Have You Lost Your Dog Recently? Claim It Before It's Too Late


SAN ANGELO, TX – The City of San Angelo announced on Wednesday that it has found several dogs and are looking for their owners. 

According to the City of San Angelo, on Sept. 2, the city is asking owners to claim their canine recently found in San Angelo. 

All dogs are currently in the care of the San Angelo Animal Shelter. If one of these dogs are yours, or you know whose it might be, please contact the shelter at 325-657-4225 or visit them at 3142 U.S. Highway 67 North.

  • Dionne: 1-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, found on HWY 67 8/28/20
  • Dido: 1-year-old lab, found on HWY 67 8/28/20
  • Brynlee: 1-year-old beagle/pug, found 8/31/20
  • Venom: 8-month-old German Shepherd, found @ Shannon ER 8/31/20
  • Bam Bam: adult tan chihuahua, found @ 1000 block of E 22nd 8/31/20
  • Ryla: 6-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, found @ 300 block of E 13th St 8/31/20
  • Vinnie: 1-year-old tricolor chihuahua, found @ 300 block of E 37th St 9/1/20
  • DRQ127: 4-year-old fawn pit bull, found @ 800 block of Antonio St 8/31/20
  • Geneva: 7-month-old Australian Cattle Dog, found @ 200 block of La Salle 9/1/20


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