WATCH: How to Win Big at the San Angelo Rodeo Carnival

SAN ANGELO, TX – Do you think you have what it takes to beat me at carnival games? Watch the video above to see if you've got what it takes.

First, we hit the beer bust. Although I thought someone in their early twenties would be able to break a beer bottle I was wrong. The trick that the worker, Rick, told me was hit the ball in the middle. If you watch closely on my second throw I did in fact hit the bottle. I guess I just didn't do as Rick said and "just hit it in the center." Overall I thought the game was tough but not impossible for someone with a good arm. I just lacked that quality.

Our second stop was at the One Ball where we met Santos. Santos convinced us that this was a child's game and I believed him. How could I not when the metal milk bottles were only three feet away from where I was standing. Santos was friendly and tried to even give me tips to not look so bad on camera. He claimed that you have to hit the bottles below the center so all four fall. I tried his advice but go figure it did not work. This game took a little bit more luck than muscle, unlike the first game we tried. I once again just lacked that quality. 

As we approached the third game, the basketball shot, I began thinking to myself that I actually might have a shot. Then I began to look closer at the goal. It seemed to me that the rim was not actually a circle but appeared to be a rectangle. I spoke with the worker, Austin, and asked about it. He assured me that the game was not rigged and that the rim was not a rectangle but was an oval. I knew there was no chance but I forked over the cash anyways. My first shot wasn't too bad. I think on a circle rim it would've went in. The second one not so much. In my opinion, this game had nothing to do with skill or luck but instead a large bank account.

After the discouraging losses I decided to change my tactic and go after games I knew I could win. That's right the games that you take your four-year-old girl to so she can win a pretty pink unicorn and after multiple throws, I was able to get that pretty pink unicorn. After that win, I felt a little proud so I tried again and finished at the duck pond. It took me more than once but I found the winning rubber duck and won a sick USA AR-15 balloon. 

Although I didn't come home with a big prize I did bring home with me a valuable lesson. Next time skip the carnival and hit the Buffalo Social Club.

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