Joe Biden Files Paperwork for Reelection


WASHINGTON, D.C. – It's official. Joe Biden will be running for reelection in 2024.

According to a document filed with the Federal Election Commission, on Aug. 30, President Joe Biden filed for reelection.

On the document he noted "Biden for President," as well as listing current VP Kamala Harris as his new VP.

Many critics have wondered if Biden had the mental capability to be president for another term. 

It is unclear who his opponent might be in the republican party or if anyone from the democrat party will challenge him.

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“Many critics have wondered if Biden has the mental capability to be president for another term.”

Haha you think? Biden doesn’t have the mental capability now in 2 years he’ll be a vegetable ;)

At least we have little fear that Biden would be stupid enough to steal documents belonging to the country, haul them to an unsecured resort in Florida, lie about the classified status of many of these documents, later lie about the fullness of their being returned to proper ownership, and then piss and moan like a weakling suck playing the victim as he so frequently has in the past when caught with his drawers around his ankles.

Trump is a lying, untrustworthy, self-serving bastard, and those who support him are either equally lying, untrustworthy, self-serving, also cowardly, or hopelessly deluded.

For those here who might screech, "What about HER e-mails?"  Even a shallow attempt to look at the facts would clearly reveal the two situations are radically different.  Maybe I expect too much from those who spout such nonsense.

I despise the sonofabitch and want him to fall.  The country and the world would be infinitely better off were he to simply vanish.

Give me a Republican candidate with a functioning brain and morals as an alternative to Biden.  At this point I don't see that happening, since the party is in thrall to a monster.

“Even a shallow attempt to look at the facts would clearly reveal the two situations are radically different.”

I agree what Hillary did was FAR more egregious! Not only was she operating from a private server, but as Secretary of State, she didn’t qualify for “executive privilege” since that only applies to presidents ;)

Hmmmm, Wed, 08/31/2022 - 07:07

The only one spouting nonsense is expat. Like many others the media has driven him insane over the terrible, horrible, very, very bad orange man that is either satan or hitler depending on how they can spin it. hE sTaNds WiTh bIdEn 

True! The left is becoming increasingly unhinged…as evidenced by expat’s tiresome, boorish remarks ;)

Surprised he didn’t put on there that he was running for the Senate like he said during his presidential campaign lol.

The blank, mindless gaze and the gaping mouth both telltale signs of advanced dementia. In other words, the lights are on but no one is home ;)

Yet there are those mouth breathing brain dead TDS snowflakes that will vote for 99% brain dead xiden again in hopes of getting more unemployment checks and such.

Years ago, when I heard that Supreme Court Justice Scalia said, "let them revolt," I took this as a kind of crass, "like it or lump it" statement he was making. Now that I'm older, I realize that he meant this as an injunction.

When the January 6th incident occurred, the only individual harmed was a defenseless young woman, gunned down by police. She's been mostly forgotten.

We lost Afghanistan, and now the Democrats are going after former president Trump Banana Republic style and attacking anyone who questions the many suspect aspects of the 2020 election.

Russia is pressing ahead with its agenda in Ukraine because the Russian people perceive the fractured nature of the United States. Valuable time and resources are spent by the American government monitoring average citizens as potential "domestic threats."

The America that we knew is dead.

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