Pfluger on Contesting Presidential Election: "I took an oath to defend the Constitution"

WASHINGTON, DC — “I took an oath to defend the Constitution,” Congressman August Pfluger (R-Tex.) said, countering critics who say the revolt he and many fellow Republicans are planning to contest the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election. The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate meet in joint session Wednesday to count the electoral votes. Many constituents, Pfluger argued, do not believe the election was fair and square.

“I believe right now, there is enough evidence to support having a debate, looking at the facts, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do…January 6,” Pfluger said.

Pfluger said his immediate objective is to shine more light on the election irregularities. On his radio show several days ago, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, who is thought to be plugged into the Republican strategies for contesting the election, said that the strategy is to delay approving the electoral college votes past inauguration day. This will put the election into uncharted waters because at that time, Limbaugh argued, since no president was elected, the decision for who will be the next president and vice president is then decided by the Senate and the House.

“That’s not something that has been discussed since I was sworn in,” Pfluger said.

In the interview above, Pfluger discussed the Georgia U.S. Senate races where is the Republican candidates lose, the control of the Senate flips to the Democrats. Pfluger campaigned with Kelly Loeffler, one of the Republican candidates, and provided his insights about the race.

Pfluger also discusses the skyrocketing federal debt and the need to quickly recover from the Coronavirus pandemic. He said his work is set out before him and fellow Republicans because of new procedures on spending cut out most debate, even if the spending levels exceed the federal debt limit.

“The Democrats have taken steps already to make sure they have power to increase spending and increase the debt even further,” Pfluger said.

Other topics:

  • Republican strategy for flipping the House back to Republican control in 2022
  • The first two days of being a congressman
  • The CD-11 offices are open across the district
  • What Pfluger’s committee assignments will be

Watch the entire interview above. It was recorded on Monday, Jan 4, 2021.

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There is no way Biden won this election fairly!  He won’t be in office more than 6 months and his health will give camel toe the presidency. Honestly don’t know why so many Texans voted that way, your looking for free money get the fuck out of Texas get a job and be a use for society!


Good on you Mr. Pfluger! Contrary to what demo libs believe, the Constitution is NOT a “living” document up to whatever interpretation fits their agenda. It’s the rock our country was built on and it doesn’t (shouldn’t) change!

”The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government...lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” Patrick Henry


Trump is  a national disgrace who should be tried for treason and inciting to riot.  He is without a doubt the worst President in history along with Nixon, as both are cheaters and liars.  Trump can't hide when he leaves office and will be hounded for his lack of leadership of the American people for his remaining days!  Comrade Trump is no longer relevant to this country.  A lame duck, lame brain, lame ass person at best!  Comrade Pfluger is no better and we have to wonder if the fighter jets he supposedly flew had a big red star on the tail.  No where in the constitution does it  say the right to break into and damage federal buildings and hold people hostage, that's kidnapping and extortion.   I really doubt if any of trump's hired mob could read the constitution if they saw it. All they know is the second amendment, and someone had to read it to them.



Thanks Don Quixote haven’t seen anyone claim what happened is within our constitutional rights ;)

Just wondering. Do you feel the same way about the almost year-long BLM demonstrations where police were attacked, federal property was destroyed and innocent people were harassed/injured?


There's a consensus among Liberals that those who went on their titty baby tantrums, committing acts of arson and destroying property, that this is just the innate behavior of their beloved pets. The irony behind the party of race baiting, is that they perpetrate more racism among their voting base and token foot soldiers than all the ''hate groups'' and crooked cops combined.

This midset comes from the theory that certain groups of people are inherently less intelligent than others. They're unmotivated, prone to criminal lifestyles, violent, apathetic and will always need to suckle at the teet of Big Government, because, number one, this is their nature, and second, because Liberals have perpetuated the myth that minorities come into the world oppressed and marginalized, and due to the Caucasian boogeyman, they're to remain in a perpetual state of stagnation -- hence the belief among many within the BLM movement and like-minded groups, that violence and thievery is a legitimate form of protest. Show me a looter and a Liberal will show you a "victim of systemic racism". The ends justify the means, and keeps all the right people in the right places, lest they wake the fuck up, raise their standards and leave the Left lacking the pawns needed to win the game, or at the very least, remain in it.

BLM is not the Black owned, grass-roots ''social justice'' movement it's portrayed to be, and ''Black lives'' are far from it's author's concerns. BLM is the brainchild of George Soros (Open Society Foundation), Rob McKay (Taco Bell heir), the Ford Foundation, the Borealis Philanthropy, and the Democracy Alliance, among other big tech cooprorations and billionaires, used as a cover to suit their own agendas.

The BLM movement supports policies which do anything but protect Black lives: The decriminalzation of drug offenses, the releasing of droves of violent inmates, and the promotion and glamorization of the very worst, self destructive influences within Pop culture to Black communities, with the "defund the police" charade as the cherry on the top, are carefully crafted designs to ensure that those within the communities affected by such plagues remain affected, and remain such by their own hands, under the impression that these policies are in the interest of the communities, to rescue them from evil White people like Donald Trump: Scapegoat, deflect, blame and keep the scurges within the communities of minorities alive and well. Convince bleeding heart Liberals of the bandwagon fallacy, that criminal behavior is a necessary evil needed to combat the delusive narrative that oppression is hitting minorities from every angle, and lurking around every corner. Instil a sense of fear and desperation. Manufacture entire mobs of "victims" to turn this fear into rage, and you've created the perfect beast who will do your bidding, and willingly return to the shackles of their benevolent masters. What better way to keep people right where they want them?

In 2018, 2,925 African Americans were murdered, with 2,600 being murdered by other African Americans, yet, for some odd reason, we're being sold talking points about ''racist police officers'' and the need to curb "White privilege". 

The Liberal will NOT address the elephant in the room, as they've been conditioned not to question their leaders, nor their motives. They've been given their marching orders and a hit list of enemies. Liberalism has morphed into a dangerous ideology, and will ultimately become a weapon of war.

“The worst enemy that the Negro have is this White man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a Liberal, and it is following these White Liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the White Liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems.” - Malcom X




Election fraud lacking credible evidence is not fraud in any shape , form or fashion. What is it about you numb skulls that you don't realize that  hunches and gut feelings are not two bits in hell in legal proceedings. As far Congressman elect Pflugher who violated his oath of office should expect to be denied a seat in congress then come to realize his stupidity of supporting domestic terrorist.


All of these lies and the blindly following by the Trump supporters have cost us the 2 Senate seats in Georgia.  Now we will really have the liberals forcing crap through Congress.  We can thank Pfluger for perpetuating the lies by agreeing with them.  But he is a rooky, an FNG, that fell for the BS.  Just like the "protestors" in DC, now we will get what they give us.  Thanks.  

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