Beto on Tour: Will He Run for Governor?


EL PASO, TX  – Former Congressman and Presidential Candidate, Democrat Beto O'Rourke is hosting events all across Texas to encourage and organize people to register to vote. This week Beto comes to West Texas. 

The tour includes Thursday in Midland, Friday in Lubbock, Saturday in Abilene, Sunday in Wichita Falls. Visit Beto's website here to RSVP.

Beto's website states "Voting rights are under attack here in Texas and across the nation. Join Beto for an in-person conversation about the For the People Act and how together we can fight back to ensure our democracy is accessible to everyone."

The "For the People Act" which Beto seeks to promote is currently being contested on Capitol Hill. The bill if passed will establish Automatic Voter Registration which means all adults who pay taxes or have a drivers licenses will be registered without needing to take any personal action, the bill will also force states to offer same day voter registration, and will allow all released felons the ability to vote.

While most of the bills provisions are geared to voting rights, the bill will effect many other areas as well. The Supreme Court will for the first time be bound by a set of "ethical guidelines" to be determined and Washington D.C. see greater prospects of becoming a state.

Beto has set up these events to be "conversational", join in the conversation and ask Beto what this bill means for you and your family. 

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He won't do well if he is running for governor, he's the one who said he was going to take the AR's.

The "for the people" act is a definite good thing, especially the automatic voter registration, why would anyone be against everyone voting?

CGM5, Thu, 06/03/2021 - 16:13

Your first comment I agree with. I would like someone to explain to me what American citizen is it that doesn't have the right to vote already. Please don't cherry pick some case about someone that for whatever outlandish reason doesn't have a legal ID. If you have to cherry pick, then please state the percentage of the US citizens you are talking about. 

I'm not sure I fully understand your comment. But what I was saying is that it would be a GOOD thing to automatically register everyone of age to vote in every election. As far as the voter ID thing I have said multiple times on this site that I support voter ID, with the provision that there be one available for free.

But you saying you need percentages and proof is really ironic coming from someone who never provides any for their own assertions, especially when you are talking to ME, one of the very very few people on this site who actually back up their statements opinions and assertions.

CGM5, Thu, 06/03/2021 - 18:08

Ok, then answer this please. If someone is not responsible enough to put forth the small effort it currently takes to register, would you want that person choosing our country's leaders and future? Why is it necessary to automatically register everyone???

"If someone is not responsible enough to put forth the small effort it currently takes to register, would you want that person choosing our country's leaders and future?"

YES, a million times YES. I am an American and I believe that EVERYONE (American citizens) should use their right to vote, no matter the circumstances (unless they choose not too, don't force it like Australia.) It is the foundation of democracy. Unlike republicans apparently who think that certain people should not, as evidenced by your example here and the numerous time I have heard republicans refer to the "quality" of a vote.

"Why is it necessary to automatically register everyone?"

To make it easier for everyone, who is a citizen and of age, to vote. Why would you be against making it easier to vote?

What about in states where it’s not required to show proof of citizenship in order to be issued a driver’s license?

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Washington.

But that’s not how the proposed law is set up!

The For the People Act…Just another way for democrats to try to cheat ;)

The Democrats are so good at cheating that no one can prove that there was cheating, they have it down to a science and Republicans know it is happening because the orange moron said so yet the Republicans are helpless to do anything except suppress voters.

Yeah, make no mistake about the "audits", voter restriction laws, the "big lie", and the gaslighting about the capitol insurrection. It's not about republicans overturning the election we just had, it's about them overturning elections in the future, THAT is what this is all about and what they are preparing for.

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