Are You Excited to See Beto in San Angelo this Weekend?


SAN ANGELO, TX – Gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke will be San Angelo on Sunday for his last stop on his tour "The People of Texas Campaign."

The following is the media release sent out by O'Rourke's Campaign team:

"The People of Texas Campaign is taking O’Rourke back to every part of the state throughout March. Each event will focus on how the people of Texas can overcome the current divisions and unite around the popular things that Texans want to accomplish together: expanding Medicaid so more people can see a doctor and afford their prescriptions, creating great jobs that pay a living wage, fully funding schools while having the backs of teachers, and ensuring that everyone can live to their full potential. The statewide drive will also highlight how Greg Abbott has spent the past seven years serving his own interests and those of his corporate donors while repeatedly leaving the people of Texas behind. His obsessive focus on an extreme, radical agenda that divides, attacks, and hurts the people of Texas has come at the direct expense of this state’s schools, health, workers, families, and communities. A running list of People of Texas Campaign events can be found here."

Beto is coming off his first win in years after winning the Democratic primary. O'Rourke has a long way to go though as the amount of Republican votes are nearly 50 percent higher than democrats in Texas. 

Specifically in Tom Green County, ten times as many Republicans voted in the primary election as Democrats. 

The event will be held Sunday, March 20 at 5:30 p.m. located at 211 N Chadbourne St in San Angelo.

Will Betos efforts help sway the vote in the Concho Valley? Are you excited to see him? Comment your thoughts below.

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CGM5, Fri, 03/18/2022 - 14:33

If beto gets in office he will govern Texas with the same success biden has with our country.

1. (the border) Trump took it from a flood of illegal crossings to a trickle. biden took away all deterrents Trump installed and invited them to rush the border.          2. We were energy independent under Trump and biden shut all that down so we could become dependent on Russia and others, not to mention what that did to many European nations.  3. Does anyone want to discuss disastrous fiasco biden caused in Afghanistan?  4. Now biden is wanting to renegotiate with Iran about their terrorist rating and nuclear program, are you kidding me? BIDEN HAS ACCOMPLISHED ALL THIS IN JUST HIS FIRST YEAR.


CGM5, Fri, 03/18/2022 - 18:13

I understand your Austin remark. It's the liberal nest of Texas. However, I live in the Austin area and there are thousands of people here that feel the same as I do so it's not 100% liberal here.

CGM5, Fri, 03/18/2022 - 18:30

I have a good friend here. He is Hispanic, keeps on top of current events and enjoys discussing politics. Chris laughs and says the democrats take for granted that the Hispanic population is totally supporting them. He says the Hispanics aren't any different than anyone else. They want what has been proven to be best for them and their families. He says take a look at Texas, all the democrats are moving here because they screwed up the places they came from. He says Texas is a great place to live because the Republicans have taken care of it.

Majority of my Hispanic friends/acquaintances are not fooled by this foolish radical.

Sad but true is that most Hispanics that don't speak english are the ones that are being fooled by francis.



What happened to him being Biden’s “Gun Czar”? I hear the wind blew and he’s changed his position on firearms from we’re gonna take them, to no actually I’m pro gun now please forget I said that a few months ago and vote for me you peasant.

Beto is about two weeks late. He would have fit right in with the bloody pants brigade that was here. 

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