Congressman Pfluger to Local GOP: Issues Not Specifically Mentioned in Constitution Should be Decided Locally

SAN ANGELO – San Angelo Congressman August Pfluger shared his frustration with the hard left turn Washington politics has taken under the Biden Administration & Democrat controlled Congress Wednesday during the monthly Pachyderm Club luncheon at Napoli's Restaurant on Knickerbocker Rd. 

The CD-11 Representative told the crowd of Republican faithful that he worked hard every day to ensure that decisions not specifically granted to the Federal Government by the U.S. Constitution were reserved for the states and local governments.  At one point, Pfluger said those decisions should be left to local elected officials like the incoming County Judge, Lane Carter, who was in attendance.  Tom Green County Judge write-in candidate Gary Jenkins was also present at the luncheon but left shortly after Pfluger's comment.  Carter is the lone candidate to earn a place on the Nov. general election ballot for Tom Green County Judge while Jenkins failed to get enough signatures as an independent candidate and is now attempting to get elected by having voters write his name in on the ballot.  

Pfluger said he and his Republican colleagues in the House were preparing for Republicans to take over after the November general election and said the House would hold hearings on the FBI raid of Former President Trump's residence, why 87,000 new IRS agents were needed and why they should be armed, and why the energy industry in the Permian Basin is under threat by the Biden Administration's New Green Energy Policy under the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law by Biden Tuesday.  

Pfluger said the country is rapidly approaching a 'fork in the road' where a majority of Americans will decide which direction the country will take, a hard socialist left, or a return to conservative governance.  

Pfluger also talked about abortion and election integrity and took questions from the audience.  The San Angelo Pachyderm Club is a Republican service organization which holds a monthly luncheon the third Wednesday of each month. 


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I offer this not because most here will watch it.  Most will not.  It is somewhat long, and I feel most here have limited attention spans... like a certain cult chieftain.  It also challenges the way people think about things, whether left or right, and there exists here significant resistance to such a concept.

Anyway, view if you choose, watch and agree if you choose, and watch and disagree if you choose.

Haha what are these “e-mails” you Biden sycophants keep referring to they no longer exist.

Oh that’s right, James Comey searched Hillary’s “private” server for deleted e-mails and didn’t find anything lol.

“Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgement is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

James Comey July 5, 2016

Donald Jones, Thu, 08/18/2022 - 16:17

"why 87,000 new IRS agents were needed and why they should be armed"

This is a lie and a right wing talking point. Most of those agents will be replacing retiring ones.


It’s a legitimate question. You know as well as I do, that if it happened to be republicans doing this, then there would be questions also.

As for me? I’m for a flat tax and doing away with the IRS entirely.

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