Activists Abruptly Stop Local Redistricting Process – Request Additional Hearing


SAN ANGELO – Local activists delayed a vote on once-a-decade redrawing of voting precinct maps Tuesday at a mandatory public hearing held by Tom Green County Commissioners. 

The court was set to adopt a new county precinct boundary map required but the U.S. Constitution every ten years following the official U.S. census.  

Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd said Tuesday that the court hired the Allison-Bass Law Firm to use advanced mapping software to aid in the redrawing of the precinct maps based on population, minority density, shared community issued and a host of other requirements.  

The county has already held two public hearings to take input from the public on the new maps that will decide where voters cast ballots and who represents them as County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace and Constable. 

Preliminary reports indicate census data shows that Pct. 3, the Grape Creek area, has grown by approximately 3,000 people in the last ten years while the northeast quadrant of the county, Pct. 1, including the Veribest area has lost population over the last ten years.  Commissioners are charged with redrawing precinct boundaries to keep the population and minority percentages as equal as possible in each of the four precincts.  For example, if there are 100,000 people residing in the county, the precinct boundaries should be drawn so each precinct has 25,000 people.  

While changes to precinct boundaries in Tom Green County may seem trivial, the political reality of the county could have an impact for the next decade.  The four County Commissioners and the County Judge are Republicans, as are all 27 of the elected officials in Tom Green County.  Minority groups and party activist out of power could see the redrawing of precinct boundaries as political.  

San Angelo National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) President Shirley Spears addressed commissioners Tuesday.  Spears said that some people who might be interested in the redistricting process might not have the opportunity to attend a meeting during the day like the Commissioners Court meeting held Tuesday morning because they are at work.  Spears requested the Court hold one final hearing after hours.  

After a short discussion, the court agreed to hold a public hearing Friday night at 6 p.m. in the Commissioners Court room to take additional public input on the proposed new maps.  

The only substantive change proposed to the map would move voters from Pct.3 to Pct.1 in the area bounded by Junius St., Howard St., Webster St. and Hassell St. in west San Angelo.  

See the map below: 


Area Proposed for Redistricting 2021 (Contributed/googlemaps)

Area Proposed for Redistricting 2021 (Contributed/googlemaps)

Commissioners are required to approve the new maps by Saturday, Nov. 13.  The new maps have to be in place because they will be used for the March 1, 2022 primary elections.  

The court will take final action on the new maps after taking public input Friday evening at the special called meeting.  

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I see Shirley is at it again. I wonder if she’s going to tell people to “take off their sheets” ;)

ME Someone, Tue, 11/09/2021 - 18:16

Grow up? You are the one calling people names, hilarious.

Speaking of “dwindling” have you taken a look at your boy Biden’s approval rating?

So sad ;)

Oh no! What’s Pelosi going to do bring Trump up on impeachment charges again lol.

"Either way Democrats don't worship their leaders like republicans do"

How funny, and hypocritical at the same time, since you're here EVERY day bad mouthing Trump, who by the way isn't at fault for the $3+ a gallon gas, the shortage on food, the lack of people working (or employed), and the crazy amount of immigrants looking for a country to invade. All the while you praise Sleepy Joe who can't even hold his facilities during a speech. I see you worship him and the government every day like is some type of religion to you, which by the way you call a mental disorder.

I am also very certain that every liberal worshipped the ground Obummer walked on too until he left you pennies to spare and the worst recession in recent US history. 

ME Someone, Wed, 11/10/2021 - 15:33

Presidents don't control gas prices (if you want to go that route prices were at their highest in the last 20 years under bush when adjusted for inflation) Besides, take a look at the gas prices in europe and tell me that is Biden's fault. The "food Shortage" is due to the pandemic and capitalist corporations stretching supply lines so thin in search of higher profits that they can't keep up when something in the line slows down (think traffic jam where all the first car does is tap their brakes and it causes a ripple effect.) The lack of people working is their own personal choice (I thought republicans were for personal freedoms, now you want to force people to work?) Some retired early, some lost loved ones or were disabled by the virus so they have to care for them, child care has become too expensive for most, and some simply do not see the point in working when all they make is pennies anyway. And once again, the current surge started under trump. 

