Gov. Abbott Calls Legislators Back in Session in Early July


SAN ANGELO, TX – Governor Greg Abbott today announced that he will convene a special legislative session on July 8, 2021. Agenda items will be announced prior to the convening of the special session.

The Texas Legislature meets every other year for 140 days and the regular session ended in early June.

Abbott has said one of his priorities is election integrity which wasn't passed in the regular session because Democrats fled the Capitol Building robbing the legislature of a quorum as the session expired. 

Abbott is expected to call another special session in the fall after census numbers are released so that legislators can redraw congressional maps prior to the scheduled March primary election. 

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Reminder that republicans did the same thing (flee the capitol), and worse they did it on a climate change bill. The democrats are simply trying to stop voter suppression, why else would republicans be trying to change voting laws in a state that isn't even contested? Because they are setting everything up to change the outcome of elections they don't like, like they attempted (and failed miserably, as republicans do) to try and stop the electoral votes from being counted on the 6th of January, only this time they will do it at the state level, that is what all these voter suppression bills are really about. If republicans fail to win democratically they will not change their agenda, they will reject democracy.

A climate change bill? Oh no we’re all going to die! Lol

I love it how Abbott gets you demo libs’ panties all in a wad. SB7 is about protecting our right to vote NOT voter suppression!

Its actually the Republicans who are upset with the Democrats doing the same thing as Republicans have done in the past. If it isn't voter suppression why do they need to change the law in a state that had a secure and non contested election? 

Simple. They’re codifying voting laws to prevent what happened in other states from happening in Texas. You know, because of COViD ;)

Why do you think democrats are doing all the fear mongering they’re hoping to draw it all out through the midterms. Not surprised democrats are just doing what they do…”never let a crisis go to waste”.


Exactly! Biden is doing everything in his power to destabilize the border ;)

Regardless of how you feel about the bill, it’s being done the RIGHT way unlike last minute, unconstitutional changes made to voting rules prior to the 2020 election ;)

You are going to need to show some proof of this. But I am sure you are just lying as usual, even if you think you are right I will just prove you wrong like have several times in the past.


There was actually 5 states that changed election laws/rules! State Legislatures are the only ones constitutionally allowed to change election laws! Look it up yourself as to which states made changes right before the elections! Give you a hint though! Several of the States are front and center of the thousands of sworn affidavits about what they witnessed during elections! Dems and Rep pole workers and watchers, a lot of it was televised election night from CCV that are located at Polling Sites.  Doesn’t matter who won at this point but any and all of this should have already been INVESTIGATED, legitimately!! Georgia Rep Gov new he had hundreds of complaints and he did absolutely nothing and the state still certified the election and claimed he received complaints nor found any issues! I guess kicking pole watchers out and counting ballots for 3 hrs after watchers left location.. It’s on camera.  Also Lying about a water main rupturing and locking out watchers for 6-8 hrs when there was no water line rupture? Regardless.. I didn’t care what political party anyone is for or against! This is a problem and it needs to be addressed! Should have been done back in Nov./Dec. when it was brought to lite instead of flat out ignored! Prove it didn’t happen. Video doesn’t lie!    

Second!!!   How does showing an ID stop anyone from voting and what the hell does showing an ID have to do with race? Give a rational explanation? I call BS! That card is wore slap out! 

Voting rules put in place by state legislators, not state LEGISLATURES as outlined in the constitution there’s a difference ;)

You’re the liar! Just because you repeat ad nauseam the lies being fed to you by a decidedly leftist media doesn’t make you any less of a liar ;)

So then you are lying, that's why you never prove your positions, because you can't, because you are lying. Occams razor.

You can look them up yourself to figure out which States did it before Nov Elections! Give you a hint though! Most of them were some of the most critical States that all the Video Evidence that was actually shown Election Night, showing some of the proof there was a lot of shady bs that went on.. Don’t care if your Dem or Rep.!  All Americans should be screaming at ANY ISSUES that have been brought up and have video evidence of some of it and Thousands of Signed Sworn Affidavits by Pole Workers and Watchers.. Dem and Rep both signed them and they also Testified to what they witnessed..  So when I hear someone say there was NO ISSUES OR FRAUD that took place... I question them because a lot of it was right in front of your face on LIVE Television in Nov.!       

How is Showing a PHOTO ID OPPRESSING ANYONE and get over the BS Racist!  Give a Rational Explanation!  Have yet to hear a single reason with any rationalization whatsoever! 

Occam’s razor is cool, but it doesn’t have fusion pro glide with a flexball ;)

Figures you would be too intellectually stunted to understand complex concepts.

It means, basically, that the simplest answer is most often the correct one.

I know what it means you dullard! 

The problem with applying it to a political discussion is it’s actually an oversimplification of a complex issue, as well as a LAME attempt to silence opposing views ;)

I didn't oversimplify it, I said you never prove your point because you can't, therefore you are lying. If you would like to prove me wrong, start proving your positions, until then you are always assumed to be lying, which is the simplest explanation as to why you don't prove your point.

If that was the case then you wouldn't be getting upset about my statements and responding to me constantly. 

Look them up yourself.  Most of the states being questioned for fraudulent elections since Nov are involved though. And I could care less if your Dem or Rep!  Any vote illegally cast or counted should make all Citizens Question it? Not going to change Nov Election at this point but if any issues are proven it matters next election! Unless you really do want a civil war in this country!! Because we deserve a legitimate Investigation!!  To all the complaints brought up by sworn affidavits by pole workers and pole watchers!! STATE OF GEORGIA ELECTION OFFICIAL HAS ADMITTED THEY HAD ISSUES AND HE IGNORED THEM SO DID THE GOV.! They were notified in writing about issues and have been claiming how great and smooth and the election went!  Until they figured out the complaints are public record 7-8 days ago!! 

I don't have to look up whether what you are saying is true or not, you do, prove it or I assume you are simply a liar. What rules were changed that would have an impact on the outcome? More people voting means less republicans voted into office, that is why you are upset they changed the rules to allow mail in voting. It matters next election because the republicans are preparing to cheat even more with their anti-voting laws, some of which are in states that are not even contested. If there were no issues with a states voting why change the laws? The truth is that republicans cheated in 2020 and still lost, that is why they are so upset. America rejected trump and rejected republicans, get over it.

Even Pence is saying the attempt to undermine the election is "unAmerican", your party is eating itself alive and we are watching it in real time.

“More people voting means less republicans voted into office”

The truth FINALLY comes out! Precisely why democrats want to (unconstitutionally) nationalize voting laws for the purpose of expanding mail in voting ;)


Why would everyone voting be a bad thing? 

Nationalize voting laws to prevent voting restrictions and anti-voting laws that republicans are putting in place, some in states that are not even contested. If the election in a state was fine, why change the laws?

One of the provisions of the For the People Act (which failed btw) was to automatically register people to vote when they applied for a driver’s license. Sounds benign right? The problem is, at current time, there are 16 states which offer driver’s licenses to “non-citizens”!

Just goes to show how truly devious democrats can be ;)

If it failed why are you bitching about it? Also, as I have said before, that is an easy fix by tying registration to social security numbers. Those states that will allow "non-citizens" a drivers license offer a different form of the license that states their status, they also require a proof of residency, passport, birth certificate, or other proof of identity. It's not as if you could cross the border and immediately get a drivers license, you still have to be in the country legally.

Also, I like that you called them "non-citizens", you are learning, yay.

You’re wrong. In those 16 states, no such proof is necessary in order to get a driver’s license.

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