Weaponized Washington Attack Threatens Democracy in Dogged Pursuit of Trump


WASHINGTON D.C. – Democrats are threatening the very existence of the United States by flaunting the rule of law through the systematic persecution of their political opponent and GOP Presidential frontrunner former President Donald J. Trump.  

President Trump has now been indicted on seven counts in the special counsel’s classified documents probe, a stunning development that marks the first time a former president has faced federal charges.

According to sources, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted that it was “a dark day for the United States of America.”

“It is unconscionable for a President to indict the leading candidate opposing him. Joe Biden kept classified documents for decades,” the California Republican said.

“The radical Far Left will stop at nothing to interfere with the 2024 election in order to prop up the catastrophic presidency and desperate campaign of Joe Biden,” House GOP conference chairwoman Elise Stefanik, a New York Republican, said in a statement.

During an exclusive interview with Fox News Thursday night, Trump said the case is "election interference" and "the greatest witch hunt of all time." Trump said he will "of course" plead not guilty to charges in federal court on Tuesday, and said he is "totally innocent."

"This is the most corrupt administration in history—there has never been an administration so corrupt, and they’re just starting to find it right now," Trump told Fox News Digital. "They are trying to deflect all of their dishonesty by bringing this ridiculous boxes hoax case."

He added: "They’re not going to get away with it."

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To take from Gene Wilder in "Blazing Saddles,"You have to remember who Donald Trump is; because of his inability to use anything other than blunt force, he only appeals to simple people, people of the land, the common clay of our nation — you know, morons."

To quote Mel Brooks in his role as Governor William J. Lepetomane from the same movie, the Dem position seems to be, "We gotta protect our phony baloney jobs!"

From Kevin McCarthy:  

“It is unconscionable for a President to indict the leading candidate opposing him. Joe Biden kept classified documents for decades,” the California Republican said.

Presidents don't indict people.  The legal process does.  Once again McCarthy demonstrates himself to be a flaming idiot.

The idiocy of the "Locked Crapper Defense"...

From the Intelligencer:

Kevin McCarthy insists that Trump’s storage practices are superior to those of Joe Biden (who was found to have mistakenly taken classified documents after his vice-presidency but, unlike Trump, immediately returned them). “I don’t know, is it a good picture to have boxes in a garage that opens up all the time?” said McCarthy. “A bathroom door locks.”

The Speaker of the House appears to lack a familiarity with the operations of either door, so a refresher is in order. Garages can be opened “all the time,” as he says, but they are usually designed so that they only open when a person standing right there chooses to open them. They do not simply open at random times throughout the day.

And while it is true that bathroom doors can be locked, they are usually locked from the inside. In contrast, a facility to store sensitive documents or some other valuable non-human material would be locked from the outside. To use the bathroom door to lock in documents would require either having a staffer posted in the bathroom with the documents 24 hours a day or that the documents could somehow open the door themselves. Failing either unlikely option, the door of the bathroom containing the documents would have to be unlocked.

Representative Byron Donalds asserts that the bathroom is a safe-storage location because there are many of them, and many of them are located in parts of the social club that are not always accessible to the public:

"You guys are throwing up the pictures about they were in a bathroom or on a stage. As somebody who has been to Mar-a-Lago, you just can’t walk through Mar-a-Lago of your own accord because Secret Service is all over the place. So if the documents are in a place, they are in a room, depending on the time of year, you can’t even get into said room. There are 33 bathrooms at Mar-a-Lago! So don’t act like it’s in some random bathroom that the guests can go into. That’s not true!"

If an enemy spy knew there were documents in the bathroom, there’s a strong chance they would try the wrong bathroom and give up before they located the correct one. It’s a very secure system. If Trump wins reelection, they should commit to storing all classified material in the bathrooms of the various Trump properties.

My note:  With the last paragraph, strong sarcasm is intended.  The whole Locked Crapper defense appeals only to morons.

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