Having Trouble Figuring Out What a Woman Is?


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton has signed on as a supporter of the Women’s Bill of Rights, a document developed by the Independent Women’s Voice urging codification of the common sense and reality-based definition of a woman. The Bill of Rights challenges woke activists’ efforts to ignore basic biology and undermine fundamental truths to promote their worldview.  

“The radical left has long had trouble with telling the truth,” said Attorney General Paxton. “They’ve tried to redefine the word ‘recession,’ revise American history, paint concerned parents as ‘domestic terrorists,’ and now they want to fundamentally change what it means to be a woman. It’s wrong, and it’s why I’m fighting to stop their dangerous agenda that threatens women and anyone who stands up for what’s right.” 

The document highlights key biological differences between men and women. It also points out that when state and federal laws don’t recognize those differences, it limits women’s “opportunities and threatens [their] privacy and our safety.” 

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My comment doesn't address the topic of the article. Instead, I'd like to address some news in Canada that is somewhat interesting:



At least 10 people are dead and 15 more have been hospitalized after two men went on a stabbing spree across Saskatchewan, Canada, on Sunday, cops said as they searched for the killers. 


Police have advised local residents to take precautions and consider sheltering in place, according to an alert. 

According to a report from FOX news, one of the suspects responsible is still on the loose 4 days later, and the other suspect was found dead, likely killed by his partner in crime.


Imagine living in a world where the government urges you to "shelter in place" because you can't shoot down your attacker. This, while authorities ineptly search for the attacker for a week while he strikes up a total of 28 victims with nothing more than a sharp, pointy object.

Imagine no one stabbing back.

What a bunch of hooey! And all this trans crap, along with alphabet soup LGBTQ etc., enough to make the average Joe puke. Men pretending to be women and vice versa, don't really understand that it really is just make believe. Man or woman is simply a matter of what chromosomes you were born with. XX is female, XY is male, period! There are some very rare syndromes that might allow for another combination but are so statistically insignificant as to be hardly worth mentioning. So, to those transitioning or those wishing to, you can surgically remove or add male or female sexual features, stuff implants wherever you want, doing so in order to be "true" to your inner self, but all it is in one big lie. Like Mama used to say, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear!" Bruce Gender is a prime example. 

Look at Cajun Texan, over here trying to tell women they can't be men. Next thing you know he'll be going off on some anti-infanticide rant. Women can do whatever they want with their bodies. That's why they murder their babies and become men.




Bigot?!?! I have simply stated fact, plain and simple. XX and XY, that's really all there is. Take all the hormones you want, have all the surgery you want. Wear the clothes that make you look more like the sex you want to be, hair and makeup if applicable. Adopt an overtly feminine or masculine affect. Yet at the core of every cell in your body will reside the chromosome that you were born with. Playing pretend, period. Now explain to me how that is bigoted. I haven't said they can't pretend to be their opposite sex, they just can't actually do it. 

Yeah, I bet you wouldn't be talking that smack if LGBTTIQQ2SAPBI++ kickboxer Iman Barlow gripped your skull in a headlock between her rock hard gracilis muscles, thereby cutting off the flow of oxygen to your brain.

Think before you speak, Huwheat Supremacists.

Just what I expected from you Rita. Faced with undeniable facts, you spew your threatening rhetoric as opposed to any reasonable counter-point.  You think you have me cubby-holed as some sort of radical rightist. You'd be wrong. Truth is truth and cannot be denied. I actually was impressed with your take on the Canada knife mass murder, but then you called me a bigot, which I am far from.

Sarcasm Rita is obviously yanking your chain…or she’s been yanking mine who knows 🤷‍♂️

Are you sure you’re not a “rightest”? Because I’m one and I agree with everything you said lol.

CGM5, Wed, 09/07/2022 - 18:36

I heard a story from someone who is convinced of it's truth. I think it may be BS but, I want to to know if any of you know anything about it.

There is a sect of the LG-acronym folks that want pedophilia to be recognized as a sexual preference. Has anyone else heard this or is it BS? 

Not sure. Wouldn’t surprise me since the majority of the left is batshit crazy ;)

It's very simple.  Is pedophilia a sexual preference?  Definitely.  Should it be recognized as being acceptable under any circumstances?  Definitely NOT.  It's just plain wrong.

Its a mental illness period dot the I.

Most Americans don't care about ones personal habits but like the fact that they shoving it on the American youth as some sort of normalcy.

Its not normal it a sickness just as pedophilia is a sickness.


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