BREAKING: Return of the Don? Trump to Make Big Announcement Soon


SIOUX CITY, IA – Former president Donald Trump on Thursday night hinted that he will be running for president again in 2024.

"I will very, very probably do it again...Get ready," Trump said at a rally Thursday night in Iowa. 

Watch the clip from the rally below:

If things fall in favor of the republicans in the midterm elections then Trump is expected to make his announcement in mid to late November.

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CGM5, Fri, 11/04/2022 - 14:28

And so it starts! This will make the democrats absolutely crazy. The main thing you will hear from the dems is Jan 6th, Jan 6th, Jan 6th, and what about Jan 6th. The reason for it is that's all they've got. They never mention Antifa burning cities, attacking police, destroying neighborhoods and killing innocent people. All that matters is orange man bad.  Everything they have tried is nothing but lies and more lies. At first they claimed he abused his ex wife. It was all over the news, celebrities and dem politicians couldn't talk about anything else. Then his ex wife came forward and said those accusations were total lies and suddenly it all went silent, imagine that. The Russia hoax came into play and stayed throughout his presidency. It's since been proven that hillary herself started that. This is the same woman that owns Benghazi, the same woman that had top secret files in her home then tried to destroy them to avoid prosecution and when caught red handed was forgiven by her pets at the FBI. Of course the dems don't want to remember those things. All that matters is orange man bad.

Let's talk about biden. During his campaign he told illegals to surge the border and they have by the millions. While illegal aliens, criminals, terrorist, drugs, weapons, MS13 gang members and no telling what else pour through our border, biden and his border czar turn their backs on the American citizen and pretend it isn't happening. Not much need to go into detail about the Afghanistan withdrawal. I think everyone remembers how biden in his arrogance left billions of dollars worth of military weapons in the hands of a regime that would love to see the U.S,A. destroyed. In the name of climate change he shut down our ability to produce oil and it's products making us dependent on countries that don't like us. The dems apparently can't understand that if a country on the other side of the planet is producing enough oil for us to have, the global pollution will be the same and maybe even worse because of less stringent standards. This causes countries that don't like us to get richer and us to become poorer. The only thing that matters here is orange man bad.

We could talk about biden's personal financial ties to China or we could discuss his boy hunter, his laptop and his ties to China. We could also talk about what biden and the dems have done to our economy in two short years. We can do that on another day. Just remember dems, orange man bad and the battle cry is Jan 6th, Jan 6th, Jan 6th!

Someone needs to pull themself out of Tucker Carlson’s bunghole and look at the sunshine once in awhile. 

CGM5, Sat, 11/05/2022 - 09:25

Nothing but truth in my statement cupcake, you are the one that needs to pull your head out.

Then provide proof of everything you said. Should be easy.

I have plenty to refute you, but everytime I prove one of you wrong they censor the post. Which is fine, private companies can do what they want with their platforms.

And of course I am sure this post won't be allowed either.

CGM5, Mon, 11/07/2022 - 15:38

Prove it? Really? Spend 5 seconds on a keyboard and you can prove it to yourself. Of course you will need to put down your game controller first. Last but not least, I really could care less if you choose to remain ignorant.

Making more libturds heads explode(:(:(:

Wait till bad orange man gets back on twitter(:(:(:

Van, Sun, 11/06/2022 - 06:18

I remember when gas prices were low, inflation was in control and the world was in a safer place.

Republicans only shot in a national election is Trump endorsing someone like Desantis, which still may not work.  Trump splitting the vote with desantis in some goofy third party run is highly likely, trump running as the candidate is the second best outcome as he cant win vs even biden. I promise you no democrat is worried about anything that involves trump and 2024. 

You keep telling yourself that. While you're at it make sure to add a padded room to your home, that way when you lose you can bounce off the walls without hurting yourself. While I wouldn't vote for Trump I will not vote for more of this clusterfuck. Biden needs to go along with the hyena and our current drunk speaker of the house.

No dog in the fight if the current candidates are the ones running.  Just stating a fact that the GOP cant win with don at the top of the ticket.  They would probably win handily with Don supporting someone like desantis which i believe in the end will be the ticket.  Desantis wont drive turnout from the other side the way that trump does.  Trump in the end wont let himself lose the popular vote 3 times in a row.

Life after nancy, who dosent drink will be interesting.  Like or hate her, she was with out question one of the most effective legislators in Washington.   Watching the GOP try and control the batshit crazy in the party will be interesting with such a slim majority.  Nancy always had enough votes to keep the craziest parts of her party at arms distance.  It will be fun to watch. 

Desantis is simply a somewhat less openly vile creature than Trump.  Otherwise they are both the same disgusting animal.

I have no judgement on desantis havent paid a ton of attention.  I do know he cant win without trump voters and trump can win period.  It will be interesting. 

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