Trump Endorses Texas Woman for Land Commissioner to Protect the Alamo


AUSTIN, TX – Donald J. Trump Wednesday announced his endorsement of Dr. Dawn Buckingham for Texas Land Commissioner.

“A Senator and Doctor, Dawn Buckingham was one of my very first supporters in the Great State of Texas,” said Trump. “She has served in the Senate for eight years, is highly respected, and is someone who can always be counted on to do the right thing for her State. She is running for the position of Land Commissioner in order to protect the great legacy of Texas including defending the Alamo which, like all other amazing institutions, is under siege. She is strong on Borders, our Second Amendment, Law Enforcement, loves our Military and our Vets. Dawn has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

“As one of President Trump’s earliest supporters in Texas, I’m incredibly proud to earn his endorsement in the race for Texas Land Commissioner,” said Buckingham. “President Trump led a grassroots awakening in our nation and singlehandedly reshaped the political landscape like no president before him. Throughout his presidency, Trump always put the American people first and refused to back down from a fight…I’m honored to have the opportunity to continue that tradition of strong, conservative leadership as the next Land Commissioner of Texas.”

Dr. Dawn Buckingham is an experienced oculoplastic surgeon, an avid hunter, a seventh-generation Texan, and a lifelong conservative Republican. In 2016, Buckingham was elected to represent District 24 in the Texas Senate, a 17-county region of West Texas and the Texas Hill Country. Dawn and her husband Ed (also a surgeon) have two children in college and reside in Lakeway, Texas.

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At least you admit it. You know it’s true what they say…the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem ;)

They can take their woke society to Venezuela, or any other broke ass socialist republic. Leave it out of America

Just read an article where the author claimed “race” (RE: racism) “had everything to do with Texas independence”, and described the Battle of the Alamo as “strategically insignificant” and one which “bore no small resemblance to the 1993 Waco siege” lol

Revisionist history at it’s best what a complete waste of gray matter ;)

They'll keep removing historical monuments, only to repeat that history over and over. Total waste of matter

I believe that history does repeat itself. Anyway thanks for commenting I’m fully prepared for what’s to come ;)

Same here. When the next civil war happens, at least we know the anti gun, anti police, anti God people won't get very far. HAHA and your government sure as hell isn't going to save you.

Republicans just can't wait to kill their fellow Americans. Imposing your religion and views on everybody else and if anyone doesn't stand in line with you you want to kill them, you people really are the American Taliban. 

It's only going to get worse when your leaders sell you out because of January 6th. Too much evidence is coming to light and the republicans in power will save themselves and throw their followers under the bus, I guarantee it.

Here you are already asking when you get to kill your fellow Americans,

Excuse me? I don’t want to  kill anyone, but make no mistake, I’m not going to shy away from a threat either! Many brave men (and women) have fought and died for the rights/ freedoms “you people” mock on a daily basis! Do you also consider them the “American taliban”?

I have never "mocked" the military. Not once.

Yes or no; Republicans are actively banning court established rights?

I made no mention of killing anyone. There you go again twisting words so you can stroke your demoncratic ego. Funny how you replied as a guilty party though :P

" When the next civil war happens, at least we know the anti gun, anti police, anti God people won't get very far. HAHA and your government sure as hell isn't going to save you."

It definitely is interesting who is being prosecuted and who isn’t. You are right, a lot has been coming out about Jan 6.

It is infinitely more believable than the highly dangerous bilge being spouted by the thoroughly destructive and evil face of Faux, that being Tucker, and his near-treasonous "Fauxumentary" about to further spread the poison being spewed by moronic Big Lie proponents.

Even the WSJ has owned up to the fact that even though it published that insipid trash written by dumpster Fire Trump it did so while recognizing it was mindless and fodder for fools.

Remember when a New York Supreme Court justice ruled that the New York Times might have been motivated by “actual malice” and acted with “reckless disregard” against project veritas. Accusing the NYT of doing the “disinformation”.

“You people” make me sick. Imo it’s useful idiots like you who are the problem with our country ;)

"“You people” make me sick. Imo it’s useful idiots like you who are the problem with our country ;)"

Yeah, whole lotta love in that statement.

Do you even know why the 2nd amendment exists? It’s not to protect me from you or you from me, it’s to protect US from a tyrannical government.

I mean seriously, designating caring, concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” simply because they want a say in the education of their children?

So none of you can actually name anything specific then? 

And I am the one who is "oblivious"?

It's mostly the actual domestic terrorism that earned the right wing that name.

Attempting to ban history and what can be taught in schools and forcing the bible and your religion on other people is not "having a say in the education of their children", that is having a say in other people's children's education.

How would you feel if Muslims forced their religion in schools?

By the way, your claim here;

Is countered by this;

"Turner turned himself in Friday morning on the felony murder charge, according to Caldwell County's Criminal District Attorney Fred Weber. Turner was booked shortly before 10 a.m. and bonded out less than two hours later, according to online records from Caldwell County."

That's like 5 times I have proven you wrong now.

Your links did not prove people are banning history and forcing students to read the Bible. Literally the first one was about an optional Bible study class lol

Religion shouldn't be in schools at all, optional or not. You know if republicans could get away with it they would force bible study.

And you are attempting to ban history and force religion. You are banning rights as well.

Republicans certainly wouldn't be alright with a "quoran study class" being held on school grounds.

I know you have nothing to counter my argument when you stoop to poor attempts at insults. Not one counter argument or evidence of your own of any kind, this is getting too easy.

I think this is number 6 for me.

“Religion shouldn't be in schools at all, optional or not.” -Me Someone


So no options, right? Has to be your way or the highway, huh? Hmm, are YOU attempting to, uh, FORCE any of YOUR views on people. I’d say yes. 


“And you are attempting to ban history and force religion.”- Me Someone (directed at LETSGOBRANDON)


Based on your previous statement above, this is a very hypocritical statement you typed out. 


You know,


“If you lose your job because you don’t get vaccinated, well that is the consequence of your action, but nobody is forcing you to take the vaccine.” -Me Someone


Serious question now... how did you become so deluded?

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