The fact that you and other republicans blame everything on someone when you don't even know how things work is very telling.

Post a link to me "praising" Biden. All I ever do is correct and inform when you people misinform and spread propaganda constantly.

"until he left you pennies to spare and the worst recession in recent US history. "

The recession in 08 started under Bush (in 2006), a republican. The COVID recession is worse, which also started under another republican president, trump. Obama was the last president to raise minimum wage.

"All the while you praise Sleepy Joe who can't even hold his facilities during a speech."

They are both old men. As I have said before, a vote for Biden was not necessarily a vote for Biden himself, it was a vote AGAINST trump, and America certainly voted AGAINST trump. You really need to learn that.

“I don’t support everything that Biden or other democrats do”

Why is that are they not far enough to the left for you? You are right about one thing. Biden is no Trump just look at the sorry state our country is in right now ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 11/10/2021 - 15:35

What exactly is "sorry" about the US? It's very telling that is how republicans view America.

ME Someone, Wed, 11/10/2021 - 15:35

What exactly is "sorry" about the US? It's very telling that is how republicans view America.

Only a complete IDIOT would take a look at the state of our country right now and think that everything is ok.

But please do keep making excuses and blaming others for the incompetent actions of the current administration…it only proves how truly out of touch you democrats are.

“Presidents can’t control gas prices”

You’re the one who doesn’t know what you’re talking about! The reason gas prices are so high, at least here in the U.S., is because Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline…which not only caused the loss of thousands of high paying jobs, but made us more dependent on foreign sources instead of being “energy independent” like we were under Trump.

The part you’re missing is it’s ALL intentional. It’s called the “nudge theory”. The plan is to wean us off of fossil fuels in order to bring about the socialist Green New Deal. Obama even admitted to as much when he said gasoline prices would “necessarily skyrocket” in order for “change” to occur.

ME Someone, Wed, 11/10/2021 - 18:45

The keystone pipeline was for Canada, through the US, and it wasn't finished. It was doing nothing when it was shut down.

We were not "energy independent" under trump.

Explain, in as many words as you can how The Green New Deal is "SoCiaLiSt" and after that please give me the definition of "socialism" in your own words. If you refuse I know that you don't know the answer or definition to either one.

Republicans just call anything they don't like socialism. Republicans just simply will not allow anybody they do not like to have anything and will gladly harm themselves as long as "those people" don't receive anything that might make their lives better. If libraries didn't already exist, republicans would call those "SoCiaLiSm" since anyone can have a book for free.

Look at Europe's gas prices (where it's 2.5x the price) and tell me how that's Biden's fault too. 

The current gas price in the US is controlled by our government. In Saudi Arabia where they use the oil that they produce they pay 90 cents a gallon! When we use our own production(oil) our gas prices drop significantly. That's why we had 1.29 a gallon for a few years when we were using our own oil and not asking OPEC to send us some. Biden and his gangs policies of importing are crushing our wallet and it isn't funny and it isn't the mean orange mans fault.

ME Someone, Thu, 11/11/2021 - 16:04

Liar, it's 2.35 a gallon in saudi arabia.

We never had $1.29 a gallon gas "a few years ago", in fact the last time it was under $2 (average) was when Obama was president, but you won't give credit to Obama for that would you?

And no it's not trumps fault either, again, presidents do not control gas prices.

Why do republicans constantly have to lie to even attempt to have a point? It's really telling.

Haha libraries! I called the Green New Deal “socialist” because there really is no better example. In 2019 we did indeed achieve “energy independence”…meaning we as a nation produced more energy than we consumed.

