Pro-Transgender Magazine Calls Conservative Senator 'Worst Legislator'


AUSTIN, TX – Texas Monthly magazine has published its biennial list of the best and worst Texas legislators following the legislative session and State Senator Charles Perry, who represents San Angelo, was again listed among the worst legislators.  

Here is what the ultra-liberal magazine had to say about the Conservative Christian Perry: 

"This session, by Perry’s lights, the Almighty was particularly concerned with the growing threat that the roughly 0.7 percent of children who identify as transgender pose to country, family, and interscholastic wrestling leagues. Among Perry’s proposals: an effective prohibition on gender-affirming treatments such as hormone therapy or surgery. He threatened parents of trans kids and their doctors with child-abuse charges if they seek transition-related care."

The Lubbock Senator has made the same list before for living his Christian values.  

Senator Perry responded to the unflattering article on Facebook:  

"Thank you to Texas Monthly for once again recognizing my commitment to my Christian faith, common sense, and traditional West Texas values for having a desire to protect children from drugs and mutilation before they are mature enough to understand their life-altering decision."

Perry is the only West Texas Legislator to make the list.  

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Republicans always say "common sense" as one of those "gotcha" statements meant to tell the listener/reader that they are just doing/saying what should be obvious to everyone, and if you disagree then there is something wrong with you (republicans hate people that disagree with them.) Religion is the opposite of "common sense" though and republicans attempting to take over the government on the 6th of January isn't exactly "common sense" either. I am starting to think that republicans lack the "sense" portion of their positions, in fact since they are the minority party, they don't have the "common" aspect either.

Demo libs are sick! Tell me what is not common sensical about prohibiting the sexual manipulation/ mutilation of children?

Once they’re of legal age they can do whatever they want ;)

I didn't say anything about either one of those did I? I was just speaking to the "common sense" statement that republicans throw around. You sure do like to put words in other peoples mouths a lot, I guess that is probably what it takes for you to even have anything close to a point.

You really should THINK before making ridiculous comments just a suggestion ;)

That's rich coming from a republican. But I actually believe in the 1st amendment, unlike you apparently, who would surely censor ME if you could.

That I believe in the 1st amendment? Of course, I know you are against that sort of thing, but you are republican afterall.

Uuuh no. It had to do with the comment you removed. What’s wrong you don’t want others to discover how truly dark your heart is?

So you’re just a troll then. In this case “the common sense part” referred to prohibiting the sexual manipulation/ mutilation of children.

Demo libs claim to be virtuous and caring (it’s for the CHILDREN!) but in reality they’re mean and nasty ;)

Perfect example of what I’m talking about. Demo libs claim to care about children, but won’t even admit that abortion is the taking of a human life ;)

As to your other point…before the pandemic and thanks (in large part) to policies put in place by Trump, child poverty fell to a 47 year low. 

Just guessing, but probably the reason why republicans didn’t stand and applaud is because the so called “American Rescue Plan” Biden was touting included provisions such as “farm loan assistance (forgiveness) for socially disadvantaged (minority) farmers and ranchers…which you agreed was “a form of discrimination”.

Plus NEVER ONCE has Biden given Trump and congressional republicans any credit for anything…including the production of a covid vaccine in an unprecedented amount of time along with other accomplishments!

For example Biden CLAIMING he was going to cut child poverty in half as opposed to Trump who actually deserves credit for the same. 

But you know Orange Man bad, so obviously not how a decidedly leftist media is going to portray things right?


What do you mean it MAY be a form of discrimination is it discrimination or not?

And you’re right, Biden did give credit to Trump, then immediately turned around and criticized him for a “lack of transparency” whatever that means.

Thank you for acknowledging that I proved you wrong, now I am done with you for the evening.

“Religion is the opposite of common sense”

Makes total sense to those of us who believe in God…which btw includes over two-thirds of people in the U.S. making YOU a part of the minority ;)

How to explain this so you might understand? Any “credit” given to Trump was MEANINGLESS when the next words out of Biden’s mouth was to unjustly claim the vaccine program he inherited was in “worse shape than expected”…which was pure BS.

Kinda like apologizing for a particularly mean and nasty comment, then turning around and making the exact same comment ;)

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