Senator Perry: Disrespectful Democrats Stock Up on Beer As They Flee Texas


AUSTIN, TX – Texas State Senator Charles Perry Monday issued a statement about House Democrats fleeing the state to avoid having to do their job and vote on a bill increasing election security.  

Senator Perry is from Lubbock and represents San Angelo.  The following is his statement: 

Today, House Democrats fled Texas to Washington, D.C. in protest of an election integrity bill that adds sensible voter protections and reaffirms current Texas law. They are running from a bill that extends voting hours and expands assistance for those who cannot read a ballot. Encouraged by far left activist groups, Texas Democrats chose to ignore their duty to serve the people of Texas. This is disrespectful of what a constitutional republic needs to function, but it is reflective a nation in distress where the rules do not matter.

The case of Miller Lite on their party bus shows how seriously they are taking these shenanigans.

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Van, Mon, 07/12/2021 - 21:05

When have the republicans abandoned their responsibility in Texas?  Dem's have done it twice so far.

LOL whiny republicans see a Miller Lite box and automatically assume that it is beer. LOL Republican hysteria as usual. Someone pass out crying towels.

You people need to grow up - both parties aren't doing the necessary things to keep this country a true democratic society. But democrats this, republicans that. What the hell is any of this banter getting accomplished?  Nothing, other than dividing our nation further.  Look in the mirror, or in your closet before you continually blame each other.

Only one of the parties are actively trying to pass voter restriction bills that make it harder to vote. They are decreasing hours, limiting voting machines and doing away with provisions that allow certain people easy access to ballots. Some of these in states that they say had safe and secure elections, if they were safe and secure there would be no reason to change the rules. Only one party has lied constantly about voter fraud, of which there is no evidence (and 60+ court cases thrown out) or we would have seen it by now. Only one party tried to overthrow the government on the 6th of January and stop democracy from taking place (electoral votes being counted) because of those lies. I'm am not saying the democrats are perfect, not by a longshot, but when it comes to democracy it really is no comparison between the two.

If you want to know who is “dividing our nation” look no further than our sitting president/ vice president, who despite the fact that opportunities for minorities have never been greater, are trying to divide our country along racial lines ;)

Let me sum it up. Strict voter ID laws (which in reality is what demo libs are opposed to) being put in place for the purpose of protecting our right to vote, which btw a majority of voters in every demographic support including black voters and democrats, are somehow “racist” and an attempt by republicans to “suppress” the vote ;)

Explain how decreasing the amount of hours people are allowed to vote and only allowing so many voting machines at certain locations is in the interest of "protecting our right to vote". You can't as you have said in another comment section, it is voter suppression plain and simple. If it were the democrats doing it you would be against it, but since it is your party it is alright.

Simple is right…simple minded. Where within the right to vote does it say that it has to be convenient for everyone involved. Every effort has been made to accommodate people’s needs…including early voting and an absentee process for those not physically able to vote in person ;)

Easy as possible does not mean it’s always going to be convenient! Like I’ve said before, I’m one of those who considers my right to vote a privilege worth whatever “sacrifice” that’s involved ;)

I’m ok with background checks, because how else would you determine if someone is a felon and therefore ineligible to purchase a gun.

Anything beyond that, just like voting laws, I consider it a “states” issue the federal government has absolutely no business being involved!

And all because democrats’ unconstitutional attempt to nationalize election laws failed miserably. So, according to brainwashed liberal ideologues, it’s all about “racism” because that’s what fits in with their “white supremacist” narrative ;)

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