Peaceful Trump Rally Held in Midland


MIDLAND, TX – As chaos overtook the nation's capital on Wednesday Trump supporters in Midland had a much calmer and lawful approach.

Supporters of the 45th president gathered at Centennial Park in downtown Midland to show their support for republican lawmakers that planned to reject the certification of electoral votes.

Nearly 30 individuals came together to show their support for Trump hours before the joint session of Congress was set to meet.

For those participating in the protest, this was part of their "patriotic duty." The rally was organized in response to Trump's continued claims that democrats  “stole the election.”

“I think citizenship comes with stewardship to guard that. I’m not doing anything more than what’s required as being a citizen of the United States,” said Trump supporter Mark Walter.

Fellow supporter Brenda Lanbrano stated she believes the "truth will come to light."

“Have faith. Trump’s still got other stuff up his sleeve. The election fraud is so rampant and so huge. When it gets all proven out, then we’ll know what really happened,” said Lanbrano.

The organizers of the rally Dara Richardson and Gabriela Molina are members of the “Young Republicans of Midland County.”

According to Molina, President Trump represents "American values."

“I stand behind a man who has integrity, a man of faith, a man of God, and our children depend on it. our rights, our religious rights are drowned. This whole election fraud has been going on for decades. We the American people have been asleep at the wheel,” said Molina.

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The whole thing was an organized nationwide effort to overthrow the government of the United States of America. True Americans would never do anything like this sort of thing. Yesterday proves that the Republican party is a terrorist organization with the goal of taking over the country by force and installing their own tyrannical dictator. This was probably a dry run to see how far they could get, next time they may succeed a bit further. 

Please! Except for some bad actors, not all of them Trump supporters btw, it was the definition of a “mostly peaceful protest”...minus the Molotov cocktails and the graffiti that is.

With more police presence it might not have happened at all. You know, that “law and order” thing Trump always talks about ;)


I suppose to the rightwing radicals that claim to support the police that beating to death with a fire extinguisher a police officer is peaceful. That is just one incident of violence. The only to heal the damage is to punish the domestic terrorist and politicians involved then disband the republican party of which is already losing monetary support.while it is in self destruct mode.

You missed my point guessing it was over your head. I’m not excusing the actions of said “bad actors”...certainly not the individual responsible for killing the Capital policeman. Simply pointing out the blatant hypocrisy from those on the left who repeatedly referred to violent riots as “mostly peaceful protests”.

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