Trash Build up Along Loop 306 Concerns Residents


SAN ANGELO – Over the past few weeks the trash seems to continuously build up around Loop 306 especially between Foster Rd. and Knickerbocker Rd. Because of that, San Angelo LIVE! has received a number of complaints from citizens about the views on their daily commute.

San Angelo LIVE! took the tips and ran with the story. One person that we spoke to was San Angelo's trash expert Charlotte Anderson with Keep San Angelo Beautiful. She explained why sometimes it looks like Woodstock '99.

"You may be at your home, you may be at an event and you throw some trash in the back of your pickup. You think "Oh I'm just going down the block" then the trash is gone where ever you went and you think you did your part," said Anderson. "But we have to remember that whatever is on our streets, highways, and our yards goes to our lakes, rivers, and streams." 

The Texas Department of Transportation has been doing its part in attempting to help clean up the highway right-of-way. Over the past week, crews have been working along the Houston Hart Expressway near the Glenna and Arden exit picking up trash. Despite their efforts, a new litter spot has popped up.

Along W Loop 306 frontage road near the Texas Department of Public Safety office on Monday the amount of trash build up covered the area of grass along the U-turn lane. There is a number of reasons why the trash build up is so big at this spot.

One reason could be that it is near a large apartment complex where new Angelo State University students live. Monday was the first day of classes so as usual a large influx of students returned to their temporary housing across town. 

Another possible reason could be the fact that people do not remember to take care of their trash. Instead they throw it out and expect others to pick it up for them. So here are a few tips to help stop littering:

  1. Make sure your trash is secure.

  2. Participate in a community clean-up day.

  3. Educate others.

  4. Keep a litter bag in your vehicle.

  5. Make good use of recycle bins.

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The bottom line here is that there are a lot of denizens of San Angelo who are simply pigs.  I note this kind of thing every time I visit there.

Haha I’ll just bet you do! No “denizen pigs” where you live I’m sure…a virtual paradise ;)

I didn't say anything like that, Blank One.  I have commented before on the homeless around here and the negative impact they have on the area.  I'm just saying SanGlo has its share of people who seem to not give a flying flip about the messes they generate and leave behind for others to clean up.

It was not always that way, and I hate the changes I have observed.  I still love the place and most of the people that live there.

It might have been helpful if they had picked up the trash before the mowed. Mowing over all that trash made a hell of a mess. I know they did it because I saw them doing it doing it and thought to myself how stupid! Whatever happen to having prisoners pick up trash? Put them to work

If it concerns you (since you care so much lol) how about you get off your fat ass and organize a cleanup…for your shithole city also ;)

Speaking of the homeless problem…your boy Biden has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHiNG for them, other than supply them with deadly fentanyl from across our southern border ;)

Ever since our new so called automated trash pickup system was inserted into the public it has been contributing to a large part of blowing trash around Angelo too.

Majority of the time when they come by with their automated bin grappler they dump it too fast and end up flippin trash out on the ground. 

And they don't pickup the trash they just scattered.

We end up going out to pickup scattered trash and other trash that has blown into fences every Wed. evening.

Picking up trash is a good rehab function for all the TGC convicts.   

Loving these traditional San Angelo decorations! Always fun to see a pupper go at a "goodie bag" and create a work of abstract art to decorate the scene for the week. It's an interesting regional art form that defines the area! 

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