WATCH: Life After Being Chief of Police for Tim Vasquez


SAN ANGELO, TX —This summer will mark three years since Tim Vasquez last held the title of San Angelo's Chief of Police. For 27 years Vasquez served as a member of the San Angelo Police Department and for the final 12 years of his tenure, he was San Angelo's Chief of Police. 

Fast forward to now. Today, Vasquez is enjoying his retirement as an entrepreneur, operating Yard Cop Weed Control and Fertilization, the co-owner of Lone Wolf Pub, and he performs regularly as the drummer for the San Angelo band called Funky Munky. 

"I was blessed to have been brought up in a family that played instruments on my dad's side," said Vasquez. "It was one thing that I always continued on even when I was the chief I still had a band, and it was my stress relief to be able to come into the studio."

WATCH: Life After Chief For Tim Vasquez:


For Funky Munky guitar player Charles Reyes, Vasquez has always been much more than San Angelo's Chief of Police.

"I've been lucky enough to know a lot of these musicians already and know Tim not just as the chief of police," said Reyes. 

As a young musician, Reyes while a member of a previous band recalls what it was like to experience a Funky Munky fan base. 

"I had a band called Bugota a long time ago when I was 16-17 years old, thrashing the guitar," said Reyes. "He had Funky Munky at that time and we would play a bar they would play at so we would hear about their crowd and I'd be like 'what are they doing?' Oh, the chief of police is here."

Having served as San Angelo's Chief of Police for 12 years Vasquez says that position holds a special place in his heart.

"I miss my job immensely," said Vasquez. "Everyday I wake up and miss being chief and a police officer. I think I really enjoyed what I was doing and serving this community."

Meanwhile as a former police chief, and in the aftermath of the recent homicides, Vasquez suggested that a different approach should've been taken to address the homicides.

"Like the other day that the three homicides happened that could've easily taken a community into a shock mode. There needs to be action. Your chief is the one that needs to be out in front of it and talking to the people explaining to them what is happening. I don't know all of the facts to either one of those incidents but I miss those opportunities to be the voice for our department and public safety in our community."

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Why are you doing stories on this? Nobody cares where or what he is doing. He is past history.

Mr Carter is doing a fantastic job!! Not exposing every detail of the investigation is why the cases are being solved quickly. No disrespect but this city is running better than it has in many many many years!! Keep up the great work Mr Carter!! And thank you for being an honest, dedicated police chief to our community!

Sounds like political announcement gonna run for office. Dept morale bottomed out, anyone remember denial of any gang activity in SA, among some of the fruits of those 12 years.

Nobody cares what he’s doing. He was a speed bump on the road to progress and needs to be left in the dustbin of history where he belongs. Almost as bad as the Clintons....

Wabo73, Tue, 04/16/2019 - 22:25

Wow now I know there’s nothing to report your report on this worst chief ever and carter now cleaning up a very long clean up job of meth heroin and no telling what else. Vasquez was good at playing golf and talking that’s about it. If he runs again and anyone votes for him they need to be sterilized ASAP

Glad to know you're doing well, and enjoying a well deserved retirement.

It was a pleasure to meet and talk music with you, a few years back.

Good wishes, to you and yours, Mr. Vasquez.

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