Protests Begin in San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, TX -- Protests began at the Tom Green County Courthouse Sunday. 

As protests, rioting, and looting have begun to sweep Texas, some San Angeloans are initiating protests for justice for George Floyd. Floyd was allegedly killed by a police officer in Minneapolis this week, sparking sometimes violent protests in major metro areas across the country.

This San Angelo protest was peaceful as many have gathered bringing signs and chanting for rights for all Americans, especially minorities. 

Another protest will begin tonight at the Bosque starting at 6 pm. 

City officials and local business owners are pleading for the evening protest to be peaceful. 

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how dare they exercise their right to protest - and in a public manner no less!

Better to quip anonymously from their dank den right ding-dud?

Nothing to do with Tom Green/San Angelo but when their rights were being taken away from them by the county/state during the chinese cold outbreak not a friggin' peep. Please Lord, do not let them breed.

Be ready San Angelo, a bus load of employed protesters is on the way. Unlike most San Angeloan's that don't have a clue where the Bosque is, Soros has it programed in on the Bus GPS. It's an election cycle, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lies Matter, and now this? What is it called, Riot on the River?

Is that image supposed to depict police brutality?? Move on folks, nothing to see here....

Soros....buses.... professional protesters.....

George Soros has never heard of San Angelo.
Went to the "protest", it was neither a riot nor a protest.

Jeff L, Mon, 06/01/2020 - 09:41

and video footage from personal devices shows a violent skirmish between officers and Floyd prior to his death. They were attempting to detain him after he purchased items with counterfeit money, which is a felony. Autopsy shows he also did not die from asphyxiation. I begin to wonder if people even read into the story before they protest in stupidity.

An independent autopsy found his death was a homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression. The weight on Floyd's back, the handcuffs and the positioning were also contributory factors causing the inability of Floyd's diaphragm to function, which consequently led to a lack of blood flow to the brain.

He was allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit bill at a store, at which time the police were called. This crime, in of itself, does not warrant a death sentence. Look at that asshole with his knee firmly planted on the back of Floyd's neck. His facial expression alone is clearly indicative of his malicious intent. He's reveling in the moment, as he's fully aware of the pain he's causing.

The pig is currently on suicide watch, and hopefully he doesn't get a chance to take the easy way out, as the hilarity of crooked cops in prison makes for very entertaining content.

R.I.P "Big Floyd".

Jeff L, Mon, 06/01/2020 - 13:16

I am saying he put himself in that predicament. NOBODY deserves to die without reason. But if you cant do the time dont do the crime. I have zero feelings for this person and neither do you. You're only jumping on the bandwagon because you think you deserve too.

First, Mj is my name, I come from NS, and who really cares?
Second, I watched a man die and you have the fu***** nerve to tell me I am bandwagoning? F*** you!

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