Pfluger, Gonzales Pan President Biden's State of the Union Address


WASHINGTON, D.C.— Neither Del Rio's nor San Angelo's congressmen, both Republicans, were impressed with President Joe Biden's State of the Union Address on the evening of April 28.

Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) released a statement following President Joe Biden’s Wednesday address to a Joint Session of Congress:
“Tonight, President Biden outlined his plans to radically change America and push us farther down the path of socialism. The enormous federal programs he proposed will raise taxes, increase our Nation’s dependence on the welfare state, and further centralize control in Washington, D.C. He spoke of bipartisanship and discussion, yet over and over again, Republicans in Congress have been blocked from participating in an open, transparent debate to speak up for our constituents.
“Even more telling was that President Biden’s remarks were completely void of any mention of the humanitarian disaster on our southern border. Yet again, he completely brushed off the real suffering our communities are undergoing as a result of his administration weakening our border and incentivizing illegal immigration.
“I will continue doing what’s right for the people in the 11th District of Texas, who understand that this country is the best Nation in the world, and no one knows better how to care for those in our communities than those who live and work here.
“We must stand firm in protecting our freedoms for our children and future generations.”

Pfluger's district spans from Granbury to the Permian Basin through San Angelo. 

Meanwhile, in CD-23, Congressman Tony Gonzales panned President Biden's first State of the Union Speech as well.

“We heard a lot of lofty proposals from President Biden this evening, however he failed to mention how he plans to cross the aisle and accomplish his agenda for our country with both parties,” said Congressman Gonzales. “I’m willing to work with the Biden Administration on issues where we can find agreement for Texas but up to this point, the President has been more focused on advancing big government proposals rather than bipartisan solutions. Additionally, I was disappointed that we did not hear any sort of solution from the President in regard to our border, especially since neither he nor the Vice President have yet to come down and see the border crisis firsthand.”

CD-23 spans from the western edge of San Antonio through Eagle Pass and Del Rio to the outskirts of the east side of El Paso. Gonzales represents the district with the longest portion of the U.S.-Mexico border.

The conservative National Review harped that, "Biden Pushes Gun Control, Massive Spending Plan in Subdued Address to Congress" From the Left, Politico said "Biden embraces his inner Robin Hood." From Politico, "President Joe Biden wants to soak the rich to give to the middle class and poor. And he ain't afraid to say so."

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Jeff L, Thu, 04/29/2021 - 07:23

What about the state of the confederacy? You know the part of America that was actually against slavery??

Never before has the contrast in ideologies between republicans and democrats (conservatives and liberals) been so obvious. Granted republicans’ record on spending is far from stellar, but at least they understand that free market (limited government) solutions are not just preferable, but the very foundation our country was built upon, and what has made us successful as a nation.

Last night Biden claimed that “trickle down (economics has never worked” which is a flat out LIE! The truth is the opposite it’s socialism that has never fact it fails miserably every time ;)

"“Tonight, President Biden outlined his plans to radically change America and push us farther down the path of socialism. The enormous federal programs he proposed will raise taxes, increase our Nation’s dependence on the welfare state,"

EVERY other first world country on this planet (even some 3rd like Russia and China) has some for of universal healthcare, EXCEPT the US.

Taxes wont go up for you and me, they will go up for the rich

But republicans don't want you to know this, because they need it to seem like the boogyman Democrats are going to raise taxes so when republicans come back in and lower them (in an attempt to defund the government) they seem like the good guys.

Republicans also don't like social programs because they would prefer to privatize everything (and have them or their donors own the new businesses that now take up that market) in the name of profit, which ultimately leads to greed and hurts citizens. This is one of the reasons they like to defund government departments to the point they can't do their jobs so the republicans can point and say that "big government" does not work.

Democrats are trying to help the people and republicans are actively trying to stop them, it's not hard to figure out who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in this situation.

This is the post I pick for accuracy. The others seem to be Q ANON millionaires (August?). I wonder. You can't tell the infected by just looking at them!

The claim from the left that “the rich” in our country needs to “pay their fair share” is just another disgusting lie pushed by those looking to hand more power over to the federal government.

Our tax system is already highly regressive the top 5% of wage earners pay 60% of the taxes!

What a bunch of nonsense! I hate to break it you Sparky, but success DOES NOT “ultimately lead to greed”.

“Republicans also don’t like social programs...”

Democrats love social long as they involve other peoples’ money.

“Democrats are trying to help people and republicans are actively trying to stop them.”

”Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.” Milton Freidman

Since Freidman very much believed in limited government, it’s not difficult to understand what meant by “concentrated power”. Also, do you have any idea how much money 6 trillion dollars is? Let me help you out ;) It’s 1000 billion dollars TIMES incomprehensible amount of money!



I gotta know, do you make enough money to even imagine what millions of dollars would be like to have? (it's a sarcastic question) You right wing q anon millionaires!! Too funny. Go USA - SCREW Q ANON!!! Tax the Rich! Tax the Corporations! Get rid of right wing Greedy millionaire creeps in office! Ranting, sorry..

Those “evil” capitalists are who built this country what have you built (it’s a sarcastic question).

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