Witch Hunt: Takeaways from Trump's Rally in Waco

OPINION – Former President Donald Trump held his first 2024 campaign rally in Waco Saturday in front of a large, enthusiast crowd of supporters to kick off his campaign amid a firestorm of legal issues and incendiary rhetoric characteristic of the former President and his detractors in the mainstream media.  

Trump started last week with a media post about an imminent arrest for an indictment in New York by a liberal prosecutor bent on Trump's destruction.  There was no arrest but the post garnered worldwide media attention and allowed the former TV star to do what he does best; lead the news cycle for the days leading up to the rally.  

The liberal, mainstream media, right on cue, fell for the Trump rope-a-dope scheme with predictable glee.  The thought of video of Trump being arrested, handcuffed and led by authorities on a perp walk delighted the loudest progressive voices who literally salivated over the prospect and wrote and delivered headlines proclaiming Trumps political doom over and over.  They fell for his line about being arrested just as he had planned.  

And nothing happened.  He wasn't indicted.  He wasn't arrested.  No glorious and triumphant video of Trump's handcuffed entry into the criminal justice system that the liberal media pundits could play over and over on endless talk shows that rarely bother with facts and instead focus on Democrat talking points and strategies to destroy Trump, conservatives and the Republican Party.  

The sooner Trump and his supporters are gone and he is disqualified from running for office, the sooner the left can take the next steps on their death-to-America-as-we-know-it march toward 'Democratic' Socialism led by their guy currently in the Whitehouse.  

But there was no arrest. The Trump campaign rally was well attended.  And the national media had to report that Trump remains the driving force in the fractured Republican Party and is likely to be the 2024 nominee for President.  No doubt, they will foretell of his demise again and again over the coming 12 months with growing frustration.  

The far left leaning Texas Tribune stated, "Flanked by supporters waving “witch hunt” signs, former President Donald Trump turned in a signature incendiary performance Saturday in Waco, using his first 2024 campaign rally to frame himself as a victim of politicized legal investigations and vowing to be the MAGA movement’s “retribution.”

Trump held his rally at the airport in Waco as the city marked the 30th anniversary of a raid by federal agents on the Branch Davidians religious sect there that resulted in 86 deaths, including four law enforcement officers.  Far left media outlets claimed leading up to the rally that Trump picked Waco because of the antigovernment sentiment that event evokes.  

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called that accusation 'Fake News' saying he chose Waco for the rally because it is located in the middle of all the major cities in east Texas.  Trump did not make any references to Waco’s history, telling the crowd he told Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick he wanted to hold his rally in a place with overwhelming support, not “one of those 50-50 areas”.

Regardless which city in Texas Trump's campaign had chosen, the liberal left would have search and found something controversial about the location.  Had Patrick chosen San Antonio, the liberal media probably would have condemned the location because it evokes memories of the massacre at the Alamo for Patriotic white Texans.  

Trump also used this first rally of his 2024 campaign to make his most public attack on his biggest political threat: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.  In deed, many headlines stated that the crowd was 'more silent' when Trump talked about DeSantis and his record as Florida Governor.  

CBS news said, "Former President Donald Trump promised that "2024 will be the final battle" and that he will overcome the accusations against him...'They're not coming after me — they're coming after you and I'll stand in their way because in 2024, we'll have the greatest victory of them all,' Trump told the exuberant crowd of several thousand at the Waco Regional Airport."

Regardless the rhetoric on the left and from the media, Trump remains the driving force in the Republican Party heading into the 2024 Presidential election and will likely be its nominee.  The nomination process will be ugly and will do severe damage to the already fractured party.  

No matter who the eventual GOP Nominee is, the deeply divided party will have to come together and put aside all differences and go vote for the party's nominee on election day, or Republicans will lose and the progressives will have four more years to advance their socialist agenda.  

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Van, Mon, 03/27/2023 - 10:28

I will support whoever the nominee is because the progressive agenda of the democrats must be stopped.

Yeah, I wonder if he gets elected this time around whether or not he’ll actually ban semi-auto firearms. 

Please provide the firearm items, say, Obama banned. Also to note, the US Appeals court in New Orleans, where 83% voted “libturd” in the last presidential election, has blocked the ban on the bumpstocks. Now, as the great and mighty R, if Trumpy and his admin knew of ANY way to steer clear of legislation that would actually take something from gun owners, wouldn’t you expect them to take that avenue?

Anybody who believes that civilians should be allowed to own AR- style weapons is a bleeding idiot.  They are designed to be people killers, and are good for nothing else.

Hmmmm, Wed, 03/29/2023 - 11:46

*Anybody who believes the government agencies, military, and police, should be the only ones allowed to have ar-style weapons is a bleeding idiot.*I fixed it for you

Should not be owned by any civilian.  Period.  They are designed to be people killers.  Period.  If you disagree, you may not be a "bleeding idiot", but only because you may not be currently bleeding.  Otherwise you qualify.

In the AR's defense, every firearm is designed to kill it's target. There isn't one I can possibly list that isn't. This makes your message a moot point since it can't be singled out to just one particular firearm. We the people have the right to bear arms. They didn't specify what kind, and it shall not be infringed. The end

Thank you for a reasoned response.

Let us not forget the environment in which The Founders existed, and their inclusion the words, "A well regulated militia..." in the Second Amendment.

The weapons available in those days were infinitely less lethal than those so readily available today.  I cannot believe that The Founders were so stupid as to easily open the door to such open ownership of these hellish things.  They simply lacked the foresight to understand the moronic embrace of those who fell into the embrace of that evil bastard Wayne Lapierre.

The NRA was once a worthy organization.  It is now wholly currupt, and sucks the cock of the firearms industry... like far too many Republicans.

I own guns.  I have no fear that anyone is going to take them from me.

Their plan was doomed from the beginning. We left tyranny and taxation without representation only to start over with a two party system that would clearly never work and did the same damn thing we revolted for. At best our founding fathers were the dumbest people possible left in charge of a revolution. We will never progress as long as we elect idiots to represent us.

Hmmmm, Thu, 03/30/2023 - 11:38

At the time the 2nd amendment was created people had private warships loaded with cannons. I don’t think they would change their decision after seeing a .223 lol

Van, Thu, 03/30/2023 - 08:43

Extremely lightweight easy for the little lady of the house to use.

CapnK, Wed, 03/29/2023 - 00:09

Ha Ha. Trump has lived in these snowflake libturds heads rent free and will 4-ever(:(:(:

Do you vote straight R’s on your ballot? 
Trump may be living in the libturd’s heads, but I’d be careful where you shove your head. ;)

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