2 Tepid Democrats Face Huge Pro-Life Army at Church Protest

SAN ANGELO, TX — Exactly two Democrats showed up at a planned pro-abortion rally in front of Immanuel Baptist Church at N. Oakes and 14th St. on Thursday at ‘high noon.’ Organizer for the Tom Green County Democrats, Michael Lepak, and a woman he called his “associate,” set up a blue voter registration tent and a small sound system.

Watching the tent assembly were about 150 church members from all denominations lined up on the grand stairway to the front doors of the church. Most were holding campaign signs promoting voting in favor of the sanctuary city for the unborn ordinance that is on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Fearing trouble, undercover law enforcement vehicles circled the spectacle as the anti-abortion crowd sang hymns.

Lepak took time to air his grievances against the ordinance from his speaker he installed under his tent. His first gripe was that those promoting the anti-abortion ordinance are affiliated with churches. In particular, Lepak pointed to Immanuel’s pastor Ryan Buck also heads the Political Action Committee called Project Destiny San Angelo that was organized to promote passing the ordinance. Lepak falsely claimed having church leadership depart from having an advisory role and instead become a political force was a violation of the Establishment Clause. Lepak’s second grievance was his allegation that there was illegal collusion between City of San Angelo leaders, specifically Mayor Brenda Gunter, and Project Destiny San Angelo to force the sanctuary city for the unborn initiative onto the Nov. 8 ballot.

Ryan Buck, who is the president of Project Destiny San Angelo, said placing the referendum on the ballot was an arduous task and the City of San Angelo actually disqualified the group’s first attempt by denying about half of the signatures his group submitted over irregularities in how those signatures were notarized.

After Lepak delivered a three-page press release concerning two protests organized by Tom Green County Democrats to LIVE! offices on Wednesday, at least one county Democrat expressed her dismay.

“Lepak doesn’t speak for the (county) Democratic Party,” texted Sylvia Pate. Pate said that she was disappointed that she wasn’t asked to review the article Yantis Green published on Wednesday outlining the Lepak press release. Pate did not indicate what her authority was within the Tom Green County Democratic Party, either. (San Angelo LIVE! does not ask or allow Democrats to approve our published articles anyway). Any Democrat has a standing offer to submit an opinion piece at anytime.

Buck outlined his role in the pro-sanctuary city for the unborn PAC in an exclusive interview on the LIVE! Daily TV Show on Thursday following the protests.

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If they so ardently want to promote and condone abortion, they should start owning the term "abortion", and embrace the label "pro ABORTION".

Let's face it, this isn't about advocating readily available "reproductive health care", it's about advocating ABORTION.

Furthermore, as they clearly have a deep seated hatred for those who dare CHOOSE to take a stance against abortion, they aren't "pro choice", they're PRO ABORTION.

This is quintessential Leftoid gaslighting: dancing around the truth of a matter by way of wordplay.

These two and their ilk want on demand abortion services to be made available to irresponsible, promiscuous women who consider abortion to be a viable and convenient means of birth control.





Absolutely! Just admit it…abortion is the taking of a human life quit calling it “women’s health” etc.

Next time ask them :                                               "Would you still be pro-abortion if your Mother had decided to abort you ?"

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