EXCLUSIVE: Woman Grapples with Nationwide Calamity Caused by Her Facebook Post

SAN ANGELO, TX — When Melonnie Hicks made a post on Facebook, she didn’t intend for it to have nationwide consequences. The single mother of one from Sweetwater was having a really bad day and used the social media platform to vent. She was venting, she claimed, to her friends.

"I felt alone and like nobody heard me,” she said.

A frustrated single mom unable to obtain basic healthcare for her child and herself and also facing an unexpected monthly price hike for her internet access lashed out on facebook. 

She wrote, “I hope everyone of you pieces of sh** that votes republican, dies today.”

Miss Hicks describes the turmoil in her life caused by her post, who she thinks started the spread of a screenshot of her post that went viral nationwide, and how she lost her job.

She was forced to resign from her job as the director of the Pioneer City County Museum located in the center of town. 

Sweetwater is the county seat for Nolan County. The Nolan County Sheriff said the commotion has cost all agencies of law enforcement time and effort providing Hicks and her child around-the-clock protection and investigating many of the more dangerous-sounding threats against Hicks’ life. Watch the video above for the entire story.

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All those who wish her to suffer a horrendous fate, reflect on words you have uttered. Never a statement you regret? Facebook is a handy tool, and your own executioners sword.


She made her bed and causing her kid grief . Typical Trump hater. This brain dead mouth breather slug left wingnut needs to leave the state and try again somewhere else.


Before you throw people under the bus, just remember that everyone at one point or another in their lives has said something that they wish they would not have said and later regretted. In fact, if folks were REALLY honest, have they not ever said something to the effect of "wishing someone else was dead" in their anger or frustration? Really... Be honest. We all have and, and we know it.

I just look at people like this, feel sorry for the way they feel, pray they will come to realize what they have said is hurtful and uncalled for.

And when you think about it, isn't even MORE disturbing that what she said has resulted in other people threatening her life?? Really? How sad is that? That we as a society feel so offended that we have to retaliate in the same way...or even worse, at what someone says.


I, categorically, most certainly never have. Folks, just sit back, secure your luggage in the overhead compartment, turn off all cellular devices, and enjoy the ride - and don't fret over the turbulence.



The dismissal of the Facebook comment, as something ''we've all done" is a lot like the common misinterpretations of what exactly constitutes a "mistake", particularly, in regards to criminal responsibility: Political discussions and differences in most respectable circles may certainly illicit an "I disagree", possibly even a Bidenesque "you're full of shit", however, this adult woman made the decision to use incendiary rhetoric to intentionally stir the shit pot. The end result is an outpour of equally intellectually challenged and mentally unhinged people, who react accordingly. Mission accomplished.

With that said, all concerned parties who consume themselves with the meaningless rantings of an insignificant house frau from Sweetwater, may want to do some personal inventory, and rethink their priorities.

The maxims and philosophies of people of accomplishment and influence live on, well past their authors. Assuredly, this woman and her disgruntled disposition would be all but entirely forgotten before the week's end, should she drop dead today.


.... may or most likely make her famous and then she'll write a book or some producer from California will turn this story and her situation into a documentary... and she'll be laughing at all the people across the country that she's famous and she owes it all to the people that made this story go ...
" Nation Wide "! So, can we move on, it's starting to get ridiculous !


This is not the time to back down, soldiers of the Resistance! You knew, after all, that you might be cut down in combat when you embarked upon this calling and that the forces of your opposition would use whatever means at their disposal to eliminate you, whether it was the labor of "off the books" activists or good ol' black project military smearing like what dissidents in the 60's and 70's encountered when opposing the powers that be. Now is the time for your utmost solidarity and courage! You knew that when they "rolled out the tanks" that you might be the one standing before them like the man at Tienanmen Square!

Or are you all just "lying, dog-faced pony soldiers?"

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