Concho Valley PAWS Warns of Animal Poisoning Near College Hills


SAN ANGELO, TX – Two dogs recently died because of poison in the College Hills neighborhood in San Angelo. 

According tot he Concho Valley PAWS, on August 10, this weekend two dogs were reported to be killed by poison after eating sausages soaked in anti-freeze. 


The home with the poison is located on Dartmouth in the College Hills area. The pan of poisoned meat is left at a woman's mailbox for any unsuspecting pet to consume.

The San Angelo Police Department has been notified of the incident. 

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"Loose dogs everywhere. It's like the most ignorant a-holes with the crappiest fences or enclosures go out and get the most destructive and vicious dogs possible.

Trash day, forget it. One too many times my can's been knocked over, with my garbage strewn about the street and driveway.

Seems to be a lot of hungry mutts around the Northside. Solution: cheap bologna marinated in antifreeze. Toss it in the bin and bon appetite.

I haven't had any return customers yet."-Lares

This is the type of comment that leads to these type of actions, just saying.

Stick that one in your ''Lares'' folder, under a sub-category labeled....I don't know...''sarcasm'', maybe.

We had a cat killer in the neighborhood operating with impunity for years, with a vacant lot two doors down from his residence he was using as a dumping ground for the bodies. Animal control passed the buck to the cops, the cops reciprocated in the same manner.

I took to doing some homework on this rat's family, and discovered they were part of a neighborhood meth ring, many of them were here illegally. To this day, they can thank him for any inconveniences/geographical relocations they may have suffered as a direct result of getting my attention, due to his midnight cat hunts. The authorities may roll their eyes at dead kitty cats, but meth labs are an entirely different animal (no pun intended).

I'd link you to some of the stories, but it would only take the fun out of your regular "Lares" internet search binges.

Poisoning neighborhood pets isn't cool, though there are some instances in life where extra measures are warranted..vicious stalkers...etc.

Have a blessed day, Nate.

Police don't take sarcasm well if you haven't noticed... in fact, when the sarcasm begins or ends in death, the authorities tend not to get the humor, still want to be funny?

Sure thing, convict. Game on.

I'll know when you've thrown in the towel when your bitch shows up here to defend your petulant bullshit.


"Police don't take sarcasm well if you haven't noticed... in fact, when the sarcasm begins or ends in death, the authorities tend not to get the humor, still want to be funny?" - Nathan Schmidt

I don't know, Nate. The local police, (at least, in the past,) have had their own brand of jocularity that might seem strange to some. I guess it's a bit like that new joke:

Two guys guys are sitting in a dark office in front of a console. One of the guys leans in towards the other, without taking his eyes off the screen and asks, "Hey man, what's the difference between a hospital and a terrorist hideout?"

The other guy, keeping his eyes glued to the screen, shrugs and retorts, "Pssh. Don't ask me, I'm just the drone operator!"

Gives me past life flashbacks from Grenada, man...

Perhaps people shouldn't let their beloved fido use that lady's lawn for a bathroom.
I have witnessed a wealthy, entitled elderly man drive his fido to my property and let him out to do his business.
No kidding!
It's not fun to step in a pile of dog crap on your lawn esp. when you don't have a dog.

Z Z, Tue, 08/11/2020 - 00:16

I have sort of learned that many problems have several underlying factors. Responsible pet ownership is one and if I recall the city has spent time and made effort to encourage that. Still we can have the best intentions and things can still go wrong. Myself I don’t agree with the way that was handled and now the problem is worse because the attorneys, court system, and the corrections system will be involved over a situation where a dog is running down the street.

It has happened to me several times where a pet just gets loose and is paying zero attention to me. But I did have to protect an elderly woman once who takes her morning walk. I just scared the dog away by waving my arms at him.

So my idea is that I prefer just contact animal control since they are trained and professionals.

Only exception is if the animal look rabies or sick or attacking a person and I would need to figure out a way to protect someone if time was of the essence.

I have encountered rabied animals when I grew up in the country and would have great concern if that ever was the case . Everything takes some discernment.

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