Legendary Talk Radio Host Rush Limbaugh Passes Away


AUSTIN, TX – Texas Republican Party chairman Allen West reacted Wednesday to the death of legendary talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. 

"It’s with a sad and heavy heart that I offer condolences on the passing of Rush Limbaugh. 

The greatness of America is that 60 years ago I was born in a blacks only hospital in Atlanta Georgia. However, at the age of 50 I was Rush Limbaugh’s congressional representative. My wife Angela and I had several occasions to have dinner with El Rushbo and garner his wisdom and insight. No one can replace the man behind the golden microphone. But we can all strive to love America and it’s constitutional principles as Rush Limbaugh did...

Farewell, sir, we will continue your mission to preserve the greatest nation the world has ever known."

Rush Limbaugh (Contributed/npr.com)

Rush Limbaugh (Contributed/npr.com)

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Legendary POS. I guess you "christians" (or whatever the lower intelligence religious nuts want to call themselves) didn't pray hard enough to keep him alive huh? 



Not sure what possible difference people praying makes to you.

Typical demo lib full of hate.


I'm just saying that christians claimed to have healed him by praying, and those kinds of delusions have no place in a modern society.

CGM5, Thu, 02/18/2021 - 08:38

ME, if there is a POS lowlife involved here, it's you! I don't know that I would call myself a Christian because of what I do believe. There was a time in my life when I did bad things. I grew up very angry. I have hurt lots of men. I've hurt people in anger, in fun and even for money. I'm amazed to this day I never went to prison. By coincidence I met some folks who later I found out were Christians. Had I known that in the beginning I probably would have walked away. With their moral compass, kindness and understanding they showed me there was a better way to live.                    During that time in my life I would have already hunted down the idiot that uses ME Someone for a moniker so we could have a real talk. You think you know what the real world is like, you are absolutely clueless. I really hope someone like I was, becomes your neighbor.

Proving my point, typical religious person wishing harm on others just because they don't like what someone else says.

Three quarters of adults in the U.S. believe in God...meaning you’re the one who’s out of touch ;)

Btw you still didn’t explain what difference people praying makes to you. Truth is liberals claim to be tolerant of others, but in reality they’re the most intolerant of all.

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