Beto's Radical Democrat Baby Killers Attack San Angelo Churches & Officials Over Sanctuary City Proposition

SAN ANGELO – San Angelo Democrats have two events planned in a desperate, last minute attempt to support Beto O'Rourke and discredit San Angelo churches and elected officials by attacking the Sanctuary City for the Unborn proposition on the Nov. 8 ballot.  

Michael Lepak hand delivered a rambling, three page 'press release' to San Angelo LIVE! Tuesday afternoon attacking San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter, Immanuel Baptist Church "Pastor Buc," the San Angelo City Council, and by inference Tom Green County elections officials. 

San Angelo Democrats Rally Against the Unborn Letter (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)

San Angelo Democrats Rally Against the Unborn Letter (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)

The letter seems to indicate there are two rallies planned this week to protest the Sanctuary City for the Unborn initiative at 'high noon' Thursday at Immanuel Baptist Church and City Hall at 1 p.m. Friday.

The committee of San Angeloans attempting to get the Sanctuary City designation on the ballot followed the law and even faced rejection by the city council earlier this year.

The group legally completed a petition which was accepted by the San Angelo City Council and required the Sanctuary City measure be placed on the Nov. 8 ballot by the Tom Green County Elections Office under the authority of Elections Administrator Vona Hudson whom Lepak attacks by inference.  His letter requests the petition," checked for its wording and signatures are validated by the local voter registration office. In the rush to push this on the ballot, the Public has been harmed."

The ballot language reads "The Code of Ordinances for the City of San Angelo shall be amended by enacting an ordinance outlawing abortion, declaring San Angelo a Sanctuary City for the unborn, making various provisions and findings, providing for severability, and establishing an effective date.  

If approved this ordinance will make San Angelo a Sanctuary City for the unborn."

Election Day is Nov. 8, 2022.  Early voting begins Oct. 24, 2022.  The last day to register to vote was Tuesday, Oct. 11.   

Joe Biden & Robert O'Rourke (Contributed/google images)

Joe Biden & Robert O'Rourke (Contributed/google images)


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The good ole slantis headline, at least the story is original and not a copy and paste as usual i guess. 

Thier hasn't been one for years if ever.  Their once was a planned parenthood who helped small businesses owners and service industry workers who had no health insurance with free yearly exams, but the overreaching churches, same folks who want to brag to their congregations on Sunday that they solved a non-existent problem ran them out of town. 

Virtue: behavior showing high moral standards.

In no way applicable to those who advocate for the killing of the unborn ;)

You know as well as I do this isn’t about child rape victims…it’s about any and all restrictions on abortion which, according to the Supreme Court, is not a “right” protected by the U.S. Constitution ;)

The majority of our laws are “morally” based. As for me, I would not want to live in a society without law and order…although apparently that’s the direction those on the left want to take us ;)

Bottom line…it’s now up to the individual states to decide, which should have been the case all along ;)

Lindsay Graham already has legislation ready to take it away from the states. This is also a false argument. 

Hmmmm, Wed, 10/12/2022 - 17:36

He’s passing that all by himself? Cause I doubt that will get any support from his side considering the backlash he got for suggesting it.


All we need do is look at the candidacy of Herschel Walker and his stunning support from the Republicans to see the moral rot consuming the very core of the party.  Walker is perhaps the most highly flawed candidate for the Senate in the history of the nation and the Repubs, in their slavering quest to place party over country, embrace this utter fool who is not only a moron but lies with a frequency approaching that of the last horrible candidate from that party... "Orange Jesus" Trump.

I find myself looking back to the days when I primarily voted Republican.  Of course, then the party had a soul.  It has clearly lost that.

Let me sum up the majority of ex pat’s comments…”Trump’s the DEVIL” lol.

Apparently he’s not aware that Trump is no longer president his boy Braindead Biden is in the hot seat now ;)

Trump's current status does not change the fact that he was and remains evil and a threat to this country and its principles.  Further, if God decides to punish us even more than He did during Trump's four horrific years we may yet suffer that bastard further.  That would demonstrate that He is not a merciful God.

