SUVs Collide in Front of Lowe's on Sherwood Way


A white Chevrolet Suburban collided with a gold Chevrolet Blazer on the busy section of Sherwood Way in front of Lowe's during the lunch hour.

The gold Blazer was leaving Walmart and attempted to turn left. In doing so, it pulled out in front of the Suburban, which hit the Blazer. The impact forced the Blazer to spin around and end up in the ditch. There were no injuries in the Suburban. The female driver of the Blazer complained of back or neck injuries and is being transpoerted to the hospital.

The Blazer driver was placed on a backboard and transported to an ambulance to receive treatment.

Driving the Blazer was 23-year-old Maria Salinas of San Angelo. The Suburban was driven by 33-year-old Ashley Harris of Del Rio.

One eastbound lane at the 5400 block of Sherwood Way is blocked as the San Angelo Fire Department tends to the accident.



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