Amid Capitol Invasion, Congressman Pfluger Held Firm on Promise to Object to Biden’s Election


WASHINGTON, DC — As the U.S. House reconvened after being interrupted by protestors who breached the Capitol building Wednesday, it seemed the air had escaped the balloon for lawmakers to reject electors from key battleground states and delay Joe Biden’s election as the next U.S. president.

President Donald Trump and his supporters have argued for two months that the Nov. 3 presidential election was stolen using a wide variety of allegations of voting irregularities occurring in seven swing states.

The electors from two states were ultimately contested during the certification of the election of Democrats President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday night. The states were Arizona and Pennsylvania. Full debate ensued on both houses of congress over Arizona but the objection, led by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx.), failed by a wide margin in both houses. Into the early morning, as Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and over 40 representatives objected to Pennsylvania’s electors, the Senate dispatched the objection quickly and awaited the House that proceeded with about two hours of debates, consisting of speeches from Democrats wanting to deny the objections and some Republicans in favor of rejecting the electors.

The end goal of the objectors was to form an investigative committee to consume 10 days investigating voting irregularities in the questioned swing states before certifying those electors.

San Angelo’s Congressman August Pfluger (R, TX-11) kept his promise to constituents and voted to object to both Arizona’s and Pennsylvania’s electors. He did not make a speech on the floor during the debates. Plainview’s Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX, CD-19) did make an impassioned speech on the floor arguing to reject the Pennsylvania electors based on widespread allegations of ballot irregularities.

The basis of the objection was made along the lines of the lawsuit the State of Texas filed against Pennsylvania and other swing states late last year — see U.S. Supreme Court, State of Texas v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Georgia, State of Michigan, and State of Wisconsin. The argument was that since the swing states like Pennsylvania changed procedures for validating ballots, particularly how mail-in ballots were handled, the swing states allowed more opportunities for illegal votes, and those votes were cast, diluting the will of citizens in other states. These changes, the lawmakers argued last night as the Texas lawsuit also argued, were unconstitutional because the U.S. Constitution states that only state legislatures can write laws to administer state elections. These last minute changes to election procedures amid the pandemic leading up to election day were implemented by the governors or the state courts, not the state legislatures, the lawmakers argued.

This argument is a strict constitutionalist interpretation championed by conservative talk show host, constitutional attorney and author Mark Levin. The counter-argument is that the legislatures set forth general guidance and laws, but many of the changes brought forth this year amid the pandemic — mail-in voting procedures for example — are workflow or procedural issues, below the specific purview of the state legislatures.

In early December 2020, the Texas lawsuit was dismissed as the US Supreme Court justices determined that the State of Texas had no standing. The merits of the allegations raised in the lawsuit were never deliberated in court. Pfluger said earlier this week that his aim was to at least get some of those arguments presented and on the record in the House.

Pfluger argued, as did Arrington, that the matter was a constitutional argument and objecting to the electors was their sworn duty as defenders of the constitution.

In the end, the Pennsylvania objection also failed in the House. Afterwards, a joint session reconvened and the electoral college votes were certified granting that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, president and vice president respectfully, will be sworn in on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021.

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It appears Congressman Pfluger is a mindless idiot in thrall to the most dangerous, evil creature ever to occupy the White House.

A pox on him and those who share his idiocy.

Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby lol. Interesting thing about poxes what you wish on others can come back on you. Probably won’t take long considering the dimwits you voted into office.

American citizens who objected to the blatant attempts of voter suppression organized a "Save America March" on January 7th. President Trump urges those who stand firm in their belief in a transparent, fair election to "stand strong", while rightfully welcoming them to exercise their right to be heard at our nation's Capitol.

Media blasts the demonstration as a "threat", labeling the demonstrators as a "mob of thugs" and the demonstration "an attack", while subsequently blaming Trump, himself, for the small number among the demonstration who acted out violently -- despite Trump's public statement to his supporters, urging calm: "Go Home, we have to have peace, we have to have law and order.".

How soon mainstream media forgets the actions of organized domestic terror groups like ANTIFA and BLM, who were not only egged on by everyone from celebrities and professional athletes to carry out unprecedented acts of destruction and violence in dozens of American cities, but top leaders within the Democratic Party.

Media puppets literally stood in front of burning police precincts and buildings, and groups looters plundering countless small businesses, insisting they were covering "peaceful protests", initiated by "peaceful protestors who were seeking justice and equality". Democratic mayors demanded that authorities stand down, further emboldening charades like "mommy walls" and regularly scheduled acts of destruction of federal property, while Biden and like-minded Leftist leaders stood silent, not only refusing to condemn these nationwide acts of organized terror, but failing to honor their oath to serve and protect the innocent victims and citizens within the cities under attack.

When the smoke cleared, predictably, the Left and their media mouthpiece wasted no time to bring race into this incident. 

Would the National Guard have stood by and allowed Black demonstrators to riot and carry out acts of violence? What if Blacks did this, or that...? The answers were obvious to anyone who owned a television this past year: In most instances, the National Guard were told to steer clear of the riots and mayhem which BLM, ANTIFA and other Leftist organizations enacted with impunity. Local police departments were abandoned by the very cities they served, not only prevented from doing their jobs, but shamelessly left to fend for their own lives. Meanwhile, media and Leftist leaders lent a proverbial pat on the back, to every fallen criminal and opportunist who rode the coattails of said human filth, as an excuse to turn every city they touched into a cesspool of ashes and misery.

Those who still value law and order, and refuse to be sold the Leftist bill of goods which is consistently pitched by mainstream media know exactly what's going on. Deflections of race baiting and the ever present, unsubstantiated vilification and double standards projected upon our President and the GOP will not make the facts and questions regarding this botched election go away. 


*Mic Drop*
The adults have joined the conversation you demo libs should go out and play ;)

To charge election fraud and be successful one must provide credible evidence of which the republican objectors failed in dozens of lawsuits. The attacks on the US Capitol were in fact domestic terrorist as is anyone else that supports the said invasion. It is not like there was credible evidence that was simply ignored by the courts the fact is there was zero evidence of fraud to a scale that would change the election results. It was in fact an illegal act to overthrow the elected  government of the United States. Some republicans both politicians and voters demanding to take their country back when in fact real republicans, if there are any, need to take their party back. The terrorist supporting politicians need to resign or be expelled from congress since they violated their oath of office. The imaginary election fraud without even fabricated evidence is no wonder the courts threw out the frivolous lawsuits. On about January 20 there will be changes  to prevent an unhinged mentally unstable moron from becoming president. Lets see just how many adults are in the room.

I am enjoying watching the implosion of the right  fascist party and the right wing media will be going the route of the unicorn.


“zero evidence of fraud to a scale that would change the election results”. Interesting. So you admit cheating occurred, just not enough to make a difference.

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