Celebrate World Candle Month During September


SAN ANGELO, TX – As the temperatures begin to drop and the days get longer the National Candle Association and National Today teamed up to celebrate World Candle Month. 

Celebrated every September, World Candle Month is an opportunity to recognize the not-so-humble candle, its impacts throughout history, and the role it plays today.

This year’s theme is “Illuminate Your Life” and is dedicated to the ways candles light up the world and fragrance lives. 

Since the earliest days of tallow-based candles to the tens of thousands of shapes, sizes, and fragrances available today, candles have been a source of more than just light. 

They have provided inspiration, relaxation, and calming sensations that are as welcome today as they have been throughout history. 

This year’s World Candle Month celebrates how candles contribute to the health and mental well-being, especially during these trying times. 

“There’s no question that these are stressful times we’re living in,” said Kathy LaVanier, President of the National Candle Association. “Many are out of work, many are sick, and we’re all living in a state of quarantine that no one could have predicted. It is during these times that we look to the constants in our lives to relieve our stress and keep us calm and thoughtful in order to endure. And there are few products in the world as constant and calming as candles. World Candle Month is a time to benefit from the calming nature of candles at a time when we could use it most.”


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