Biden didn’t just shut down the Keystone XL, but he also blocked access to exploration and production on federal land and also offshore causing us to be in the position we’re in…back to begging OPEC to produce more oil instead of producing it ourselves;)

According to the EIA, the United States was a net exporter of petroleum products in 2020.

ME Someone, Thu, 11/11/2021 - 15:57

So we still imported oil? That isn't "energy independence"

Nobody was driving in 2020, that is why we produced so much and used so little, that graph proves this where everything dropped including consumption.

Thank you for that link, it proves my point.

Your ignorance is truly profound.

ig·no·rance| ˈiɡnərəns | noun lack of knowledge or information


ME Someone, Thu, 11/11/2021 - 16:59

Ok, so tell me EXACTLY what trump did to make this happen.

From your first link, " the United States still imported some crude oil and petroleum products from other countries to help to supply domestic demand for petroleum and to supply international markets." "making the United States a net annual petroleum exporter for the first time since at least 1949."

Yet your second link says "The United States Was Energy Independent in 2019 for the First Time Since 1957"

So you have some very conflicting information that you are relying on.


Your ignorance is truly profound.

ig·no·rance| ˈiɡnərəns | noun lack of knowledge or information

According to the IEA and IER, the US was energy independent. According to Me Someone, the US was not energy independent.

Everyone else: you decide who has superior knowledge, the IEA and IER or Me Someone.



To be fair, found out a federal judge blocked Biden’s suspension on new oil and gas leases on federal land. Not sure what their plan is going forward lots they can do still.

Biden has pretty much painted himself into a corner. If he bows down to the progressive wing of his party and lowers production, then gas prices are going to go up even more which is something he obviously doesn’t want ahead of the midterm elections ;)

“Ok, so tell me EXACTLY what Trump did to make this happen.”

I would be glad to explain it to you, except a better question would be what is Biden going to do…because when his incompetent energy secretary was asked the same question, all she did was laugh it off ;)

ME Someone, Thu, 11/11/2021 - 18:06

So you have nothing then? Thought so, trump was just riding Obama's economy. Which I still won't give Obama credit for low gas prices either, because PRESIDENTS DO NOT CONTROL GAS PRICES.

You really have no clue how things work do you? No company/investor is going to risk millions upon millions of dollars, knowing that at any time, the federal government can pull the plug on their operation because they determined that it’s “not in the public interest”…which is PRECISELY what happened with the Keystone XL pipeline!

ME Someone, Thu, 11/11/2021 - 19:34

Still nothing then? Figures.

Thank you for acknowledging that the pipeline wasn't even finished and had no bearing on prices. Remember it was a pipeline through the US not for the US.

Careful with the caps, the brenda person bellow said people who use caps are, well you can read it,

I still find it hilarious that education, healthcare, housing, food etc. costs have skyrocketed under trump, yet you pick the one thing that you think you can pin on Biden. Very telling.

"Republicans griping and crying about gas prices to cover up the fact they are going full blown nazi;"

Demanding everyone take a jab or lose their job is being "full blown nazi", also so is using all caps and raging like a little bitch.

ME Someone, Thu, 11/11/2021 - 19:33

Poor attempts at insults huh? Thank you for acknowledging that you have lost. Just like trump did.

Whos Brandon? Oh right Biden, who kicked trump out of the white house. Lost again.

Why do you talk in code like children? Are you afraid mommy will wash your mouth out with soap? Hilarious.

ME Someone, Fri, 11/12/2021 - 01:28

Go back to your book burning, the republican party is the joke, it's failing and you know it.

"Go back to your book burning, the democratic party is the joke, it's failing and you know it."

There I fixed your sentence for you. Since democrats are responsible for almost all of the cancel culture and history offenses this decade and the last one.

That was cancel the dixie chicks not American History and rename schools because our feelers are hurt,  oh and how ironic you call us word twisters haha thats the pot calling the kettle black. Your so two faced you don't know which ones yours!

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