Congress Condemns NM Gov. for Unconstitutional 2A Order


WASHINGTON, DC — Congressman August Pfluger joined Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) in introducing a House Resolution to condemn New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for her “emergency public health order” that prohibits the open and concealed carry of firearms in Albuquerque and its surrounding county, including city sidewalks and parks. Violators of this order may face civil penalties and fines up to $5,000. This order is a direct attack on New Mexicans’ Second Amendment right, and the resolution is a formal condemnation from U.S. Congress.

“House Republicans have a message for the Governor: The Constitution is absolute,” said Rep. August Pfluger. “Our resolution makes it clear to the Governor that her executive powers cannot override the Constitution of the United States or the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.”

“The shocking move from Governor Grisham is a blatant subversion of the U.S. Constitution and a violation of her oath of office while she deprives the citizens of New Mexico of their right to bear arms. The Governor’s action should send a chill up every American’s spine as it strips away the protection of individual rights and freedom, which sets a dangerous precedent for the rights of Central Washingtonians and Americans across our nation,” said Rep. Newhouse. “I’m proud to lead this resolution to condemn the Governor's actions and I call on her to rescind her order immediately.”

“The order is Constitutionally baseless, and there are no laws or regulations giving the state’s Regulation and Licensing Department authority to inspect federally licensed firearm retailers,” said National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence Keane. “By falsely declaring a rise in crime as a public health emergency and suspending the rights of the law-abiding people of New Mexico, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is proving her contempt for the U.S. Bill of Rights, New Mexico's Constitution, her oath of office and the voters of New Mexico. NSSF appreciates Congressman Newhouse’s leadership in pushing back against this blatant and unconstitutional power grab and joins him in this fight."


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Silly snowflakes, afraid of everything, and cannot imagine not being able to walk through the streets of America without their ARs (read: imaginary  big penises) on proud display.  Silly fake tough guys who constantly go on about states' rights whilst constantly getting in other states' business, because they gotta make sure they don't lose their NRA sponsorships. Sad!

CGM5, Fri, 09/15/2023 - 16:01

That NM Gov. isn't trying to stop crime or make citizens safer. She is simply thumbing her nose at Republicans (same as you). Why don't you with your razor sharp wit, explain what good it it does to prohibit legal conceal carry. You believe it will even slow down crime? Surely you're not that naive?

Surely they've lived in Chicago where there are "no guns"(quoted because of course only criminals now have them). Let me just say how safe Chicago is. I only chose Chicago as an example because you only need one perfect example of diseased brain(Joe Biden) and gun free zones are a perfect one.

Maybe the reason people who push for "gun control" describe 2A advocates as if they were militants overseas is because they regard gun owners similarly and fear possible resistance from armed citizens to their other agendas.

How much easier is it to subject children to sterilizing "sex changes" and indoctrinate them with some ideology if the citizenry is unarmed? Pro-gay, feminist "woke" ideology is, after all, what the US is known for overseas...

Shoutout to the fragile masculinity of Afghanistan's Taliban fighters whose endurance and grit proved to be too much for the steroid injected protrusions of the federal government's best and brightest amazonians...

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