I am not a Democrat.  On a number of issues I am conservative and on others liberal.  I am a never-Trumper because I realized quite early on that Trump is the single most dangerous thing that ever happened to our previously sound political system.  I will never understand the thinking of otherwise intelligent people who continue to support that venomous piece of shit, nor will I ever support any politico who does so.

I can only hope that Trump is indicted, tried, convicted, and serves time in a prison without a golf course, because he very clearly has engaged in criminal activity.

God bless those like Liz Cheney.  She has balls.  Far too few Republicans in Congress have her courage, and far too many have embraced Trump's insanity.

Van, Wed, 10/12/2022 - 21:01

Everyone admired Trump until he ran for President as a republican.

God must of decided to punish us more. We got Beijing Biden and pillhead Pilosi running the show. Inflation is well you know where it is. Goods cost up to 5 times more than previous admins(not just the bad orange mans). Please tell me how any of this is a blessing. Meanwhile everyone is worried about babies that they aren't having.... not that it isn't worth arguing over...

Haha total shitshow ever since Biden was elected, and somehow everything is Trump’s doing…or God’s we’re being punished.

Wow you’re in need of some serious help!

Had you paid any attention to the Select Commitee's investigation into the horror of the January 6 Insurrection you might have some inkling of the evil creature Trump is and the harm he sought to create for the sole purpose of keeping him in power even though he VERY clearly lost the 2020 election.  At this point I consider you to be impervious to facts.  

Those who continue to buy into the "stolen election" fictional nonsense are quite simply morons.

Yeah that’s some “select committee” the democrats put together what a JOKE.

GOP declined to be represented.  I do agree more with you than expat on the effectiveness of it however 

That’s BS. A true investigative body, which this was not, would have included members of their own choosing ;)

Hmmmm, Fri, 10/14/2022 - 11:47

Pretty sure the representatives they wanted were denied so they decided not to participate. Bit of a difference there

Yes, persons who were expected to be questioned as witnesses were refused it's the exact reason they were chosen. It doesen't matter much either way because like everything one side swore it was the most damning evidence ever and other pretended they didnt even understand the premise, but had they taken the spots offered them they could have turned it into much watch tv and actually brought up their sides nonsense about the election. It could have been two sides of nonsense all thrown together on tv.  

The reason Jim Jordan and Jim Banks were refused was because democrats knew they were going to bring up Pelosi’s and the Capital Police’s role in the whole Jan. 6th debacle ;)

Any member of the GOP could have asked those questions, it didnt have to be the two that were involved in the administration.  They were chosen becuase they knew they would be rejected.  Like most of our political system and the whole trial for the most part it was theater.  Again having the GOP on the committee would have been fun to watch. 

Hmmmm, Fri, 10/14/2022 - 11:50

Anyone taking the j6 hearings seriously is quite simply a moron. 

Absolutely! Clearly a “false flag” event. If you haven’t seen it look up “Ray Epps Revolver News” interesting stuff;)

Davi42, Wed, 10/12/2022 - 17:03

Is this your idea of reporting or of this person being a reporter. Starting with the headline can you show anymore bias towards your maga community.  I can not believe this site would publish such bias trash and consider this news.  Why don't you break out your KKK outfit and counter protest.  At least now you wont have to hide your feelings since san angel live supports hate speech and racism.  Nice to show your true colors 

How is that a “false argument”? The REALITY for me is, if Texas ever happens to turn blue, which is doubtful, my choice would be to live with the scourge of abortion which has been the case for fifty years, or move to another state an option open to you as well ;)

The idea that given a chance by the GOP it would remain a states right issue is a fake argument. 

“Given a chance” democrats want taxpayer funded abortion on demand no restrictions whatsoever.

Tell you what. When that actually happens get back with me ok? Until then good debating with you ;)

CapnK, Wed, 10/12/2022 - 22:46

DANG YANTIS!!!, you done riled the koolaid chugging snowflakes on this one.(:(:(:

I will give the author the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe he didn't write the headline and the editor did. Whichever one it was, you are a disgrace to the name of the word journalist. You are just an entertainer trying to scandalize. Go find another job and leave news reporting to real journalists who are unbiased.

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