WATCH: Women Warn of Satanism at Sunset Mall Circus

SAN ANGELO, TX – Two women who claimed to be messengers for God urged the San Angelo City Council Monday to shut down the circuses that continue to come to the Sunset Mall due to alleged ties with satanism.

Concerned citizen Kathy Brown started out her public comment on Tuesday by telling council members that their 'gifting' was government. Brown continued by stating the she also had a 'gifting' but that it wasn't government.

"It is not my gifting but I do have a gifting that God has given me and it's an intercessor," said Brown. "As an intercessor part of my calling is to hear the lord's voice and act upon those things."

Brown continued by saying that God told her to come to Monday's City Council meeting to warn council members of the evil that is going on at the circuses that come into San Angelo.

"As an intercessor I have felt some kind of darkness there," said Brown. "We have one of our friends who got involved with a satanist that worked in these carnivals and she was talking about how often this happens. There is a lot of Satanism and a lot of child sex trafficking that goes on there."

The second person then got the mic. She identified as Juanita Brown, a spokesman for God. 

"I just am a servant and I am here to pray for all issues and all governmental," said Juanita Brown. "It's just a privilege and a honor. I am very humbled to stand here before you and appreciate everything that's done."

Juanita Brown's main point was to keep the community safe.

"We appreciate you hearing us out," finished Juanita Brown. "I know it increases some of the traffic in the Southland area of different people that not... well I can't control who goes there but the safety of our families and safety of our children is very important."

The newest circus in town "Cirque Italia Water Circus" moved into the Sunset Mall Parking lot on Monday night.

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It always amazes me that these folks are the chosen ones that hear the voice of God.  About a circus at the mall for crying out loud!  Why would you print this mess?!  San Angelo Live is like all the other MSM - what a joke!


Utter, mindless garbage.  If Satan is at work here he's vacuuming sanity from these peoples' minds.


There are no Gods, no Devils no Angels, no Heaven or Hell. There is only our Natural World.
Religion is But Myth and Superstition that Hardens Hearts and enslaves Minds.


If there are only Natural Laws, what makes your position true and the opposing position false? Under your belief system, there are no grounds for anyone to hold their view, or another view, above any other view. 


That’s the problem with the view that truth is subjective. A subjective truth is as best as you can get when taking the position to deny God. ALL TRUTHS ARE EQUAL. This is an extremely dangerous thought process. Follow the rabbit far enough and you cannot claim Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin or the like to have done any wrong. The ped o phile cannot be wrong, the murderer cannot be wrong. The serial rapist cannot be wrong. ALL are simply living out their own, subjective, truths. 


Therefore, real, objective, absolute truth must come from somewhere other than man and from something greater than man, and that would be God, also know as The Lord Jesus Christ. Truth by definition, is exclusive. It is either ok, or it is wrong to murder. 

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