Biden's Executive Order Aims to Limit Illegal Crossings at the Border


WASHINGTON, DC — Today, President Joe Biden issued an executive order aimed at limiting asylum claims for migrants crossing the southern border illegally during periods of high volume. 

The new policy allows border officials to turn away most foreign nationals seeking asylum if the seven-day average of daily border crossings exceeds 2,500, which puts the order into immediate effect.

The executive action, announced under the Immigration and Nationality Act, empowers border officials to refuse entry to migrants who cross without prior authorization. This marks a shift in the administration's approach to managing the southern border and aims to address the recent surge in illegal crossings.

Rep. August Pfluger (TX-11) responded critically to the announcement, suggesting it was a political maneuver ahead of the upcoming elections. 

"The American people are smart enough to understand that pretending to secure the border five months before an election does not make up for President Biden’s years of lawlessness that invited over eight million illegal aliens and over three hundred suspected terrorists to enter our country and resulted in the tragic deaths of Americans like Laken Riley," Pfluger stated. "I have pushed the President to secure the border for three and a half years. What changed? This is nothing more than an election-year Hail Mary. We deserve a Commander-in-Chief who puts the safety of U.S. citizens first."

The full text of President Biden’s proclamation is available here. 

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CGM5, Tue, 06/04/2024 - 19:14

biden is a bad joke. He is and always has been a political hack. He does nothing unless it benefits himself in some way. He single handedly caused the border crisis. The only reason he is pretending to do something now after nearly four years is because of the upcoming election. I would be embarrassed to call myself a democrat after the past three years.

Below is the mindset of Der Trumpster and his stooges...

And, of course we have this:

Such a petulant, self-pitying child he is, truly.  And, as has been said, "Trump is no outlaw.  He is just a grubby, sad criminal."

Even with his flaws give me Biden.  He has a fully functioning soul who clearly cares far less about himself and much more about the country than the festering, steaming pile of self-serving feces that is Trump.

In the meantime, June 6 is the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy.  How many of you historians can name the five beaches invaded?  Hint:  Sword, Juno, Omaha, Utah, and Gold... and I didn't have to Google the answer.  Try watching the movie "The Longest Day" to appreciate what the heroes of that day did.  That's not fiction.  That stuff happened.

"n the meantime, June 6 is the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy.  How many of you historians can name the five beaches invaded?"

Joe Biden fought in all those wars just ask him and his son Beau Biden was calling all the shots ! Vote for a vegetable if you want another great depression dipshit!

While I do not necessarily consider you to be a stupid person, it is abundantly clear that you insist on saying incredibly stupid things frequently using crass obscenities and childish epithets.  In this you remain remarkably consistent, and are fast becoming a tedious bore worthy of very little consideration.  

I suppose that is not surprising, considering the odious nature of your cult's leader.  You emulate him rather well, and that is NOT a compliment.

At any rate, try to stay cool.  Maybe then your overtaxed brain can throttle down into a region of thought in which you can actually reach some logical conclusions about things.

Of course, I hold little hope for this.  I suspect you will continue to look foolish.  Whether you believe it or not, I wish you peace anyway.  While I think you a bit off-kilter mentally, that does not mean you are a bad person.

Sorry if you didn't like being called a dipshit but when you vote for a cucumber, melon, or potato you deserve it. Biden doesn't have an inkling who you are and I can tell you right now even if he did he would forget you in thirty seconds just like he FORGETS everything else. You guys weren't complaining about Clinton while he was exactly like the mean orange man who touched your no no spot. People like you are the reason why we have people like Biden as president... Dipshit

I wrote this little ditty while Trump was stinking up the Oval Office the first and hopefully only time around.  I thought I would repeat it now since if God really hates us that foul bastard will do it again.  I pray this will not come to pass, but the level of delusion this vile creature has spread around continues to astound me.  Anyway, this thing is to be sung to the tune of the "Beverly Hillbillies" and remind folks of the world of Trump back then:

"Well, once upon a time there was a man named Trump.
He wore some funny hair and had a mind just like a stump.
He had no human values and was really was quite bad,
And the fact he came to power is a matter really sad.
(Born to money, that is.  Daddy pretty awful. Raised to be the same.)

His daddy made some money but he didn't do it right
He weaseled on his taxes and was always in a fight.
Trump watched his daddy do this and thought that it was cool,
And treated those around him like they were simple fools.
(Rip off contractors, that is.  Lie, cheat, and steal.  Have many lawyers.)

Donnie had an ego about as big as God.
Narcissitic bastard but really just a clod.
He thought he should be King, but really had to settle
To simply be the Prez because he thought he had the mettle.
(Better than everyone, that is.  Superiority complex.  Massive delusion.)

Now the USA's embarrassed because Donnie's just a jerk.
His supporters are just lackeys and their thinking doesn't work.
The world sits back aghast amd wonders what is next
While Donnie governs with Tweeting in really stupid text.
(Childish communication, that is.  No adults present.  Confusion abounds.)

I now end my story because the tale is rumbling on
And the damage Donnie does keeps growing by the ton.
I pray that things get better; I fear to grasp at hope
Because the country that I love is on a slippery slope.
(Can't get no worse, that is.  Dems recently gained.  May reason prevail.)"

Hopefully we will not see a repeat of Trump's perfidy but rather a continued return to sanity.

By the way, the recent conviction of Hunter Biden clearly demonstrates that Trump's piteous wailing of unfairness on the part of the DOJ is a load of self-serving crap.  He's a weak, piteous bastard worshipped by well-meaning but naive souls.

Biden... respect for the rule of law and love for the country.
Trump... respect, concern, and love for nothing and no one but himself.

tell us the mean orange man touched you without telling us he touched you. By the way I've altered my profile name to give recognition to your undying infatuation with Donald Trump. Hope it helps😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😁

His anger seems driven by the childhood rejection by male authority figures who refused to violate him. Expat spends his adulthood taking his feelings of unworthiness out on Trump.

"great depression" 🤣😂 I'm making money bro, sorry if your not, try a 2nd job 🤣😂🤦🤡🤡🤡

Last I checked Uber drivers don't make money "bro" also Im retired I already earned my way dipshit. Imagine living with your Mom for your entire life ^^^^ while making fun of someone who doesn't!! LOL 🤡🤠🤡🤠🤡🤠🤡🤠🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣😖🙃😂🤪😁😊🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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