More Than 1,500 Votes Cast Already in Tom Green County


SAN ANGELO, TX – Tom Green County had a huge voter turnout on Monday with over 1,000 people casting their votes on the first day of early voting. 

According to the Tom Green County Elections Office, on Oct. 12, 1,317 votes were casted in Tom Green County. The following morning at 10:00 a.m. that number reached 1,672. 

In March, Tom Green County had 67,305 registered voters. As reported yesterday the Secretary of State reported 1.9 million more registered voters than the previous election. For the complete story click here: Texas Shatters Voter Registration Record

Lines at the Keyes building were about half as long today as they were on Monday. 

This year's election will determine not only the president of the United States but a number of important congressional and judicial races. For more, including a sample ballot, click here: Finally, Early Voting Begins Tuesday

Here is video on what the lines looked like on opening day. 

To cast your vote visit the Tom Green County Election's Office inside of the Keyes building at 113 W. Beauregard Ave. 

Another way to vote this year is through the drive up voting option. To do this just go to the former Tom Green County Jail sally port located at 122 W. Harris Ave.


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