Video: San Angelo Police Officers Coalition Denounces Mayor's Comments


SAN ANGELO – The San Angelo Police Officers Coalition released a statement Friday denouncing San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter's comments about the declining number of traffic citations written over the last five years.  

The Mayor's comments came during a Tuesday budget hearing.  Watch the video below:

SAPOC made the following statement:  

On August 29, 2023, COSA Mayor Brenda Gunter spoke during the General Fund Budget Meeting and indicated that the Police Officers of the City of San Angelo do not generate enough revenue through traffic citations. Mayor Gunter made the complaint that the General Fund is having to pick up more of the budget for Public Safety because the Citation count is down and stated "And that's an issue". Quotas have been forbidden in Texas for decades and for good reason.
According to an article published by the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center:
"Revenue generated by Class C Misdemeanors should be viewed by city officials as an INCIDENTAL BYPRODUCT of Law Enforcement and Court Operations. Traffic quotas undermine the traffic safety and public confidence in Law Enforcement and local Courts.
All local governments are legally prohibited from having traffic offense quotas according to section 720.002 of the Transportation Code which states: "prohibits formally or informally establishing a plan to evaluate, promote, compensate, or discipline a peace officer or judge based on the number of citations issued or fines collected."
Traffic Safety is a compelling public interest. The integrity of Law Enforcement and Municipal Courts in Texas hinges on maintaining public confidence that fairness, justice, public safety, and the rule of
law, not revenue generation, are the reasons Class C misdemeanors (crimes punishable by the imposition of a fine) exist. Most public servants are committed to reflecting on their role in government and promoting the public's interests. Public Officials and employees who either enable or perpetrate traffic quotas do not serve the public's interest. It is an abuse of public confidence that cannot betolerated in any City Hall by those truly committed to serving the public's interest."
In the interest of Public Trust, funding from Citations should not be an issue. Perhaps Mayor Gunter's agenda should put Public Safety first.
The point to Traffic Enforcement is Public Safety, and that is it. For the current fiscal year, San Angelo Police Officers have made around 20,000 traffic stops which resulted in dispositions ranging from verbal or written warnings, citations, or arrests. Which was approximately around 18% of the total calls for service.
 Revenue from citations should never be considered as a funding source for how the City budgets and/or pays its Police Officers. We feel the Mayor implied that if we want more equipment or larger salaries then the citizens should be punished by the Police through fines.
It is unfortunate that Local Law Enforcement, because of the Mayor's irresponsible comments, have now been placed in a position lending to potential public distrust in the intention of the issuance of traffic citations. The Mayors comments related to discretionary enforcement have put some of the trust that the Department has built with the community in jeopardy.
The Officers of SAPOC encourage Mayor Gunter to change her view on the basis for which citations or warnings are issued.

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Maybe if our historical buildings didn't have 1.2 million dollar roofs, hand painted ceramic sheep at every major intersection or good ole boy business locations, wall murals near the boutique coffee shops letting ppl know they're in the "great city of San Angelo" and many other useless oversights with taxpayer funds, Mrs. Gunter wouldn't have to plead for more funding. She has mismanaged TGC long enough. When will our current residents/taxpayers vote her out? 

It's sad to hear the very people we vote into office, complaining about traffic tickets not being written law enforcement, maybe that big sign by YMCA can get reimbursed and returned. We know what city we live in. Maybe it's time for someone else to lead and not tell everyone a quota is indeed being used to fund her projects 

We had "non-quota" quotas when Vasquez was police chief; Vasquez, who ultimately just played the game that was already set up before he arrived on the scene. Vasquez seemed to keep things the way they had always been, but Vasquez was a minority. Checkbox, checked. Vasquez, who served time because he was hit by what could be considered a "technicality" given the gaping loopholes that craftier craminals would have publically serviced through.

Vasquez served his Boeotian masters and was discarded when he was no longer of any use.

Who is this "someone else" you're proposing we accept as our new regent? Who are their backers? We're well acquainted with the flaws of our current robber barons and we've been graced with the presence of at least one public official who keeps the secret part on the public books and says the quiet parts out loud.

Who are these new warlords and what's in it for us peons?

Vasquez was also on the take just like Mrs Gunter. It's just a matter of time b4 she leaves a paper trail legible enough for our idiot police force to read and arrest her on.

The police? More like the Feds. FBI and, given our proximity to the border, maybe DHS, the CIA, and possibly military intelligence... (Don't forget that people died just to get a new trash company contract to go through.)

If I recall it hardly took any resources to convict Vasquez. I doubt we need the secret service for our "fair lady" mayor....

If she's "on the take," who's giving? That influence might require some cavalry reinforcements to adequately address.

Small town politics. Police chief and mayor really are a measurably equal entity. I'm not sure why you of all people can't seem to see that. As far as the giving and taking again are you really asking who might be giving..... 

You should know that I always shoot right for the source. Now if I knew who, exactly, was responsible for putting people "on the take," well... But I get the sense that they must have surprising resources at their disposal.

GMann, Sat, 09/02/2023 - 18:35

An easy answer to the Madam of San Angelo would be to check all the patrons of her ex-brothel exiting Just think of all the DWI's it would save for an over the limit Breathalizer.Because it would only be for Public Drunkness the offenders would not have a DWI on their record so they could return and create more business for all concerned.In addition it would save the Police the gasoline  and maintence costs by not having to drive around looking for violators.By branching out to the other establishments additional income could be raised as well....... The possibilites are endless................

Solid plan. We could even find a donor for segways so the police could cruise downtown and arrest the rest of the drunken idiots down there. I'm sure if they harassed Mrs Hatties long enough the funds would magically appear.

Not endorsing Mayor Gunter but SAPD has done little itself to create public trust for anyone who looks below the surface.

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