SCOTUS: West Texas A&M Can Ban Drag Shows


AUSTIN, TX — Attorney General Ken Paxton is defending West Texas A&M University’s President for rejecting an organization’s request to host a college campus “drag show” with child attendees.

The Supreme Court of the United States denied an injunction to the organization. 

Due to SCOTUS’s action, President Wendler is free to maintain his denial of the “drag show” scheduled to take place on March 22.

The organization sought to short-circuit the ordinary appellate process so they could host the show. The trial court, however, concluded that the organization had not met its burden to show it would succeed on the merits, and SCOTUS agreed.

“President Wendler’s efforts to uphold decency, and protect women from hostile and degrading caricatures, and to protect children from exposure to obscene conduct, are completely defensible,” Paxton said. “I’m pleased that a unanimous SCOTUS rejected the organization’s extraordinary attempt to force the university to host this activity.”

Previously, Paxton secured an initial victory defending Wendler after he was sued for blocking the show on the school’s campus. A federal judge granted a motion by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to dismiss the claims for damages against Wendler, denying the plaintiffs’ request for an injunction by pointing to their lack of likelihood of success on the merits.

At that time, the plaintiffs argued that “drag shows” are protected speech under the First Amendment. The OAG argued that such a performance is conduct, not speech, and is not necessarily entitled to First Amendment protections.

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CGM5, Mon, 03/18/2024 - 19:53

I have a Goddaughter. She's grown, educated and extremely intelligent. She is and always has been gay. If you ask she will openly talk about it but she is never in anyone's face demanding they accept and even celebrate her life choice. She has my utmost respect. Maybe it's her character or just her level of intelligence that allows her to just live her life and let others live theirs. I'm a straight white guy and I have zero problem with anyone that has a different lifestyle than mine. However, I'll be damn if I sit back and let someone get in my face demanding I accept and celebrate their life choice, I don't care if it's another straight white guy. If you want to be gay then be gay. If you want to be a drag queen then be one but don't parade at McDonnald's in front of kids and don't constantly try to force yourself on others. Maybe it is an intelligence thing.

I think all the guys out there, incarcerated or otherwise, who have kids with lesbians or with former lesbians can definitely relate to this.

Cgm5, if your in public and you don't like something, that is YOUR problem, if other people upset you then stay home, very simple, people can wear or look how they want, like I said if u don't like it stay home🤷

I agree that you shouldn't force yourself on others, if only all these religious nuts would understand that too, they literally even come and knock on your door to try to get you to believe what they believe🤔

"Nihilists! **** me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos." — Walter Sobchak, The Big Lebowski

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