouldn't have to invest more money for something that had already been approved.  The home owners have a legitimate complaint based on light intrusion, which is different than the amount of lumens restricted by the city code.  The city didn't do their research and should pay for shielding of the lights.  It would be a minimal cost averaged out over time and wouldn't be the worst thing tax money was spent for.  Everyone would be happy and maybe LED's in commercial usage should be re-examined and made a separate category in the city code.


  • Sec. 8.11.005 - Light trespass



    Any use of luminaries shall be operated so as not to produce glare or direct illumination across the bounding property line from a visible source of illumination of such intensity as to create a nuisance or detract from the use or enjoyment of adjacent property. All outside lights shall be made up of a light source and reflector so selected that acting together the light beam is controlled and not directed across any bounding property line above a height of three feet. The allowable maximum intensity measured at the property line abutting a residential use shall be 0.5 footcandles.

    (Ordinance adopted 6-17-14; Ord. No. 2019-061 , § 1, 5-7-19)


By the exact text of this and having personally seen it myself, from the establishment and from the residence, it does not meet this.

I have the same issue with a business and their security light, which illuminates the entire west side of my property and back yard. There are numerous or sites around time that have light violations and are safety hazards due to their intensity along roadways owned by Shannon and several churches. But code enforcement doesn’t work actively nor at night unless forced.

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