Top Texas Democrat Reacts to GOP Valley Win With Expletive Laced Tirade

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa late Tuesday released the following statement on the election results in the South Texas Congressional races – TX-28, TX-15, and TX-34:


“Tonight, Texas Republicans will tell you that picking up TX-15 shows that they’re gaining ground with Hispanics in South Texas. Let me be clear: that’s complete bullshit..."

"...It was in the one district that national Democratic organizations inexplicably decided to all but abandon for the final stretch of the campaign."

“There was no red wave in South Texas. There wasn’t even a red ripple. Republicans in Austin and D.C. should understand that if – even in a year where Republicans were supposed to win across the country in a landslide, they could barely eke out this one win here – they should probably pack up their bags and get the hell out of our region." 

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Low information voters. For example, Pennsylvania re-elected democrat state representative Anthony DeLuca who actually died over a month ago lol.

Definitely disappointing. Buckle up it’s going to be a rough ride apparently the marxist left is far from done destroying our country.

The results of the recent elections on one hand sadden me, because some brain-dead election deniers (yeah, that's redundant) prevailed, but on the other hand gladden me because many Trumpist morons (also redundant) failed... in some cases very badly and deservedly.

Based on published Republican logic this should have been a runaway for their growing fascist tribe.  As evidence that there is a God in heaven, their gains are small... their achievements little.  It seems way more folks recognized that the arguments of the Wrong-Right this time around are pure horse poop and that noxious gaggle in truth has no answers for the ills afflicting the country.  They holler "Foul!" but have no answers.

It's like their Dear Leader says, "If they won, credit me.  If they lost, don't blame me." regarding the recent electoral outcomes.

Trump is a stunningly pure piece of shit.  Anybody that thinks otherwise is a moron, and to support him in the future is proof that some people should not be allowed to breed lest stupidity be transmitted genetically.

Have a great evening, those of you who childishly toss around terms like "libturds", "marxists", "snowflakes", and the like.  I will not use the term I use to describe you to myself, but trust me when I say it is not complimentary.  I still hold out hope for you anyway since I don't think you are bad people.

In closing, I pray to God to give us intelligent, well-meaning, thoughtful Republicans...lest they become extinct, based on recent trends.  I love those people, but I just don't see that many of them nowadays.


Haha and yet you refer to republicans as “fascists” yet another “useful idiot” for the left!

Peace on you ;)

Beto what a joke! At least we in Texas still stand up for what is right and understand what it means to be a true leader like Abbott ;)

Nothing like a looser being a 3 time looser(:(:(:

Gilberto isnt the only brain dead with head exploding syndrome(:(:(:


Pure evil is the only way to describe it. Highest inflation in 40 years, record number of illegal immigrants pouring over our southern border, a fentanyl crisis causing the death of over 70,000 people in 2021 along with many other serious issues facing our country…and the demo libs’ main concern is the ability for women to kill their unborn child if they’re considered an “inconvenience”.

They need abortion. It's the only way to ensure they don't become outnumbered by more Republicans. 

I don’t know what color the sky is in your world, but I’d love to live in it.

Apparently the only criminals are Democrats.

The only abortions are done for skanks and lowlifes, because there’s never any other medical or other reason. 

The only men that ever impregnate women accidentally are the ones who used a condom but it failed.

The only children that are getting molested are by Democrats in far-left operated dungeons in pizza shops or by LGB+ in restrooms and whatnot, and not by priests, pastors, youth leaders, teachers, coaches and family members.
The only women that get raped were ‘asking for it’ just because someone was turned on, and it’s unrealistic to expect a human being, the “superior species”, to accept “no” at any point.

What a glorious world this is for you. I’m so sorry I have actual morals and can’t glory in it with you. 

I like your style.  You have a gift for painting the outrageous/hypocrisy for what it is.


Just excuses nothing you mentioned justifies the killing of the unborn.

Just admit it…abortion is the taking of a human life you can’t do it can you?

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