WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE VIDEO: Small Band of Protesters Rally Against Abbott in San Angelo


SAN ANGELO – While Gov. Greg Abbott and several West Texas Legislators and elected officials gathered to work on solutions to the challenges currently facing the Lone Star State including drought, the federal government's failure to secure the border, property taxes and health care, a small band of liberal, leftist protesters rallied outside the Houston Harte University Center. 

Rally Spokesperson Bonnie Guess told San Angelo LIVE! they were there to protest Greg Abbott over the heartbeat bill.  

In the extended video below Guess details the group's reasons for protesting the Governor and the Summit.  Some viewers may find some of the language at the end of the video offensive.

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These are prime examples of the lunacy of the leftnut jobs in Angelo and else where.

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It’s not about 11 year old girls being raped and you know it! What it’s about for you leftist nutjobs is abortion on demand with no restrictions whatsoever. 

Btw…not that you would know, but a “real man” would take some responsibility for the life he had a part in creating, not advocate for the killing of the unborn simply because they’re an “inconvenience”.

Perhaps your coverage of women's rights should be assigned to someone with a vagina.  Surely you thought about that, right?

You do mean a woman right? Can’t refer to them as such only as a “birthing person” lol.

Speaking of “women’s rights”…you do realize that the Supreme Court determined that no such “right to abortion” exists, right?

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