Radical Baby Killer Supporters Attack Pro-Life Rally in Austin


AUSTIN, TX – Peaceful pro-life advocates demonstrated at the Texas State Capitol Saturday in Austin in support of the new Texas Heartbeat Law, which was signed by Governor Abbott on May 19. The pro-life demonstration took place concurrent with a large, pro-abortion protest of the Law organized by Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion allies. 

During the demonstration, outraged protestors interacted with the peaceful pro-life advocates. In one instance, a pro-abortion protester confronted the pro-lifers, screaming obscenities at Sarah Zarr, Texas and Southern Regional Manager for SFL/SFLAction, who organized the Heartbeat Celebration. The woman accused Zarr of being “a murderer” multiple times.




“We frequently encounter emotional abortion supporters,” said Zarr, “many of whom have likely been hurt by abortion experiences in their own lives. We pray for them to find peace and to demonstrate mutual respect for us as we do for them.”

In the lead-up to the rally, Zarr observed: “Texans look with renewed hope to the future, as should all Americans, bolstered by the knowledge that the Supreme Court will soon hear the most important abortion case since Planned Parenthood v. Casey.” Pro-life advocates know that the fight to abolish abortion will not be without confrontation and heated emotion, but Zarr hopes that abortion supporters will make space for dialogue in the midst of pro-life victories. “We know that The Future Is Anti-Abortion. We envision that future in everything we do, and work toward the day when every human life is celebrated both inside and outside the womb." 

Rally speakers included Sarah Zarr, Students for Life of America/Students for Life Action; Senator Bryan Hughes, Heartbeat Bill Champion; Jason Jones, Movie To Movement; Rebecca Parma, Texas Right to Life; Allan Parker, Justice Foundation; Jason Vaughn, Young Republicans; Rachel Schroder, Students for Life of America; Heather Gardner, Central Texas Coalition; Joe Pojman, Texas Alliance for Life; Abby Johnson, And Then There Were None; and Mary Elizabeth Castle, Texas Values.

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Studies have shown that Yantis Green is another name for different types of bovine and feline and other types of this particular strain in quite some time, openly using avenues like the inter net to stroke His (Yantis') stroke all over people that respect a freedom for each american, yes, even women to screed baby killer. This is known as old-fashioned, undiluted assh*le. Yantis, you always were and still are a ____.


I don't know who it is but someone is using a fake name on the faebooksaangelolive to spwe hate rhetoric. Is it you Yantis? This is your chance to come clean. Are You Lux Lucien?

Stop delving into women's issues. You are allowed when you become a woman. Which I heard you and Joe both talk about a 2 for 1 special on genital restriuctoring and hormone/ steroid apps. Good for you . Proud of your killing billions of sperm, too.

Yantis, I hate picking on you, but damn!!! Sally got bunch of stuff stuffed waaaay up in there. Baby Killers? Radical? Say did I remind you you were a true a-hole? Just checking.

Listen, granny, you are awful, and i say this as a true observer. But ya'll are just wrong. Lying proudly about Jan 6th and thinking somehow these other stories matter: WHELP . You are  sad and i hope you are forced to quit in shame. You are a negative force. Stop it.

ME Someone, Sun, 05/30/2021 - 03:05

Republicans SAY they want the government out of their lives and out of their medical care, their anti-choice stance proves that they are lying about this. Republicans SAY they are trying to help children, the fact they do nothing for children after they are born proves they are lying about this (although Abbott did sign a child lunch bill earlier this month, it's simply not enough.)

Imagine if a female loved one of yours was raped, horrible I know but bear with me. Now she learns (too late) that she is pregnant and it has to be her rapists. The bill Abbott just signed says she cannot terminate, she is forced to have her rapists baby.

Now imagine she is only 13 years old;



Now you can stop imagining.

I have asked this question before,

Do you want the government to regulate what medical procedures your doctor can or cannot give you? Yes or No? 

CGM5, Sun, 05/30/2021 - 09:15

Well ME SOMETHING imagine this, imagine you and your idiot brother miles had a set of parents that were pro abortion. You two might not be here. What a damn shame that would be huh? Do liberals have a guide book or something that tells each of you how to think and believe. Instead of being independent thinkers, you all believe and talk about the exact same things ALL THE TIME. You hate law enforcement, capitalism, a sovereign nation with secure borders, the right for an innocent baby's chance at life, all Republicans and anything they do say or accomplish regardless of any good that comes from it and freedom of speech if it isn't what you want to hear. You will defend your democratic leaders with a bitter vengeance regardless of their wrong doing. At the same time you will cherry pick anything you can about republicans and blow it way out of proportion. The shear fact that you constantly attach websites, stories and comments from other people demonstrates you don't have too many thoughts of your own. Where can I get one of these playbooks you children use? 

Except attempts to subvert the Constitution are coming from the LEFT not the right!

Article 1 Sec. 3, Article 1 Sec. 4, Article 1 Sec. 7, Article 1 Sec. 8, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, 10th Amendment, 14th Amendment.

After all, It’s democrats who continually talk about the need to “fundamentally change America” what does that even mean anyway?

ME Someone, Tue, 06/01/2021 - 15:59

"It’s democrats who continually talk about the need to “fundamentally change America” "

Can you post an example of this please so I can take a look?

Gotta laugh at those who claim pro-life people don’t care about children, when those who support abortion on demand can’t even admit that it is the taking of a human life.

Prolife is a fake identity..There is nothing in GODS world about those claiming prolife, if they were truly prolife they would have to be against the death penalty and of course guns. The correct term of which they refuse to accept is that they are pro-birth. Deny all you want but but facts are facts. End of story!

Been over that. The death penalty (in states where it is still allowed) is reserved for those convicted in a court of law for committing some of the most heinous crimes known to man.

So...not the same ;)


ME Someone, Tue, 06/01/2021 - 14:19

EXCEPT the fact that states have executed people who were later found not guilty (mostly by DNA). So the state of Texas has legitimately murdered people. Kinda blows a hole in your viewpoint.

Here is a good example of that from Texas;


A short list;


Unless you are saying that a few innocent deaths are acceptable? Not very "pro-life" of you is it?

Not surprising considering Barry O used to say the exact same thing ;)

I mean, does something so ill-defined and antagonistic not bother you? Or do you just gulp it down along with all the other pablum being fed to you by the socialist left?

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of talking with numerous individuals who came here from socialist countries every single one of them said we’re headed down the wrong path.

ME Someone, Tue, 06/01/2021 - 14:22

"Recently I’ve had the pleasure of talking with numerous individuals who came here from socialist countries every single one of them said we’re headed down the wrong path."

Really? Who are these "people"? Can you record (audio only if you want to keep it anonymous) them in an interview type fashion and post it on youtube or something for us all to listen to? Because I am calling BS on this, I don't think you talked to any one, and if you did prove it.

“Unless you are saying that a few innocent deaths are acceptable”

No it’s tragic. What I’m saying is it’s NOT THE SAME, and that it’s intellectually dishonest to compare the two.

ME Someone, Thu, 06/03/2021 - 14:48

Tell me how that is not the same thing from your perspective. It's not from mine because I side with doctors and scientists and not feelings when it comes to biological development. So, to me, the "fetus" is not a "person" yet. While the person that the state executes, and later finds out that they are not guilty, is. If the death penalty was 100% flawless every time (which there would be no real way to know that) then I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with it, but it is very flawed and innocent people are executed. 

But you are saying if you (or a family member) were wrongfully executed that is "tragic"

But if you or a loved one was raped and got pregnant and aborted that is "murder"

Sounds like you pick and choose who ever is convenient for you to be "pro-life" about.


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