Fugitive Democrats Living in Luxury Thanks to Beto's $600,000 Donation


EL PASO, TX – The Texas Democrats hiding out in Washington, D.C. have been living life in luxury thanks to a huge donation by Beto and his group Powered by People. 

According to the Texas Tribune, over the past two weeks Texas Democrat, Robert Francis 'Beto' O'Rourke, and his organization Powered by People has sent $600,000 to Washington D.C. in support of the politicians who fled Texas. 

The money that O'Rourke has sent will help pay for the cost of the luxury hotel and private jets that the 50 Democrats and their staff are using. On Monday the Hill reported that the trip will cost the liberals at least $1.5 million.

Currently in D.C. six democrats have tested positive for the coronavirus. All six of them were fully vaccinated.

O'Rourke's group, Powered by People, made a stop in San Angelo just one month ago. During his visit he held a town hall meeting. San Angelo was one of the last stops on his tour across Texas.

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They deserve it for helping to stop voter suppression, the republicans will attempt to suppress your votes again and again. You have to ask yourself why they would change the laws to limit times you can vote and limit the number of voting machines (mostly in democrat heavy areas no less) in a state where the election results are not even contested (no matter how baseless it would be even if they did.) Not even the republicans that will inevitably comment below me can answer why you would decrease the hours you can vote and only allow very few voting machines (relative to population) if it isn't voter suppression. If you are part of the elderly or disabled they are suppressing your vote the worst, where you will have to jump through multiple hoops to get a mail in ballot. Some of the other provisions in the bill you can argue are for security and integrity, but you still have to ask yourself why now? It's because they lost, and lost bad, and the only way they can win is to cheat and tell their followers that it is in the name of "integrity" when they themselves are severely lacking in that area because of these voter suppression bills in the first place. Republicans can't win democratically so they will not change their party, they will reject democracy.

Also, don't forget that republicans have also left states to prevent legislation from passing, and have been doing it for years. In one instance the republicans that fled Oregon in 2019 holed up with a militia group in Utah and threatened a shootout with police to the point that the Oregon Capitol had to go into lockdown.

Pretty sure Texans will still have two weeks of early voting after the law is passed. Don’t understand why people feel suppressed with two weeks to vote and having to prove who they are. All votes don’t count, all legal votes do.

Liars! It’s not republicans who are trying to change the laws it’s democrats. There’s a reason why the words “demagogue” and “democrat” are so much alike because that’s what democrats do best. All this really amounts to is sour grapes on the part of the cowardly democrats. They know they’re outnumbered, so instead of fulfilling their obligation, they just run away ;)

No it's because Democrats stand for democracy. Republicans stand for themselves and cheating to win, it is all very obvious.

Again, republicans have left states to stop legislation in the past too, and threatened law enforcement with a shootout if the cops tried to arrest them. You just don't like that Democrats are starting to use republican tactics against you.

The cowardly Texas democrats are being used by their party to attempt to sway public opinion on the ACTUAL (unconstitutional) attempt to “change the laws” by nationalizing election rules. Give it up it’s not working! The majority of people, republicans and democrats alike, support protecting our right to vote through the use of strict voter ID laws etc.

The constitution gives congress the power to make and change laws, nothing unconstitutional about that. Unless you can show me proof of what you are saying.

Not according to the Elections Clause, which gives power to the states to run their own elections. Congress can intervene when it comes to individual states, but not without cause and not without a determination made in Court…which like I’ve said before, I fully expect will happen ;)

They can, but it’s not without limits. Essentially neither entity, the (individual) state or the federal government, can enact laws under the Elections Clause that violate other constitutional provisions.

If it’s a 14th Amendment challenge, which democrats have claimed, then that would have to be decided in Court.

“Republicans can’t win democratically so they will not change their party, they will reject democracy.”

And yet it’s DEMOCRATS who want to (unconstitutionally) do away with the filibuster for the purpose of passing legislation through the Senate by a simple majority ;)

"(unconstitutionally) do away with the filibuster"

Can you point to me the section in the constitution that the filibuster is in?

You’re right the so-called “nuclear option” it’s not a part of the constitution.

10th Amendment…

”The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

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