Whataburger Announces Six Lucky Couples Who Won Weddings for Valentine's Day


SAN ANGELO, TX – Wedding bells will be ringing in Whataburger restaurants across Texas as six lucky couples are getting ready to have the Whatawedding of their dreams on Valentine’s Day.

Last month Whataburger created a contest that allowed couples to win the opportunity to tie the knot or renew their vows at a Whataburger. After thousands of submissions, the final six have been selected.

Meet the lucky couples who will be tying the knot on the most romantic day of the year:

College Station: Tayler Hatcher and Geoffrey Martin

Tayler and Geoffrey couldn’t be more different: Tayler is a 9th generation Texan, stemming from a long line of ranchers, while Geoffrey is from France and never even heard about Whataburger until Tayler came into his life. One of the first things Tayler taught Geoffrey is to always know your Whataburger order! Many of their dates, including road trips to wineries, ended with a stop at Whataburger. Tayler and Geoffrey are now expecting their first baby boy in March

Fort Worth: Amy Moss and Xander Leatherwood

Amy Moss and Xander Leatherwood’s first date ended with a trip to Whataburger and talking all hours into the night. At the time, Xander explained to Amy that his coworkers call him “Whataburger” because he was always eating Whataburger. They quickly fell in love and got engaged, with plans to throw a Whataburger-themed wedding. 

Grand Prairie: Matt and Julie Gray

Matt and Julie were in the midst of planning an unconventional vow renewal for their 10-year anniversary when they found out about the Whatawedding competition. The couple first met in January of 2009 and have two daughters together. As huge Whataburger fans, Matt and Julie are thrilled to host it at a Grand Prairie restaurant.

Houston: Viviane Huynh and Colton Jung

Viviane and Colton met about a year ago at a local Whataburger after many texts, including “we can either ask a million questions over this app, or we can go to Whataburger and get to know each other in person.” They carried on a long-distance relationship to accommodate career changes, but are finally reuniting in Houston this year to get married and build a life together. Viviane considers Whataburger as a “welcome home” for her and is thrilled to get the opportunity to marry at the iconic restaurant.

San Antonio: Lesley McCloy and Devin Myler

Devin originally decided to ask Lesley out on a date because her “meme game was strong.” After many successful dates, they both realized that their relationship would be forever. Devin and Lesley are both first responders—Devin is in law enforcement and Lesley is an emergency department nurse. Due to their night shift hours, Whataburger became one of their favorite places to go.

Corpus Christi: Sharon Arteaga and Dylan Welch

Dylan and Sharon’s relationship started with a dance and a Whataburger. The couple first met through mutual connections at the University of Texas at Austin and learned more about each other at their many drive-thru adventures at Whataburger. Since then, Dylan and Sharon fell deeply in love and are going on five years strong. Sharon’s family has a tradition of including Whataburger in wedding festivities. The couple plans to travel to France for their honeymoon.

All winners will receive a Whataburger meal, a photographer, a select number of guests, orange and white decorations, and an officiant.

The lucky Corpus Cristi couple will also be gifted a $5,000 honeymoon. Their wedding will be broadcast live on Whataburger's YouTube at 2:00 p.m. on Feb. 14. 


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