The Positives and Negatives of Ending Vehicle Inspections

AUSTIN, TX – A bill ending vehicle inspections in Texas has been sent to the governor's desk. Before he signs it though, Texans must weigh the positives and negatives.

We'll start with the positives. In Texas, state inspections must be renewed every year, unless it is a new vehicle, in which case it is required annually after the first two years. With the ban, it would save drivers that $7.50 charge every year.

This could also mark the end of the era of the window sticker. Once inspections end, Texas could move towards placing vehicle registration on license plates, similar to what is already done for motorcycles in Texas. Removing those window stickers would be one less thing for law enforcement working traffic to worry about.

“Vehicle inspections are costly, time-consuming, and provide little benefit to public safety,” State Sen. Mayes Middleton said. “This bill saves hardworking Texans tens of millions of hours of their time, without taking away any more from their family or work.”

Motorcycle Registation

Motorcycle Registation

Now let's flip the coin. The downsides of the bill passing may be greater than your $7. Vehicle inspections in Texas are meant to maintain driver safety on the road. Whether it's bad tires, faulty brakes, or misalignment, vehicle inspections ensure that drivers make their cars safe for the road.

Additionally, countless auto shops that rely on inspections could face significant losses or even bankruptcy. These shops are often small local businesses rather than big corporations.

Finally, regarding law enforcement, while it may be true that LIDAR operations may lose traction without inspections, law enforcement's job would greatly increase due to the number of crashes that could occur because of cars on the road that wouldn't pass inspection.

“Cars with bald tires and bad brakes are not as safe as cars on the road,” Chairman of the Texas State Inspection Association Greg Cole said.

Texas politicians debated the bill, but it was ultimately passed by the House and the Senate. Governor Abbott now makes the final decision.

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I haven’t read the bill but I’ve read several articles on this, I don’t believe the 7 dollar charge is going away.  It won’t be an inspection charge anymore but will be rolled into the tag cost. This could be wrong but I’ve seen it a couple times. 

Let's get rid of inspections and registration! Let's also get rid of property taxes too while we're at it.

CGM5, Mon, 06/05/2023 - 16:16

I believe vehicles should have a safety inspection. There are a lot of dipsticks out there that wouldn't give a second thought about driving with bad brakes or bald tires. Bald tires greatly increase a car's stopping distance, cause a car to lose control on wet pavement, not to mention the likelihood of of a blowout at highway speeds. There was a time when headlight beam direction was a part of the inspection. It was so you wouldn't blind the oncoming drivers. About two years ago we were driving on a highway at night. Ahead of us an 18 wheeler with a flatbed and no trailer lights was making a turn. At the same time an oncoming pickup with almost blinding lights keep us from being able to see the trailer. At the last second the pickup past us allowing me to spot the stopped 18 wheeler. I slammed on the brakes and slid right up to the rear of the trailer. 

I absolutely agree.  I am due for one now, and don't mind one darn bit going through the process.  I have had things discovered I needed to know about.

I used to drive a tuned sports car that would never pass inspection. But there is a place or two here in Angelo that let things slide. While I feel its needed to make the roads safe, there are people who will just take your money.

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